Chhath Puja – Bihar’s Day

Chhath Puja – Bihar’s Day

Chhath puja is a festival that is dedicated
to the worship of Surya. The term Chhath refers to the sixth day of the lunar fortnight of
the Kartik month. Chhath puja is, therefore, celebrated six days after Diwali. Surya is considered to be the giver of life
and energy on earth. He is worshipped for curing all diseases and promoting the longevity
of all human life. The goddess who is worshipped along with Surya is Chhati Maiya – Usha – the
consort of Surya. Chhath puja is one of the main festivals
of Bihar and is celebrated over a period of four days. The first day is called “Nahai
Khai” which means to bathe and eat. The celebrations begin with devotees thronging
the riverside at sunrise. They bathe in the holy rivers and prepare food with the water
of the river for the sun god. On the second day or the “Kharna”, devotees
observe a fast. In the evening, they offer puja to Surya after which they end their fast. The third day is marked by elaborate evening
prayers called the Sandhya Arghya. The fourth day is considered to be the most auspicious
day of the puja as devotees gather around the rivers and offer prayers to the morning
sun in the “Bihaniya Arghya”. Chhath puja also finds its mention in the
Mahabharata. It is believed that Chhath puja was performed by Draupadi, the wife of the
Pandavas, during their years in exile. The worship of Surya helped Draupadi solve her
problems and helped the Pandavas regain their kingdom.

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  1. @Epified
    Dear Epified i want to know about Sapt Rishis and their life such as what is their background and why we have Gotra (clan lineage) after sapt Rishis name?

  2. One mistake though – the devotees fast for like 60 hrs. 24 hrs day on kharna. Where they eat something at night. Then again fast the next 36 hours. And both of these fast are without food or water. Both male and female can fast.
    The fast is broken after the morning Argha.

  3. Great Videos… Great efforts…Appreciated.
    Just one request … Why don't you create a making video ? I would love to know how exactly you create these videos …! Keep Posting …

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