Chile withdraws from hosting APEC summit

Chile withdraws from hosting APEC summit

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  1. Vol. II, Page 72: Sanders told this office that her reference to hearing from 'countless members of the FBI' was a 'slip of the tongue.' She also recalled that her statement in a separate press interview that rank-and-file FBI agents had lost confidence in Comey was a comment she made 'in the heat of the moment' that was not founded on anything.

  2. I love the Doral Idea
    But I'm more interested in Iowa or Nebraska during peak crop season.
    In particularly, North Korea. I'm tired of Fat Boy taking his train and forcing us to meet him at his leisure.

  3. Screw the marxist protestors! How do they expect to change their economy to the benefit of the nation?
    / What improvements can the protestors facilitate?????

  4. They do not want comrade trump in their country, bottom line they don't want a Russian puppet by the name of queen trump in their country. Political unrest is an excuse.

  5. Unrest in Chile, you ain’t seen nothing yet. We are going to rip Schiff and Pelosi from the House and per French Protocol, remove their heads on a guillotine, in Public.

  6. Having lived in Chile for a few years, the socialism aspect of South America is a sickness that will end with Chile as a country like Venezuela. Poor people rule the country.

  7. Chile’s President Pinera signed a huge trade deal with the communist Chinese for better future, and higher GDP . It sounds like it only working for the Chinese.


    Today 10-31-2019, 6:13 pm Russia executed the biggest submarine deployment into the arctic ocean since the "Cold War" 10 submarines, 8 off them are nuclear powered with nuclear warheads on board.

    The Norwegian intelligence service told NRK TV station that most of the submarines in the Russian northern fleet have tried to sneak north over Norway in submerged condition over the past week.

    According to the Norwegian intelligence service, the goal of the Russian military action is to see how far it is possible to sneak away from the bases around the port of Murmansk and into the Atlantic without being discovered. While submerged Russian submarines were trying to escape unseen north of Norway, a brand new Russian nuclear missile submarine "Knyaz Vladimir" has launched a missile that flew 5600 kilometers across the Arctic.

    If such a missile were ever fired near the Greenland East Coast, the Russians would be able to hit Washington DC. and New York..!!


    17. okt. 2019 – Trump's Withdrawal From the Open Skies Treaty!!!

    Trump’s Withdrawal From the Open Skies Treaty Jeopardizes the world and the US National Security.

    The president’s foreign policy isn’t “America First,” it’s “Russia First".

    Open Skies Treaty Allowed Eyes Over Russia; Trump Wants to Give Them Up

    The president withdraw from a pact that provided transparency over military buildups gives "PUTIN" and no other, a military advantidge. Trump has given Putin his best friend the the arctic to rule and the American people are oblivious about what is going on in the world. America are being double crossed and set up by (The KGB, GRU) and Mole President Trump. First Trump gave Russia Ukraine, Venezuela, Syria and now the Arctic region, this was the Helsinki talks Putin and Trump had…?


  9. Let USA DC held the summit.

    Because Doral is exhausted option by the media. If not possible by Nov 16-17/2019 schedule, then organize in Brazil Rio Mayan Temple's of Amazon forest. If not then Doral if not Camp David.

  10. Common sense. The communists are behind these riots, and surely they had a plan to boicot the meetings with disorder. Good decisions, Piñera has to solve the problems at home. I am a chilean guy, and I ve seen gruesome scenes, and I think it is time to hardener the internal security.

  11. It is time to do a protest rally for this injustice. We don’t need your comments and discovery. We the Americans need to vote to protect our president and vote for the removal of Pelosi and Schiff and Nadler and Schumer because they are accomplishing one mission and it is to divide our nation

  12. Can't even run their own country, but are so high on themselves they think they can host a world round table. What a joke.

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