China demands Trump veto pro-Hong Kong bill

China demands Trump veto pro-Hong Kong bill

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  1. He should use this as either a way to force China into signing the trade deal or forcing China to abandon there illegitimate claims to the South China Sea

  2. Ha and Trump will bend the knee to Xi, just like he did with Erdogan. And trump supporters will swallow cum and ask for more.

  3. For decades the Soviet Chinese mafia have had their foot in our door and they have been calling the shots on our nation…I personally am witness to foreclosure cases and noticed always there were two Chinese guys in BLACK SUITS sitting there in the court and they would show up at the Sheriff's sale of the foreclosed property…they were there to "protect their interest."

    …the Dems and Neo Cons have been cooperating with conditioning Americans thru media and activist judges in our courts, to soviet style bureaucracy, ignore the chain of command of superiors who are conservative, surrender our rights, guns, substance of law and evidence, consistently deny due process of law.

    All of this is being exposed by this phony "impeachment." Americans are getting a crash course on law and government here. I do hope they take FULL advantage and pay big attention. This is showdown time between our American Republic (Trump) and New World Order Marxism…no doubt about it.

  4. Ollie North co-opted the 'tea party'. Now there is no opposition to unlimited military spending. The Republican Party has reverted to it's pre-0bama spending and neoconism. They may some day shrug off it's Fox News George Bush reputation but I wouldn't wait for it. We're headed for another recession. They'll have to blame it on do nothing Congress.

  5. the most mature audience …. plenty of critical thinking here, we must believe because we are sheep. we should all boycott chinese products…oops i'm using a computer with components made from china, come on usa, make everything so we can boycott chinese products. How much would a computer cost if made from usa, average wage is $28 per hour? oh thats why american factories moved to china, now we are losing, let's lie, cheat and throw a tantrum. I'm just going to work hard and not complain, because complaining does nothing practical…..MAGA because america is not great anymore. Work hard people instead of being a typical entitled mentality person.(being lazy and wanting the world)

  6. China's business practices are based on thefts and lies, not creation or innovation like those of Japan. Eventually, China's economy will collapse, and China will be broken down into pieces, which is the law of the nature.

  7. Trump needs to just go through and clean house, including any leftovers within the white house from Obummer! You simply cannot trust any of them, as we now know from the "Schitt Show" hearings!

  8. It's plain as day in front of Republicans yet they let their hate for Russia blinds them. The Deep State was afraid from day one that Trump could pull aid from Ukraine. That's what removing Flynn was all about . But now that they 'blew the whistle' we're guaranteed to stay there. Trump removing Ukraine Aid would be equal to Russiagate all over again.

  9. Hey, guys, Brookings Institution is partial or kowtows to China. President Trump could be talked out of signing the HK resolution.

  10. The USMCA is as thrice as big as the US-China Trade deal, so what's the big deal about the US-China trade deal? If China doesn't want to sign the trade deal, fine! We'll continue imposing more tariffs on Chinese goods, which China seemed to be quite happy to pay. The tariff money on Chinese goods will surpass the $100 billion mark as a result of the new tariffs. The US farmers are also very content with the tariffs because they will get a fair share; about 20% of the tariff money on Chinese goods (over $20 billion) will be used to reimburse the US farmers for their farm produce, especially soybeans unfairly targeted by the Chinese. Last but not least, the US government will have about $80 billion left to spend on next year budget. Besides, the US-China trade deal accounts for only about 0.7% of the US GDP! It's not even worth spending more time talking about the US-China trade deal. Eventually, it's a win-win situation for all. More and more tariffs will be imposed on Chinese goods. China is happy to pay the tariffs, the US is happy to collect the tariff money, and the US farmers are happy about the reimbursement. That's all folks!

  11. To tricon's are the enemy !!! How what their Chinese may crapp . Americans still need that they need American made stuff keep Americans employed. Free Hong-Kong

  12. Mr. Holmes admitted under oath yesterday that the diplomats were drinking wine while "working" Someone who drinks on the job has no credibility and most of the time they get fired for it, Or is being a diplomat a free pass to be a lush and then do and say things you normally wouldn't, but are under the influence of alcohol.

  13. If trump veto’s this pro Hong Kong bill then it will show how spineless trump really is and how easy it is for China to manipulate and control trump.. CHECKMATE CHINA WINS

  14. I personally Demand that The entire Nation of China allows me to drag my “Nutt Sack” across every single Chinese forehead!!!


  15. UK and China 1997 agreement will expire in 2047. Whereas, US Hong Kong rights Bill has no expiration date. China does afraid US Hong Kong rights Bill could cause US and countries sanction and attack China for Human Rights issues violated this US Hong Kong Human Rights Bill.

  16. There is however one good thing frogeyed Shifty Schiff achieved: he exposed a lot of carreer people/diplomats, who supposedly should have loyally worked for their boss, the Potus Trump! They didn’t, that’s all clear now, now they have showed their true colours and tried to get Trump out of the WH! Maybe not all of them, but certainly enough of them are backstabbers. Pfffffffff, humans😓😓😓
    But Trump knows now, which ones he can trust and which ones he can sack😎
    Slowly he can terminate all those backstabbing rats, from the left …. and right!

