Chevening Fellowships

Chevening Fellowships

The Chevening Fellowship’s been fantastic
as not just a learning opportunity, but as a moment to be able to
pause, reflect, and to be able to engage deeper, not just on my topic but also in
the broader developments happening in the world. Applying for a fellowship tests
not just what sort of person you are, but it also gets you a sense of where you
want to go. You should apply for this fellowship because it will give you an
opportunity to learn from others, to understand what you know, what you don’t
know, to be able to see what sort of issue areas will actually grow your
path, and more importantly a fellowship reminds you that you are often in a very
wide pool of fantastic people whom you can learn from, and more importantly you
can change your long career path. For the international fellows, the experience,
it’s more complete, and complex at the same time because we are not learning
only abilities or skills in terms of leadership, we are learning a lot of the
culture, of the different cultures of the countries in the United Kingdom. Being on this fellowship has enabled me to interact with the world leading scholars
in my field at Oxford and elsewhere, has enabled me to network with other
scholars, been able to see a lot of resources that are available in Oxford,
London, and elsewhere, and I’ve been able to actually present them at different
forums. So I decided to apply to this programme at this point in my career because I wanted to do something outside of Mexico, I wanted to do it… I wanted to do something in London if possible, but I didn’t want to study another masters
degree because I have a master already, but I wanted to learn some things. Definitely you should apply for this fellowship because it give you a chance to sort of refresh, recharge, and maybe reset yourself. I’m so glad
now that Chevening offer those three month fellowships for me to apply.
It’s perfect. You’re all doing really specific things and we’ve got some absolute experts in a whole range of areas here tonight, and there’s nothing better than getting
experts in really different things together to talk to each other because that’s where you’ll find real innovation to change, so please make the opportunity to
speak to all the people you haven’t spoken to yet because there’s some fascinating people in the room here tonight. We are Chevening!

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