Chase Business, LegalZoom & Jungle Scout | Amazon FBA Journey #1

Chase Business, LegalZoom & Jungle Scout | Amazon FBA Journey #1

– There we go. Hey guys. So, I wanted to make a follow-up video
where I pretty much mention that I’m going to start with
Amazon FBA. Actually, I did receive my EIN. I bought my LLC. I’ve already opened up a business
account with Chase. I used Legal Zoom to get my LLC,
I used Chase for my business checking account, mainly because
they had a $200 bonus for me to open up a business
account with them. Maybe it was a local thing,
I’m not sure. So, all-in-all, it cost me about $300 to get my LLC and EIN. I used Legal Zoom and the cool
thing about Legal Zoom is they send you all the
paperwork you would need in order to, basically,
open up a business account. Once you open up a business
checking account, then, you can pretty much
start buying stuff and it’s easier to write off the
purchases for your business come tax time, which is
a good reason. Once I got all that, I figured
I was ready to begin reaching out to suppliers. Well, that stuff’s pretty easy. The difficult part, in my opinion, is finding the product, like,
product research. I feel like I could’ve done better. Basically, I just used Jungle Scout
and their opportunity score that they have in their
Chrome extension. All I did was search a few keywords,
here and there, until I found a search results
page that had a very high opportunity score and then,
I got an idea of a product, and then I used a few more
analytical tools. It was mainly Jungle Scout, honestly,
so you can track how many, how much you’re selling each
month or each day. And you pretty much want to
see whether or not you can fit within those top five results
and get some of those organic buys. I’ve been in the tech industry
for about 10 years. First of all, I see it as like,
if you could find a keyword that’s getting a lot of traffic
and the search results are products that aren’t getting
a lot of reviews or they might be poorly reviewed, it’s your job to, basically, get ranks
on those top five or so products so you can get clicks, you can
get a click-through rate in order to get your product bought. So, that’s kind of how I see it. I’m not sure if I could’ve done
it a better way, this is really… I picked a product that I knew
it should give me a few sales. I’m not sure if it’s going to be
a crazy success, my first go around. But I’m willing to try it and I feel
like just the first product experience is sort of worth, like, not being
100% on it, but I think it’s a good choice. But anyway, that’s pretty much
where I’m at now. I’m waiting for the sample to come in. After that, I pretty much have to
make a product listing, I reach out to my supplies again,
see if they can bundle for me. And after that, I pretty much, I work on just, like, PPC campaigns
and stuff like that. So, hopefully, by the next time
I make this video, I’ll have the sample in hand. I’ll let you guys know how making
the product listing went. And whether or not I’m getting
any results, you know. So, please feel free to leave a
comment and ask me any questions. I want to have this channel
really document my entire, you know, whether or not I succeed
or fail at this. I already know I’m going to succeed
because I’m not going to… With something like this,
it’s like, it just requires time and every day and there’s no way
it’s just not going to work. There’s too much money to
be made on Amazon for you not to make any money. Especially if you have enough
money to like lose upfront. Once you start selling stuff
and you make a brand, at least, in my opinion,
I feel like there’s no way you can really fail if you
work on it every day. Which I, pretty much, am doing. Please leave me any sort of
advice, I’m not part of any sort of mastermind group
or anything like that. I’m really just doing it on
my own. YouTube videos, courses that I found
online that I didn’t pay for. And just, like, doing it myself. So, I’m a normal guy,
nothing crazy. I work a full time job, et cetera,
but I can talk more about that later. I just want to do a quick update. So, thanks guys. Dueces.

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  2. When you start making money you'll want to look into having your LLC taxed as an S-corp. Speak with your accountant first because it could save you a lot of money in taxes.

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