Charles Payne: America is winning the trade battle with China

Charles Payne: America is winning the trade battle with China

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  1. The Left calls Trump an idiot when he tries to do something. When it turns out well, crickets.
    Ergo, the moniker: "Do Nothing Democrats." Lapping at the public trough while doing nothing for the American people.

  2. Ladies and gentlemens sorry for interrupting your winning party but a miss black swan unexpectedly will arrive from North Africa to collapse the oil prices to 10 dollars enjoy your remaining time

  3. All good on the first point…..the issue becomes:

    1. The Chinese by devaluing the currency………. will buy less of what the US has to trade.
    2. It will become more expensive for the Chinese consumer…….to purchase items 1….hence buy less of it.
    3. A significant amount of trade between the US and China is service based. Higher dollar, more cost to Chinese consumer, less consumption.

    In the end, the trade war can be described as a form of ponzi scheme. 
    It is not sustainable in the long run. 
    Who will blink first?

  4. Like Trump paying $37 billion taxpayer dollars to America's farmers to buy their votes and help them forget that the Chinese market is gone forever.

  5. says the american. rofl lmao. good work china, make more trading partners with other countries and ignore america. ignore america even when they beg for cheap toxic goods to replace the things when hurricanes and wildfires smashes them every year.

  6. CHINA debt= (US$ 5.2 trillion), equivalent to about 47.6% of GDP." USA debt= $22.03 trillion. At the end of 2018, debt held by the public was approximately 76.4% of GDP, "

  7. You have any idea how many people have killed themselves for a non responsive economy because of FOX lies about the economy for 20 years? You fuckers are flat our evil. Are you zionist too?

  8. But Trump needs to be impeached, right? I understand their position though.. Trump has been able to accomplish what NO other President has. If I were a Dem I'd be bitter, too. My President 2020 !!!

  9. Buy American. China is an absolute dictatorship of Communists who are intent on Ruling Earth. Why would anybody buy from such a menace?

  10. No where not have you looked at the price and selection of items its getting slim and pricy and the fact that anything made in the us is twice the price of the Chinese counter part means I'll still buy Chinese goods to save money even if tariffs are imposed I'll support Chinese business before American union greed

  11. America don't need to do business with Communist China. They can't be trusted. Don't buy anything that are made and produced by China.

  12. You Think so. I just went shopping at Boscov's a major Department Store in Pennsylvania.. Everything I picked up and bought was made in China. Everything. So How are we winning. M

  13. I hate Chinese crap. I wish we would just jack up the tariffs to the point no more of their junk comes to the US. I know those low skills jobs aren't coming back. But there are other places with cheap labor, that I would rather support. How about Mexico, maybe it would help in keeping a few of there folks home. Not to mention all the other reasons why I don't want to support China.

  14. We need tonotforget that China is trillions in the positive,compared to America that is trillions in debt.lets not forget🤗🤗🤗

  15. Total wages in America are 6 trillion dollars. Trump has printed one trillion each year. Wages did not go up 1/6th each year to just break even let alone make up for 30 of free trade devaluations of labor and dollars.

  16. Everything said in this video is true. Trump still has 250 billion to put tarrifs on. China manufacture are giving more products for less the price than before to stay a float. Europe isn’t buying like America does bcs Europe has a smaller economy and European dont buy chinese crap. Waiting for trump? Haha, are you sure trump will lose in 2020, with this impeachment witch-hunt everything is going wrong with the democrats. Trump is going to win with even more than 2016. Good luck china, if you want to wait and 1 year of waiting will damage the chinese economy deeper.

  17. A black US Republican is a black white supremacist.

    Donald Trump will be tarred with this devastating scandal of impeachment for all of written history.

    The Republican party will be known from now on as an asset of the enemies of truth, justice, and moral principles.

    We're going to need at least one new political party after the GOP fully self-destructs.

  18. I think it would be a good idea to ramp up sanctions against China and let them sweat it out until 2022. They are not going to abide by any agreement anyway. So screw 'em. Half their economy is based on thievery and loopholes. Let them sweat a few more years. We can take care of our own. I can do without a new TV or a counterfeit watch indefinitely. Meanwhile, China is starving. Quadruple the price of all food exports to China, cut off any export of new technology they can exploit. Do not allow any Chinese ownership of American assets.

  19. Did all you In America See how China had Set FEMA Camps .when Obama Was in For 8 Years ..And Obama Sure was Friends with Alot Of them .
    I wonder What China Has in Mind With these FEMA..Camps ..Are they The Same Ones who Are Putting Muslims in Them And others That Come into there Country ..Democrats are Just as Crooks As Obama and His Cronies in the House did For 8 Years Sold America Down the Drain..I guess China Learn there FEMA Camps From Our Gov Democrats ..

