China reacts to Trump signing two bills backing Hong Kong protests

China reacts to Trump signing two bills backing Hong Kong protests

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  1. LOVE to the HONG KONG PROTESTERS !!!!!!! long live liberty and democracy !!!!!! NOBODY wants communism !!!!!! THE PEOPLE WILL RISE UP AND WIN AGAINST TYRANNY !!!!!! USA !!! USA !!! USA !!!!

  2. It's sad that Hong Kong citizens are acting the way we should we should all be in love with our country and be thank full and all the people here bitching and complaining should be sent to a place like that so they can see how good they have it here

  3. OH!!!!! SO SOCIALISM ISNT ALL THATS ITS CRACKED UP TO BE?!?!?! Those chinese people know what's good for them. AOC and BERNIE can shove it!!!

  4. The American People would hereby like to propose a trade; All of our Commie Socialist Democrats, in exchange for these Chinese Hong Kong protesters. You may also have Portland. Thank you very much.

  5. Double edge sword!! I’m with the movement of FREEDOM, but we are also being lead to a new world war!!! If that’s the case…..let it be!!!! Get right with the Most High GOD!!


  7. This one actually caught me off guard. I didn't think Trump would do anything to risk trade talks with China. But it looks like he puts humans and democracy support before trade. Imagine that.

  8. May the power of God through his Son Jesus Christ flow through his anointed (President Trump) and defeat all the enemies of God, America, and Israel. WWG1WGA. President Trump 2020
    The swamp will be drained in 2 months, and this is truth! 2020 is the year, so PRAY like you've never Prayed before, and watch the greatest move of God the world has ever seen. God Bless

  9. International law how can it be against international law something wrong with that I don’t want to be part of no international government

  10. Communists must censor criticism to survive. Citizens of Communist China, and their relatives, must keep their mouth shut about the evils of communism or face imprisonment by their government. Communist China even censors Hollywood movies, pro sports and businesses by threats of monetary damages. Communists in Beijing claim they own HK, Tibet, Taiwan, all islands in the south China sea and all people in the world of Chinese decent.

  11. I love the way they are flying our flag. It's the ultimate belief that that flag will liberate them. Gods willing, we should and will.

  12. I have a great heart for the Chinese people. They have a rich and ancient culture. Of course I don't like their government. I don't understand what Americans are thinking when they want to try socialism. Don't they see what happens around the world.

  13. How ironic HongKong holds American flags up while our own citizens burn the flag in our streets!!? How long do you think America can last?? Jesus Christ said a house divided cannot stand!!!

  14. What Trump did just set back USA-SINO relations about 50 years. Hong Kong did not want those bills, it threatens their autonomy. Yes we want China out of Hong Kong, but Trump again craps the bed. Just like he took the phone call with 'leader of Taiwan'

  15. And you didn't interfere in Canadian or American affairs???namely spying on everyone with Canada's high tech spying tools namely cell phones? Yes I know are you surprised China? Do you ever think maybe your heading into a trap.

  16. Where are the other countries coming on doing the same? This might put a damper on the trade with China but we can just jack up the tarrifs on them.

  17. Ok, so what is trump supposed to do? Ignore the brave protestors fighting for democracy, just to sign a trade deal? And of course, the Democrats will say he's wrong, as usual

  18. In the same sentence he says trade deal must happen. Sells out Hong Kong freedom fighters. Same with Kurds and Ukrainians.. Coward drumpf

  19. “This is interference in international affairs!” Said the country that aided North Korea and Viet Kong. P.S. China, do not think we’ve forgotten.

  20. The wise ones got out of Hong Kong many years ago with their wealth. Many ended up in Canada and the USA. The sad ones are there trying to preserve a Democracy (human rights).

  21. If nuclear weapons didn't exist, we would've already wiped Mao's creation off the Earth. Hope we find a way someday. Or hopefully, best case, the Chinese themselves rise up. China probably wouldn't nuke themselves.

  22. To all the republican losers in this chat; Democrats also support Hong Kong , so stop spewing hate and lies about the Democrats

  23. ?Well China has been sticking their nose in America’s politics forever . How do you think they got NAFTA passed
    They paid billions to get Bill put into office . They sent money into China towns to get to Bill . And remember his night at the Pentagon tearing up documents!

  24. Bring all the Hong Kong people to USA and send all of our liberal socialists democrats and illegal aliens to China. Fair Trade imho.

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