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  1. There is disagreement that Chinese goods are less expensive. In fact a third of the goods that I buy from China don’t even bother to send back because they’re toxic, improperly wired, or have other defects. But the Chinese have given us another gift, they have given us machines which can make these parts at home! Now we don’t have to stock and re-order thousands of Chinese parts!

    We can just make them at home!

  2. I'm thinking Trump will hit back with a 1.5 trillion dollar tariff hit on China……… China made the wrong move.

  3. What did China steal? Their worker worked relentlessly day and night to make iphones and they make $8 for each. When you buy one from Apple, it costs you $600.

  4. It would be nice if almost everything I bought in America wasn't made somewhere else, the hole our government dug themselves in shows how bad their decision making skills are.

  5. i hope china calls in there loans from all the money we borrowed over the last two decades your a bunch of idiots.

  6. The natural rate of interest under fiat is 0% or at worst 0.25% when are central bankers going to work this basic truth out? Money is created with keystrokes under fiat so there is no cost to its creation. Why are we paying interest to hold savings when all the money should be used productively or you don't earn interest.

  7. I think China won. They started sanctioning the us. What nation in the world can sanction the US snd get away with it. Give it up. They produce more than have of US consumer product.

  8. Lets end trade with China. Plenty of poor countries to make cheap products. Put 100% tariffs on all their goods coming to the USA. This is like a cop negotiating with a bank robber on how much cash they are willing to let them rob from the bank and how many bank accounts they can steal the info from.. It makes no sense for us to continue this charade.

  9. China has no idea who they're dealing with, and they are wrong if they think Trump will lose in 2020. Many more years of pain for China if they don't figure this out quickly.

  10. Worst part is The People face these taxes . Goddamnit 🤦🏻‍♂️ both these countries need better leadership

  11. Wellll…….somebody IS calling for a Economy Recession in America and maybe China took the hint….LOL……Don't expect any trade deals until after 2020 Election….LOL……

  12. Trade wars are short term pain for long term gain. Our economy can support it, theirs cannot so they will blink first.
    The media hates Trump so they'll spin it as ignorant leadership, and their headlines will scare the bears and bring out the bulls.
    So please, keep pushing the fear because I need it to drop a few more points before I buy. 😉

  13. It's a trade war idiots. Getting out from others controlling you takes some pain and sacrifice. Thank God we had brave soldiers who were willing to die for this country, even though it is filled with a bunch of spoiled, entitled, pacifier sucking, serfs.

  14. Lol. Bring it. It’s all in our favor. They were already taxing the crap out of our stuff and protecting their markets.

  15. They lowered freaking rates because of the financial crisis, they didn't do it for a party! Stop lying! You ignorant pos, stop lying! The lies aren't helping anyone!

  16. When I was a kid, most of the products in our country used to have the label "Made in the USA" and these products are of good quality. I haven't seen "Made in China" labels. Then came the WTA or WTO. Now I don't see "Made in the USA" labels anymore. Now I see mostly "Made in China" labels on toys, school/office supplies, clothes, shoes, furniture, laptops, mobile phones, construction materials, tools, home appliances, kitchenware, etc …

  17. Good. did USA think it would get away with bullying the most powerful economy in the world. Hong Kong is a side issue. idiot.

  18. Trump is getting his butt handed to him by the Chinese lol. Pretty soon the Republicans will be asking the House for the impeachment articles lol.

  19. We got to cut spending right now tariffs is a tax on the people Reagan in the 1980s warned about this in his farewell address

  20. Interesting all the people commenting on this latest escalation that are only looking for a reason to make a dig at Trump. Also, interesting they have no better ideas other than to let the status quo continue. China is not our friend yet many prefer to side with China so they can make political hay against Trump. Truly the thought process of morons. Calling Trump 'orange' or a ' Cheeto' is hardly an indicator of one's genius and likely, the opposite.


  22. Oops…now you've gone and done it…time to get out of Shanghai Beijing Guangzhou Shenzhen Tianjin Wuhan Dongguan Chengdu Foshan…Yap time to come home…it was never going to work out anyway…Oh by the way…it's you, not me…
    I'm about to move on…anyway…

  23. must take strong stand with china….. enough of being taken advantage of year after year…

    Way to go President Trump…..

  24. "Our great American companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to China, including bringing our companies HOME and making your products in the USA." – Trump
    Apparently he doesn't understand this is not a Communist or Socialist nation, nor do we desire a dictator.

  25. I avoid buying anything made in China whenever I can, even if I've got to pay more for a product. China is a blatantly thieving country. Glad for a President w a BACKBONE!


  27. Like it or not. US are the big loser simply because China is not paying for the tariff US impose on chinese goods whereas Chinese will shy away from US goods if they are costly. simply because in China, everything can be manufacture easily as they have the infrastructures and cheap labour force. My personal opinion US are fighting a trade war that will not benefit them.Example one iPhone. China earn 8 dollars in manufacturing but sold by US for 600 bucks. Frankly you cannot manufacture in the US for 8 dollars .

  28. "China escalates trade tensions with tariffs"…"with the punch in the face"…Trump punched first,he started,they just retaliate.

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  30. The US doesnt need Chinas crap anymore…

    We US citizens can make, manufacter, and create our own products.

    Alternate sources of products can be provided from other countries exports for similiar trade.

    China is and has been a beligerent communist production tyrant for far too long.

    This is the time to
    "Make America Great Again"

  31. Why do we have a Federal Reserve? Besides when Obama was in office,, has the Fed ever helped America? The Fed has got to go!!!

  32. Why do we have a Federal Reserve? Besides when Obama was in office,, has the Fed ever helped America? The Fed has got to go!!!

  33. America got to know what commitments China made when they were admitted into
    the WTO. what commitments China made 20 years ago is what donald trump
    now asking for

  34. Cant blame Obama this time so you blame the Fed lol?? Wow it was all Trump when it was good and now that it is bad its "someone else" fault😂😂😂!!??? Pathetic!

  35. Escalates? LOL Fox snooze living in their world of alternative facts. China retaliates against Captain bone spurs idiocy, and American consumers will pay for it. When are you idiots and a wake up

  36. Ratchet up more tariffs on China, until they learn what is respect. On top of that, put more missile defense systems around China, especially Taiwan.

  37. hopefully the Chinese will revolt against the communist governments and all the evils that it’s done to them and create a free nation of happy Chinese✌️

  38. Does anyone but me care about this simple fact?
    Under Obama the annual national deficit was declining.
    Under Trump it has exploded.

    Why are we still entrusting Trump with the economy?

  39. American business owners want to make a profit by double dipping in the u.s. and China. If trump ran companies like ford and gm in China he wouldn't say a word, but he doesn't and has to depend on inflated property values in Manhattan to not go bust. If NYC property values plummet so does Trump's business and will surely file for bankruptcy. Lol, he'll end up in the same jail as his old buddy epstein

  40. Like the leftist morons who want everything cheap and crappy. Many are rich scum leftists who don’t care about American jobs and middle class jobs and don’t care about standards

  41. Oh! Ohhh! It's such a tough tough day! 600 points! Oh! Our money. Trump generated from 17k to 26k. No one credited him. But oh! Dow's down 600 points. Melt down! Now he's messing with our money. He's so reckless!

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