Charging Clients, Personal Brand or Business Brand & Advice to a Senior in College | #AskGaryVee 239

Charging Clients, Personal Brand or Business Brand & Advice to a Senior in College | #AskGaryVee 239

– [Annabelle] Hello? – Hey Annabelle, it’s GaryVee. (gasps) – [Annabelle] God damn it Gary. (hip hop music) – [Gary] You ask questions, and I answer them. This is The #AskGaryVee Show. – Hey everybody.
This is Gary Vay-ner-chuk and this is episode 238
of The #AskGaryVee Show. It’s windy as hell in New York. I am filming Planet of
the Apps here in New York City so that’s been fun all day. And we found a
quick 15 minute window, and I decided to
bang out a call-in show. So, we’re gonna
get right into it. I’m really enjoying
the format of the show. I think a lot of
people have been enjoying it, what’s been going on?
The GaryVee shop. I can put that link up there. I’ve been asking
people to subscribe. Subscribe to my YouTube,
we’re doing more of that. Put that up. We’re gonna do a whole
lot of editing up front here. – [Andy] Released after this,
we’re gonna release that business meeting with Jordan. – Oh, this business
meeting video is crazy. Everybody
watching on Facebook Live, the next post of this
business meeting I did. Andy, who is fundamentally
numb to my content, ’cause he’s been consuming it 24 hours a day for
the last several weeks. What are you, stink? What’s going on? Is the… What… (dial tone) (dials number) Let’s see. Just calling myself real quick. (phone rings) – Hey you’ve
reached Gary’s phone. I’m really glad
of listening to this, because who the hell
leaves voicemails in 2015? – ’15?
(group laughter) I’m two years behind. I gotta… I’ma do that, too. I’m gonna update. Are we good? You need me? You need me? Does he need me? Does… This trumps.
You don’t need me? Good. All right. Learn
how to dial the number. All right, so. The… Sorry for the
up front banter that I know a lot of you get excited about, but good weekend.
Football sucks. But the content is rolling. The podcast,
a lot of good stuff. What’s it?
– [Chris] It’s Sherman. – Sherman. You’re
giving Sherman that love? – [Chris] Yeah. – He’s gonna freak. (phone ringing) (phone ringing) Sherman’s gonna
miss his big moment. Sherman’s gonna die. – [Chris] Yep. (phone ringing) – Hello there, this is Sherman
from Principal and Tasteful. – Not even giving
him the full shout out for not being on the phone. Yes, Ty? – [Tyler] Nothing.
– Okay, good. Let’s go to the next one. So, while there’s down time, Make that lower
while you’re dialing. (phone dialing) I think that one of the things
that’s really interesting about the call-in
format is the context of going back and forth. To me, that’s real,
really where the value in the last episode came in, and that I’m really
excited about for this one. So, I’m interested.
What’s going on Facebook? – [Andy] I’m a little
concerned that it’s saying, “No audio.” I might
have accidentally covering it. I don’t know.
I think we’re good. – Please check the…. (dial tone) – Give me the phone. (dial tone) I mean, listen,
you’re out of a job. This is what, how it works. If you’re not capable of the… Oh God, I went even worse. I went with somebody who put in 120983reze. Like I was like, like
I’m gonna figure out that. (dials number) Dude, you’re so good at everything but
dialing a phone. You’ve been crushing every task. I’m taking over. (phone rings) I know you guys hate downtime,
so I’m just going fast. This is how we’re doing it. – [Jeremy] Hello? – Jeremy, this is GaryVee
and you’re on the show. – [Jeremy] Gary, you
totally made my day, man. I’ve been a fan
of yours for so long. I’m so happy to be
talking to you right now. – I appreciate it.
Where are you from? LA? – [Jeremy] Yeah,
I was born in Paris, but I live in Los Angeles. – Awesome, man. So,
what can I help you with? – [Jeremy] Yeah, so, you know, thanks to everything
I’ve learned from you I’ve actually been able
to start building a career for myself as a
social media consultant. – Very nice. – [Jeremy] And just helping,
you know, mainly artists, actually. Mainly artists
in current companies with their
social media strategy. And I’ve been trying to
transition into not just being the only person in my business, and building a
smaller agency around it in the same way that you have
been pulled at the same way. So that I’m not the only person
essentially doing the work, – Okay. – [Jeremy] And I’m really
struggling on finding the right inflection point
and moment where I can kind of jump ahead at this
scale to have a second person, because I’m having a
really hard time making two peoples’ salary
on one person’s time, even with the fact
that I’m working, you know, 12-14 hour days
to get all this going to the place that we need to go. – Yeah, I mean,
look, it’s a resource game. If you don’t have
the money to be able form the second person, let me give you a
good piece of advice. First of all, amass
more money than you think, because any
curve ball, anything. You know, everybody wants to
get to scale way too soon. It’s only
predicated on your finances. It’s a chicken and egg game, but everybody wants to
get to that second person and start scaling, and
then they do it way too early, and they create
more vulnerability. People don’t realize, once
you have that second person, you’re managing somebody else, and that drains
resources as well. So, I would tell you to
think in marathon terms. How old is your business? How long have you
been trying to do this? – [Jeremy] I’ve been
trying to transition for about a year and a half now. But I’ve been freelancing
for three or four years. – So, I mean, look, it just comes down
to one of two decisions. Either you have, you
save up enough money, and you have the
resources to do it and still have your lifestyle. Or, have you
audited your lifestyle? Where do you live? – I actually live at home. – Love you. – So I had gone to college–
– Love you. That’s the perfect answer. Dropped out of college. – [Jeremy] To do my business
and write and everything. So, I really don’t
have many expenses. I stopped traveling. – So… – [Jeremy] I’ll
eat out occasionally. – So here’s your
next move. Charge more. – [Jeremy] Yeah. – Raise everything.
