China halts broadcast of NBA games over pro-Hong Kong protest tweet

China halts broadcast of NBA games over pro-Hong Kong protest tweet

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  1. Serioudly think about it: these US people and medias think they can represent hongkong majority, hope to make more troubles and chaos by inciting the young fans in china and by supporting mobs. what they want is just a coup in China, which is happening in USA now. how arrogant and brazen they are.

  2. Read 1984 carefully, before you start talking about China.

    What's CCP or China or Chinese or Chinese Mainland, Republic of CHINA? WTF…

  3. Communists are not always wrong, whereas Democratists are not always right. Chinese can do the right things, whereas Americans can do the bad. Good or bad is dependents on what have you done, not who you are. People in the world are very wise now.

  4. Using freedom of speech to defense is hypocritical. What happened to Donald Stering when he expressed himself FREELY about black ppl?

    It is weird that when freedom is hurting China, US defense freedom, and when freedom is hurting US, US defense himself…If this is not double standard what will be.

  5. Who thinks China needs the NBA?
    Discussion is horrible! All about so called 'freedom of speech'…. No one is asking about the reason for the Backlash…. Why are the Chinese putting their foot down? As if the Chinese don't exist as human beings. It's all about USA! USA! USA!
    The Chinese don't need Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Tiffany or the NBA!

  6. The United States and the Free World MUST REMIND PRC China under the Chinese Communist Party that IT IS THEY WHO MUST INTERGRATE into the INTERNATIONAL market place and NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND or there WILL BE CONSEQUENCES!! PERIOD!

  7. So, if a Chinese company publishes racist remarks on Twitter and supports the 3K party, the company will not be punished? If so, the United States is really great.

  8. Morey sent a tweets right after the protest getting more violence, attacking individuals and smashing and torching subway entrances. without acknowledging that HongKong is one of the most painful history for Chinese, it is arrogant. 150 years ago, HongKong was acquired by force, followed by unequal treaty at gunboat-point to punish the actual owners of the land for resisting the British opium trade until it was hand over back to China by the UK

  9. Omg, it’s not ur companies bow to China. It’s u guys touch our bottom line, it’s not about politics. Come to China and see what most Chinese think. Okay? Not just comment randomly from your own perspective. Omg, I cannot believe I see this in 21st century. Americans, come on. U can do better. See the real China. Don’t let the media fool u

  10. Omg, it’s not ur companies bent to China. It’s u guys touch our bottom line, it’s not about politics. Come to China and see what most Chinese think. Okay? Not just comment randomly from your own perspective. Omg, I cannot believe I see this in 21st century. Americans, come on. U can do better. See the real China. Don’t let the media fool u

  11. I lives in mainland China, and I'm extremely appreciative of people who insist FREEDOM and stand with HK , keep it up and NEVER compromise!

  12. NBA and NFL players only have issues when a certain color of people are harmed. They don't care about people who truely are oppressed and having their rights taken away. These athletes are completely racist.

  13. Most of these guests are just bunchs of arrogant and ignorant American who really know nothing about China and Chinese peoples. That is why American has no chance to win in trade or any wars with China. Morey's tweet had touched the most sensitive nerve of the Chinese people. That is why most of the Chinese are so upset. Not the government. Don't assume only American has freedom of expression, so do Chinese. What you see is their expression of anger. Freedom is not only for you, Chinese do have the same freedom as you have. Can't you see? Don't accept this fact? Arrogant!!!

  14. Yeah! CIA infested NBA needs to be banned from China. These CIA infested are security threat to China. Is there any problem, CIA mouthpiece media?👍🤣😂😂😂

  15. You cheer over the power to ban the NBA from coming to China. Yet even if you swing a sledge hammer
    over every television set in China, if you dismantle every internet cafe, if you shoot down every satellite
    that broadcasts television signals, still EVERY EYE WILL SEE HIM COMING
    Grandma and grandpa will NOT be able to save you. Have a nice day Lawless Ones.

  16. NBA should walk away from China – Let the Chinese Fans and players fight their Gov. China needs the NBA………….If they kick out NBA then they need to contend with their people……………..Pissing off 500 million chinese Fans and players

  17. Freedom and democracy is definitely right, but HongKong protestors are just using and abducting "freedom and democracy" for doing bad things. NBA should learn Chinese history before saying sth ridiculous

  18. Supporting the riot with ignorance, pissed people off, then playing the freedom of speech card is no different than some minorities in the US doing stupid/unethical things, get judged by others, then playing the racism card.

