Chief Justice John Roberts swears in senators for Trump impeachment trial – 1/16/2020

Chief Justice John Roberts swears in senators for Trump impeachment trial – 1/16/2020

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  1. The FARCE continues! bunch of nilly willy asswipes,thinking this is going to go their way..They can go STRAIT TO HELL!! What a DAMNED JOKE!! TOO bad they think they are above the law..

  2. Schiff has noted here that President Trump used Ukraine to interfere with the 2020 election digging up dirt on Joe Biden. The term used "digging up dirt" of course is used by Schiff as a accusation. However, President Trump was obligated by law to investigate the corruption allegations of the Bidens in Ukraine knowing well in advance that Joe Biden actually performed a Quid Pro Quo with Ukraine when Vice President.( And where was the impeachment inquiry then?) You all have seen the video. Why then would anyone question the relevancy of The Bidens in this case?….

    To keep the evidence and the light off Biden.

    The democratic candidates are weak and show a party reform the likes we have neer seen. Biden is controllable under the status quo, and a Vice President pick would be essential for his winning the 2020 election.

    To insure this would happen, Its not just Trump's head they want…It's Mike Pence too. The revenge of this party, and the unforgiving hatred they have is more obvious than the ridiculous way leather pants would look on Michael Moore. Not only will this backfire on the Democrats, but it will polarize the party for generations to come.

  3. how can warren and sanders vote on impeachment when they have a direct interest in seeing DJT removed from office. so they are impartial. lol

  4. Looks like it’s really happening, no hoax All the reps bitching has had no effect on trump getting duly impeached and now removed

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