Raise your freelance. Raise your social
media agency’s fees. Charge more. – [Jeremy] Do you think
it makes sense to charge ahead of the person? Or is that just kind
of unfair to charge ahead for a process that
would involve a second person? – I think that
you need to hustle. So I think the answer is, I think you need to deliver
on what you charge people. But let’s remember… – [Jeremy] Yeah. – That the time is subjective. – What if I, today,
said, “Screw VaynerMedia” and I’m gonna
become a consultant. I have a funny feeling that my hourly fee
is more than yours. – [Jeremy] Yeah, probably. – So, you’re thinking
about it too binary. You’re thinking about it– – [Jeremy] Yeah. – Multiple people, 80 hours. Why don’t you just
charge double for your hours? – Right. Yeah.
I think that’ll help because the problem that
I’m having is essentially what’ll happen is, I’ll, you know, go out, sell
a lot, get a lot of clients, and then I’ll be stuck
fulfilling those clients, unable to have the
time to keep selling… – You’re not charging enough. – [Jeremy] Yeah, okay. – That’s it. – [Jeremy] And so, just,
sorry, just one more. So, on one of those
issues, mainly what I consult on is story strategy and
kind of branding strategy. I’m helping companies and artists communicate their story
on what makes them different to their audience, on the
different social platforms. I’ve been wanting to move into
actually social management. You obviously have way
more experience in doing that, and I know that
it’s a lot more work. Do you think
there’s a certain point where that’ll make more sense, with a certain
number of employees? Because I know being
alone, that will probably eat up even more of the time
and not give me as value – Yeah, I think, I don’t think you
can go down that route of putting out content
and doing community management until you have
more infrastructure, ’cause that’s much more timely. The fact that you’re
stretched thin on something that is as lofty and
theoretical and floaty as brand strategy means
that you’re very far away from the scale that you’ll
need for actual execution. It’s, you’re selling ideas
right now, and conversations. When you have to sell output, it becomes a much
more difficult game. – [Jeremy] Right. Okay.
Well, thank you very much. – You got it, brother. – [Jeremy] Seriously, I’m 23
and you’ve completely changed my life in the last 4 years
that I’ve been following you. – And real quick,
for everybody. How so? When you say I’ve
changed your life, has it been more
about the practicality? What is the value prop? – Yeah, I mean, I’ll give you
a really specific example. My biggest problem was
always discipline, right? School was always
super easy for me. – Right. – So, I was a little,
kind of, not engaged with it, until I got to college
and had to work super hard and I started
putting 80, 100 weeks. But that was really tough, because I was
trying to balance so much. And then after I dropped out,
I had no more structure. So, I really never
had any discipline. And it was
something I had to come by– – Yep. – [Jeremy] all by myself and
work ethic was always the thing that
I thought I was worst at, which is a really
bad thing to be bad at, as much as I am driven on stuff that
I really care about. But this year, after
spending a lot of time consuming your content
over the last year or so, just, for the last
five weeks, I’ll say, I’ve just been in it nonstop. And I think that work
ethic I’ve been able to develop has kind of been
completely from watching you and the amount that
you’re relentlessly going at it. And so I’ve been
able to build my business, and build my work ethic, and
just be in it every single day making the most
out of every day, and actually getting
work done rather than saying, “Oh, I can do it tomorrow.” Seizing even a moment,
even if somebody’s late, I’ll just get some work done
really quickly between things. – You basically… – [Jeremy] I’m not, you
know, waiting for blocks. – You basically just did the
commercial for DailyVee. It’s the single
reason I did DailyVee. To eliminate any doubt of the
insanity it actually takes. I appreciate it, brother.
