Checklist for starting an online business – Tips and tricks with business startup planner

Checklist for starting an online business – Tips and tricks with business startup planner

Hello guys, welcome to my channel. If you are new here, I’m hasbullah and I
provide tips and tools for entrepreneurs to build their business online. When I first started, I was not sure what
to do first and nobody would tell me if what am I doing is correct or not. At that time I wish someone would hand me
a checklist of what to do first in order to start a successful online business. Now that I’m in a position to make such
checklist, let’s go through the steps that you need to take in order to launch a successful
online business. This is something that I wish I had when I
started. So stay tuned until the end. I know that your first instinct is to just
go create something and sell it. However, this strategy rarely work and even
it works, it is very unlikely that the business will be sustainable. Every business should have its niche. It is the specific area in the industry that
your business excel in. There are 3 main categories in the online
world and you need to be in one of these. The categories are wealth, health and relationship. Even when your product isn’t directly contributing
to these categories. Your sales message has to address either one
of these three categories. For example, if you are selling a shaver,
how do you construct your sales message so that it is either wealth, health and relationship. What are the reasons men shave. Probably they want to look good because when
they look good women are going to be attracted to them. So this is clearly in the relationship category. However these category are still large to
be a niche. You need to dive deeper to find out what your
niche is. For instance in wealth, you can do online
business niche, you can do real estate, you can do investment, and many other things to
acquire wealth. This is what I called a sub category. Because there are so many options out there,
even sub category is still consider too big to be your niche. You are going to have to be more specific
then that. So if you are doing real estate, your niche
could be how to flip houses with no money, or it could be what to do to increase value
of houses, and things like that. I’m just throwing this as an idea so that
you understand how to find your niche. If you are having difficulties finding your
niche, just find out that between wealth, health and relationships, which gets you most
excited about. And then do your research from there. Once you found your niche, you need to figure
out who is your ideal client. Clearly map out the demographics, let’s
say you sell women shoes, so perhaps your ideal client is working women between 20-40
years of age. Your client could be a busy mom, what is their
income bracket, how often they buy shoes, the more detail you can get, the better it
will be for you. This is important because of three things. This determine how you speak with them, the
method you use to reach them, and how to find them when you run ads later. We’ll get to this in a bit Now that you have found your niche, what you
need to do next is to find where your customers are congregating. For example in facebook, people with similar
interest get together in a facebook group. You need you find the group where your potential
clients are and find out what are their problems. You can find these people in facebook, in
forums or physically if you know where there are. For example, if you are selling a GPS device,
then go to a facebook group about GPS device. Find out what they are using it for and more
importantly what are the problems that they are currently facing. Perhaps in one of discussion someone mentioned
that their device is not waterproof. Now this is an opportunity for you to include
water proof case together when you sell your device. If they asked questions that you know the
answer of, simply help them by answering their questions. This will establish you as an expert in the
area which in turns make them believe you. Because you already helped them solve their
problem by answering their concerns, they will look for you to get an answer. And finally when you offer them something
in the future, they will gladly purchase from you. Now that you have established yourself as
an expert in the area, you can now start create your own sales funnel online. For some of you that might not know what a
sales funnel is, let me tell you what you might know, which is a traditional website. A traditional website, if you notice, has
a lot of menus right. It’s kinda like opening a physical store
but you put so many guards in front of the store and blocks the store entrance. Usually in a traditional website, it’s very
difficult to find the product that you are actually looking for because of these menus,
then you don’t know how you can pay. You are also not sure how is the product going
to be delivered to you. It’s like having a salesperson that hands
your client brochure and then go hide. So website is a thing of the past. Now sales funnels takes your customer to a
specific steps that brought them towards the product that they are looking for. It’s kinda like having the best sales on
the planet, closing sales for you 24/7 without feeling tired, asking for a promotion or asking
for a raise. So if you wake up on a bad side of your bed
and you don’t have the mood to sell, you still close the same percentage rate using
your sales funnel. That is very powerful. There are many tools to create sales funnel,
one of the is using clickfunnels, and I can make a video about clickfunnels if you want
me to just let me know in the comment section below. Now that you have the funnel ready, it’s
time to bring some traffic into your funnel. Now remember the group of people you were
giving values before? These should be the first place for you to
get traffic. Just tell them, hey I got an offer for you,
it’s new so I’m giving out this huge discounts on GPS devices, you can get so many free things
including the water proofing case so you can use them anywhere you like. Now if they have been following you for a
while, and they know that you are an expert in the area, it’s a no brainer for them
to buy. They already trusted you and they are confident
that you can deliver. This is why it is important to define your
niche and target audience at the very beginning. If you go straight to building the product,
then you try to find customer, it’s going to be very difficult for you. And if you find out after you spent all money
and time into it, that nobody wants to buy, that’s a terrible situation to be in. So always find your customer first, find out
their problem and what they want, then develop the product. It is much safer, a lot of people have done
it and if they can, so can you. Apart from those groups, you might also want
to advertise your funnel. Now is the best time to do so as you can use
social media instead of mainstream media such as TV and radio. For $10 a day on facebook, you can reach specific
audience and with the correct strategy, you can generate a set of audience that you know
for sure is going to like your product. This could be repeated over and over again
once more people are coming to purchase your product. Imagine this, if you create a 15s video talking
about your product and somebody clicked on the video, you can actually find other people
with similar interest with this person to show your video to. The facebook algorithm is very powerful and
that they want to help you sell as much as you can because then you will keep using their
platform to advertise. Granted that the cost to advertise is increasing
over the years, but that is why you should start now where the opportunity to reach millions
of people is still affordable. There you go guys. The checklist for starting an online business. I wish someone thought me the steps before
but you’re in luck because this checklist is available now. If you find this video useful, please consider
subscribing and turn on the notification bell so this video gets push to more people. Also, don’t forget to leave your comment
below about what do you think I should cover next that will help you to grow your business. I’ll talk to you soon. Good luck in your entrepreneurship journey. Bye!

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