  19. I wonder if I tweet “Fight for freedom, stand with ISIS or Taliban” what would I get from the American people? Does it matter whether they are your customers? How about “Fight for freedom, stand with Native Americans”? Sounds legit? What do you feel when I practice my freedom of speech this way? I even apologize now after what I said in a fictional situation.

  20. its not about money, not about denying freedom of speech, its abt fking respect chinese internal issue and people's redline. show some respect when you say something. HK issue is the redline for chinese as racial issue is the redline for americans. period

  21. blahblahblahblahblah…..this kinda little thing worth to talk like this? sorry forgot it..even a 10m sideway construction u can talk 5 yrs. lol can't image how ur mouth busy if bigger sh**t coming

  22. Who cares about NBA. Those NBA players are not building anything, not farming, not working, all they do is playing balls. Just like kids got good playing marbles. NBA players play balls for entertainment. They are useless people to a nation, unlike engineers, doctors, farmers and workers. They should get pay less.


  24. Absolutely We all should support the freedom of speech, Never care of people sensitivity. As for me, I support the greatest leader who fought for religion freedom Osama bin laden. 911 Launched in US was the great success in human history, other suicide bombers are heroes, I support the intention of indepedent among US states such as california, they should have more freedom. I amused by the shooting Incidents In US, such a wonderful scenery, US should think of some travelling packages. Cheers.

  25. The Usa buys more goods from China than China from us, maybe we should boycut all that crap that we buy from them and see if they going to keep complaining.

  26. These players and coaches know where their cushy salaries come from. They are money whores who know when to shut up and do as they are told. They bash America because there is money and publicity in it. Can’t say a word on China though, because that’s billions in revenue that pay Lebron $50 million a year, so he and his ilk will shut their mouths now. What a bunch of fraud money whores.

  27. The fact is that the HK protesters is no longer pro democracy but want to divid from China. Thats why the Chinese people and fans are so offended. You hv freedom to say what you want, but Chinese have their own right to not accept.

  28. Americans, please stop to think that you are the incarnation redeemer of this world. China doesn't need you to save. God will bless China in His way not by your force and pride.

  29. Chinese communist government has one job well done: brainwashed its people believing communist is people's dear mother! (A song )

  30. Utter hypocrisy! Let's call it out and stand behind our President. They bow down to the Chinese and flip the bird to the United States. I am so happy to see the complete hypocrisy of the left so clearly exposed.

  31. I guess I would feel sympathetic to Ms. Li's point of view accept that China is Communist, had a revolution/civil war and killed millions of their own people. Maybe she forgot to mention that part…

  32. American companies and organizations shouldn't be pandering to the Communist China government for access to their markets. Incentive or reward companies that don't do this.

  33. Strength and weakness in your beliefs are very important to the Chinese leader/leaders. I'm not sure if he could look weaker

  34. Now China Communist party control blizzard, NBA, all company bow down and kiss to China Communist party shoe

  35. As I Chinese I cannot agree more when she said that we Chinese have no freedom of speech. The only reason you can see my comment is that I am a student in Australia. The sooner the Chinese Communist Party collapses, the better it would be for one fifth of the world's people living under fear and tyranny.

  36. The part about being astute to bring up Chinese history is a load of crock. What has that got to do with communist oppression of its own people? Does any of that justify denying freedom to the people of Hong Kong?

  37. the world has gotten too stupid – simply isolate china and it's game over. they'll get off their high horse or die alone!!! remember, they still need the world to buy their cheap shite.

  38. I wonder if coca cola make a tweet about Free Hong Kong. Do you think CCP government able to stop Chinese people drinking Coca cola

  39. these commentators are rubbish……that's why the USA is powerful because of the dollar….so would these commentators agree on a minimum wage. they keep on using human rights argument but if you cut their wages they would complain and stop working.

  40. Dose China needs NBA more than NBA needs China? That stupid question solidified the stereotype of news anchors are bunch talking heads.

  41. Imaging if Adam Silver says "Standing with Trump, Make America great again in 2020 ", the NBA will be banded in the U.S.

  42. We're in this situation because of that stupid CHINA TRADE ACT of 2000 that we signed.
    BILL CLINTON led it. and Joe Biden voted for.

  43. Business is business. When the relationship is no longer healthy, it's time to cut ties and move on. That's how capitalism works. Stop whining and move on. You Americans sound like a bunch of babies. Get out of your diapers and put on some pants. America is not so tough after all. You no longer have respect on the world stage. You're no longer important. Get over it!

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