I’m gonna move on. Have a great day. – [Jeremy] Yeah,
no worries. Sounds… – Oops, sorry. I
hate cutting people off. – What’s that? – [Andy] Facebook Live
have you seen this? Tap to invite and him to
join your video as a guest. Bringing guests on Facebook Live – Yeah. Yeah I saw that the
last time I was on as well. It’s work ethic man. It is the variable that you can absolutely be in charge of. – [Jimmy] Hello? – Jimmy this is GaryVee. and you are on
The #AskGaryVee Show. – [Jimmy] Gary,
that is awesome man. – How you doing? – [Jimmy] I am doing awesome. How are you doing? – Tremendous.
What can I answer for you? – [Jimmy] I have a
question about travel blogging– – Okay. – [Jimmy] And I was
wondering if you can expand on it a little bit. Kind of like the reasons why. I see a lot of travel blogs. Tons of them around that do their travel blog under the name of their blog and they advertise
everything on social networks under the name of the blog and stuff like that. – Okay. – [Jimmy] Would
you do a travel blog under the name of a blog or would you
develop a personal brand within the travel space? – I would develop
a personal brand within the travel space because one of the most
important vulnerabilities that people
create for themselves is they niche
themselves in the world as I’m the southeast Asia guy. And then it’s four years later and you want to
be the Europe guy or you want to be
the basketball guy. Building your
name is a much, much better way to go. Look what happened with me. If my Twitter
handle was wine guy, I would have had to go through that branding transition. And even without that, just being Gary Vaynerchuk, it was tough for me to become a business
personality to hundreds of thousands of people because they had
me as a wine guy. I always think
you develop your name because life is long
and this is a forever game. – [Jimmy] Right yeah. And my main
reason for asking was because it was, it was more of a niche blog. I was looking at something like let’s travel America – Yep. – [Jimmy] And looking at doing and I about 97% sure that I wanted to focus on U.S. and domestic travel and stuff. So that’s why I was kind of wondering to do
it under the name or do it building–
– Build your name. Build your name but
build up the show name too. I have an #AskGaryVee Show. and this and that. There’s GaryVee. There’s Gary Vaynerchuk. This is where people over think. But I do think your
name gives you flexibility. – [Jimmy] Yeah, yeah. It’s been bothering me a lot. – Well it shouldn’t
bother you anymore. It’s over. No more bothering. Good? – [Jimmy] I’m good man. – Good man.
– [Jimmy] I’m good. – Awesome. (phone dialing) No more bothering.
I mean, why are we pondering on
things that don’t matter? Today’s Instagram post
that I saw a lot of people be emotional about,
going one for five instead of oh
for oh is better. And that’s a
real thought. A lot of– – [Michael] This is Michael. – Michael, It’s GaryVee.
You’re on The #AskGaryVee Show. – [Michael] What’s up now? – What is up now is that
you’re on because you said, “I’m ready with my
question.” So don’t bullshit me. What’s your question? – [Michael] I’m
ready with my question. – Go. – [Michael] My question is you
posted and talked several times about the chase, the pursuit. How you love being on
the hunt, being on the game. – Yep. – [Michael] And specifically,
when it relates to vacation. I’ve got a several
day vacation comin’ up. You’ve said that you
look forward to getting there, but then when you get
there it’s kind of like eh. It doesn’t really deliver on
what you hoped it would be. You don’t enjoy it as
much. My question to you, you talk a lot
about the work ethic. I know you’re very intentional
with everything you do. So, with the vacation,
what are you looking to get out of that?
What are you looking to do? What’s your game plan
as you go into vacation? – You know, I think
you’re taking that in context to some comment I probably
made in the last couple weeks, which is like I struggle
with the relaxing part of it. – [Michael] Yeah, specifically,
you were talkin’ on Medium. And my wife had
found this ’cause I think she believes it to be
true of me as well. She said, “Look at this post
from Gary Vaynerchuck on Medium. “And he’s talkin’ about
when he goes to AJ’s to watch “a NFL draft party. He
doesn’t enjoy the being there “as much as he does the
looking forward to that.” And I feel like that’s
how you feel about vacations. – Oh, you know, I’m sorry. – [Michael] And I think
that’s really interesting. – Oh, so let’s play that out. You’re talking
about anticipation, which is basically all I’ve got. I think the
reason I’m winning is ’cause I love the
journey and anticipation more than the
destination. By the way, I’ve already
made a video that says buying the New York Jets
is the worst day of my life. Because that’s the ultimate
destination game I’m playing. Right? – [Michael] Yep, yep. – Oh, I know what
you’re referring to, yeah. When I land at
vacation, I get sad. Because it was the
week leading up to vacation because I love the
time with my family. And I love having that break. I’m already looking
forward to, right now, I’m already
looking forward to the last two weeks of August,
those two weeks in December. I especically like vacation when the whole world
is shut down, because then I don’t feel like
anybody’s getting ahead of me. I like that, so yeah,
I love anticipation. I love the thrill of the hunt. Even back to being in 5th grade. I tried to get girls to like me, but then I was still scared
of them ’cause I was too young. I didn’t know what
to do at that point, but it was the
chase that was fun, not the actual hooking up
or having a girlfriend. This has been tried and
true for me my entire life. For example, I’m excited
about VaynerSports right now so much because everybody’s
underestimating our agency. I’m not gonna like
it as much in four years when VaynerSports is one
of the top sports agencies. Wine Library. Those
days when I was in– I’m a cobra in the weeds. It’s
why I like negative comments on my social platforms.