  20. I don't think you understand. The payment of the tariff is by the foreign vendor. Then the question is whether the price will be increased enough to cover all or part of the tariff paid to import the product. In many if not most cases the PRC seller will not increase the price but will absorb the cost in the fat profit margin made possible by coolie labor. A widespread notion is that every dollar of tariff means a dollar increase in price to the consumer. Not necessarily so, because that would often mean no sale. Also, since tariffs are generally calculated ad valorem, prices are often reduced to reduce the tariff cost.

  21. Are the Democrats in congress being paid by China to try and undermine the president? We do know that somebody in politics has to have been profiting from the large trade deficit for decades, most likely through payoffs and bribery.

  22. All the economic figures in the United States are complete lies. Both unemployment and inflation are well over 20% each. All economic indicators are in free fall. The stock market is being propped up with trillions of dollars in debt and trillions of dollars in the purchase of short and long-term bonds with borrowed money and the stock market has absolutely nothing to do with the economy at this point it is being artificially propped up.

  23. Good move by Fox News for putting him . It’s all about unity . When the USA decide to be 1 , they are invincible period

  24. I live in China. These guys are on the outside trying to look in. The trade war is not putting the US ahead. For everything that china puts tariffs on coming from the US, they just switch to other suppliers globally. Soy Beans are now coming from Brazil instead of the US. Trump pulled out of the TPP his third day in office. The US withdrawal from TPP plays into China's foreign policy because the TPP reduced China's soft power in Asia. That's opportunity is gone now.

  25. No,no. The trade war leads to a win-win outcome. It both comforts the anti-China sentiment of Americans and accelerates China’s effort in being self-sufficient economically and competitive globally.

  26. By the time that these Chinese realize what's going on ,it will be too LATE. President Trump holds all the ace cards in his hand .

  27. A recent report from the American Farm Bureau Federation says the number of farms filing for bankruptcy is up 24% from the previous year. It's the steepest rise the farming industry has seen in years, and the total farm debt for 2019 is expected to hit $416 billion, a record high.

  28. Soon you will be recessions for eternity. Before die, everything jump high. When you will be recession no one will come to help like last time. Soon China will restrict rare earth materials. Soon reserved currency will be Ruble, yuan or Rupee, believe it, it will happened sooner than later.

  29. China is suffering bad, very very bad.. i saw many hungry chinese refugees flocking spain, france, australia, dubai, canada, etc.. they were so poor and hungry, they bought gucci, louis vuiton, hermes.

  30. China is scared that Americans may decide not to buy Chinese toys and games and look elsewhere, Farmers can grow crops Americans consume and also find other countries to supply. China needs to go broke because all they are doing is building up their military

  31. this is one of the many reasons Trump is being "impeached". keep the news away from this as well as Biden … and all the other winning.

  32. china ant got sh*t. they will suck D – not to have the Dec 15th tariffs kick in. There economy is already hitting a wall. As long as they need USD Trump has them by the Balls

  33. Trump should put a 75 percent tariff on china then the Chinese communist would make the democrats approve trumps trade deals the dems are bought and paid for by china communist

  34. But who cares about China in the first place because they are very selfish nations because they do not care about to nobody than themselves.

  35. It's so great to have a president that is actually for the people. Wish the house would quit tying his hands behind his back.

  36. Why does Fox even bother calling a guest if they cant give him some time? Let Charles do a monologue. And Peter is an expert who was giving us some interesting facts at the end IN RESPONSE TO Charles' query!

  37. Fox hit one outta the park when they picked up Charles Payne. Good work there Charles, I just love listening to you, impeccably informative. Whatever Fox is paying you, you should get a 10% raise and a fat Xmas bonus, good work requires lots of time in research and creativity in assembling the final works, well done. Keep up the good work.

  38. I will be putting this Edge favorite in my special " Socio-Politico-Economic" Favorites folder, only the best of the best URLs are saved in that folder.

  39. General Jackson said in 1882:

    An adequate* Protection of industry is indispensable to the prosperity of a coun-

    try, and an abandonment of the policy would be attended with consequences serious to the best interests of the nation.

  40. 74:1 “As much land as a man tills, plants, improves, cultivates, and can use the product of, so much is his property.”—John Locke, Civil Government. (Of Property.

  41. Reverend "Baldy" is really gearing up!! Halleluja!!!!Amen, Brother!!! And yes, China will surely collapse!! Soon they will all be cykling again, wearing blue Mao-tse–Tung Uniforms!!! Pigs will also fly!!!!

  42. The fortune 500 own no property or factories to bring back to America. Intellectual property is 90% of their value. why not protect my labor value equal to the intellectual property values?

  43. If we're taking in junk from china still America is losing period. We are being contaminated by the products they are selling us for the profit of politicians.

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