  17. Who thought is was a great idea to impower Communists? And , lol, chinas gold backed digital currancy? , lol, good luck with that cause the manipulation will be crazy and not worth the risk

  18. DEEP STATE = INSTITUTIONALIZED PERPETUAL SHADOW GOVERNMENT. This is why there should be a complete turnover every so many years…COMPLETE.

  19. I don't think so, China. Sounds like bribery hidden in that title. Like… veto, or we (China) won't make a trade deal with you (President Trump) before the 2020 election.

  20. Anyone out there have any doubts that George Soros has money in the HK demonstrations ! Tactics are being used by some similar to Antifa's !

  21. Fox the republicans and Fox News continues to choose Putin’s over country

    Wow Putin’s must have the goods on all of them

    Wow again

  22. Shut down all trade with China, throw all Chinese Nationals out of this country. Companies relying Chinese manufacturing to bad start over manufacturing somewhere else.

  23. It appears the Elites want a real big WW3 and what a way to get their number 1 thing they have said they want and that is to depopulate the world it is also part of their climate change fraud that is made up by the Soros Elites and debunked by the top scientist in the world today

  24. There is no human right issues in Hong Kong. The Dems are doing it just to try to screw up the trade deal for Trump. Nancy Pelosi is in on it.

  25. China "Demands" ?……
    By the way……… Where is "Great Britain"?
    Why are they not dealing with China regarding the Hong Kong hand-over terms?

  26. China is meddling in our internal affairs. Personally, if I were Trump, I'd sign it with the middle finger stuck out for Xi. Screw China to the Great Wall. It's a totalitarian country and must be isolated, boycotted, bankrupted, and destroyed.

  27. Trump needs to veto trade and investments to China to hell with China bribes bidden commands Trump and sells bodyparts with out end.

  28. isn’t the u.s in tremendous debt to china? why so much controversy over Hong Kong. the u.s isn’t the only country in the world that does business with china either. i don’t really understand why during the holiday season he decides we should have altercations with china. aren’t most republicans extremely religious?

  29. Better do what China says.. I mean, they own all our ports. These Leftists cannot sell the country out from underneath us fast enough. I mean hell, China even own our Sports Teams. lol
    How about we just stop trading with China.. Period. That might be a good start in fixing everything.

  30. Can you fox and cnn reporting trash healthcare system and stop spend tax on stupid stuff ? 50% tax go health care but with my 1500$ student heath care per year, i still need pay 400 $ for just Bandaging my arm. In my country it only charge less than 10$.
    1450$ for services fee??

  31. We should not trust the leader of China he is the wrong voice to listen to.They are hurting their own people….They want their freedom!!!!

  32. HongKongHumanRights and Democracy Act was passed with veto proof majority. Dr Fiona Hill clarified why she wrote the op ed in 2015, what her concerns were, and how theyve been rectified. Dont spread lies. This is a business program? Who the hell do you think you are? If its OK with you to have a POTUS ask for additional foreign interference in 2020 election, you need to leave the country now!.

  33. I just read where the Lt. Col was reprimanded for arguing with his superior's orders and opinions while on duty with the Army! Dough boy would never pass a fitness test. sm

  34. China demands!!! To hell with China. After the disgrace of Obumma, the president will show these pinkos what a REAL president does when threatened by communists.

  35. The United States needs to decouple our economy from COMMUNIST China's economy!
    We need to do our trading with Taiwan, India, even Vietnam, but not COMMUNIST China.

  36. Of course, they hold Trump's purse strings. North Korea made Trump take a knee. Trump threw down so much tongue action on his knees trying to win North Korean favor; it was hard to watch. He bends over like a Bikram Yogi for all things Russian/Kremlin. Trump hates his own intelligence people, the military and interferes with so so much. Why are we still surprise that he is mentally unstable.

  37. Schiff lost it long ago and have been digging his own grave and he's already too deep to ever get out, even with a ladder…

  38. Trumps like a freshly polished bowling ball and a pair of new bowling shoes, glove, and a wallet that buys all his buddies beer all night, the team shirts, and buds the size of a banana….but as soon as he hits the lane and grabs his ball, he trips, smashes his face into the wood, and throws a gutter ball over and over. But his "friends" ignore and say nice try donna because they are bought…and want a free trip again to one of his properties just by going with the program…

  39. Everyone like Schiff, Pelosi, Comey, Brennen, and the rest should have a long stay at "Petersburg" for Treason!     Are their any Honest People out there that can bring people to justice, and a resolution???

  40. Hong Kong belongs to China, period. It would be nice for those folks to have rights and all that, but it's really none of our business.

  41. Good point, the bureacracy have become too arrogant. They have been a necessity because of their expertise, but they need to stay in their lane. They are experts and that is it, they provide advice the elected oifficials are the only ones who can make the decision. If they dont accept your advice then back off. You are not more important than the elected officials.

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