China Eastern business class | Shanghai to Sydney

China Eastern business class | Shanghai to Sydney

Hi travellers, I’m Anne’s daughter, Lileko, all checked in for my flight to Sydney with China Eastern, it is the code share with Qantas. So I did actually book with a QF flight number. Oh, I hope, let me double check because I need those status credits. Unfortunately, they can not check me into my connecting flight. Anyway, I asked for a window seat. So I’ve got one! Because this was such a last-minute trip and super short notice. I decided to buy myself business class in the hope that I get some sleep tonight. So this flight leaves at 5 minutes past midnight every day. Of course, I would have preferred to take the Qantas flight that leaves at five past 8. However, just due to work and possible traffic getting to Pudong airport. I don’t think I could have made it successfully. However, that would have been my preferred choice. Would have normally been in bed by now. Let’s go and check out the lounge. One nice thing at this time of night, it is not busy. Your attention please, China Eastern Airlines flight MU735 Air France flight AF five two zero four If you like this video please give it a thumbs up and consider subscribing as I post new videos every week giving tips and strategies that may help enhance your travel experiences. Remember to click that notification bell. Can I help you with that? Welcome onboard, here’s a hot towel for you. Our flight time is 9 hours 47 minutes today. it’s not hot. Cheers Yes, yes, I do bring my own pillow case, it is 100% silk you can also bring a satin one. I just find that it helps not muss your hair up. Even if you’re in economy. Welcome aboard. I’ve made it from the lounge Be sure to check out my video on expressvpn and what happens when it stops working. Remember we’re in Mainland China. So you do need a VPN to access anything YouTube, Google etc. Inflight entertainment, there’s not many choices, I have been re-watching Jurassic Park. I don’t know why I would want mildly warm macaroni and broccoli for breakfast. And that’s Western. I certainly do not enjoy cornflakes Well this is the worst food I’ve had on a flight for a long time. I’m hungry There’s no menu, she bought the menu out when I very first got on board for me to select. And then, took it with her I’m not Chinese I need to see what I’m eating. Snack menu, which is like pretty standard, but. I’m hungry Because it was bad, and the fruit was gross. The funny thing is, I love rock melon, I really do, this is just not ripe. I actually like all the fruit, it was just gross. So definitely the food, yuck. There’s no information like, flight information, I have no idea how long until our flight ends. That’s so strange. Is it 2 hours to go, one and a half? I have no idea. This flight is really empty, so the ratio of staff to customers is fantastic. So the inflight wifi has been working, and I have been able to connect my VPN and even post to Instagram while onboard. So that’s nice, please check out my instagram also. The duvet is a bit small, clearly for a smaller body than mine. Ok, I’m overweight Yeah, the duvet is not wide enough. And the space when you lie on your side, its not enough. It’s tight. The footwell is really small, it’s kind of cramped to sleep in. And I know this design of planes is usually pretty good, so it’s disappointing. Check out my in-flight beauty routine. The link is in the description box below. Yay Sydney! The next video shows how to transfer from international to domestic. See you there.

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  1. Are you Maori? If so, why isn´t this video in Te Reo Māori? And why did the flight attendant talk English to you? When you are living in china, you should speek Chinese very well.

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