I like when peop– – [Michael] Yeah, it’s ’cause
you always wanna be able to prove somebody wrong,
which you can’t do– – Correct, yes,
yes. I love sticking it to your fuckin’ mouth,
and I like waiting for things. I don’t like
instant gratification. – [Michael] Yep.
So, for me personally, looking forward to
this vacation here. When you are talking
about taking time off intentionally as
part of a rhythm. – Yes. – [Michael] What do
you do to get the most value
out of that time away? I saw you lock
the phone in the safe. – Yes. – [Michael] And we don’t see
anything else that happens obviously, and that’s the point. But what does that look like? – It’s just focusing on,
I’m very good at, one of the things that
I get a lot of compliments for lately that
I never realized is I’m in it when I’m in it.
People always talk about, “Whoa, it’s so weird on DailyVee “when you meet somebody,
you look ’em dead in the eye, “and you care,”
and this and that. And I’ve noticed,
that is something that I needed the
outside world to tell me. So when I go into the
vacation, I know why I’m there, and I wanna be there,
and I lock into either relaxing or focusing
on family time, the end. – [Michael] Yeah,
thank you Gary. – You got it buddy. – [Michael] I won’t
take anymore of your time. – No worries. – [Michael] I unfollowed
everyone on Facebook except for you. Even my wife. – That was a very good strategy. (laughing) Even my
wife. You’re amazing, man. That’s very kind, thank you. – [Michael] Love
you Gary, thanks. – Take care, bro.
That’s pretty good. (phone dialing) – Yeah, I think one of the
things that was interesting about that question is
we’re all wired differently. You have to know yourself. One of the great
things about loving the game and anticipation
is you don’t stop for the short-term fruits. Everybody wants the Beamer and the watch and
the recognition– – [Rachel] This is Rachel. – Rachel this is GaryVee
and you’re on the show. – [Rachel] Oh my
God, okay, awesome. I saw the New York,
New York number and I did not
think it could be true. But, awesome!
– It is true. – [Rachel] Thank you very much. (laughs) Very cool. Well I know you’re busy
so I will get to the point. So I over the summer started a foster dog vlog. Very niche so think of
bringing in rescue dogs and I document their
story which people love. Because people love,
ya know, the sad stories and I essentially take
those cute funny puppy memes and dog and cat memes
that you see on the internet and I put a story behind them. – Okay, I like that. – [Rachel] And so,
yeah, and so that’s why I said it’s super niche, right,
there’s nobody else doing that. And so within the
first couple months Dr. Oz actually reached out. One of his producers wanted
me to come out to the show. I couldn’t because they needed
me to bring my foster dog but we couldn’t
figure out a way to do it in the timing that
they needed so– – Okay. – [Rachel] We’re still
working on other things. I’ve already received local, if you will, sponsorship. Like all the local
pet stores that huge reach here in Austin, Texas are like “We love what you’re doing. “We want to give
you full exposure.” I’ve been on the local news– – They want me to
come on regularly. – Rach, Rach, Rach.
– [Rachel] Things like that. – So what’s the punchline?
What can I help you with? – [Rachel] So I need you help to I don’t want to say that
I want to monetize, right? But I need to figure
out what I can do with this and I know that
you probably don’t know the answer right away– – I know the answer.
– [Rachel] But I wanted, okay. – I really do know the answer. – [Rachel] Let’s doit.
I want to hear it– – Just based on the
data and the energy. – [Rachel] Okay. – Your strategy needs
to be holding your breath. – [Rachel] Okay. – What I mean by that is you are going way to
fast to the punchline. You need to
foreplay this opportunity. – [Rachel] Okay.
– You’re 40 seconds in! How long have
you been doing this? – [Rachel] Ah, six months? – Yeah, I mean, I think I really think you
need to build a bigger base. Don’t get confused by–
– [Rachel] Okay. – The exposure. Like how many,
what’s your main place where you’re
sending this to, a blog? – [Rachel] YouTube. – YouTube, how many
views are you getting? – [Rachel] Um, I only
have about 400 subscribers. So I have about 25,000 views
total so far since launching. – That ain’t shit. – [Rachel] Right.
– The end. – [Rachel] Okay. – So here’s what’s happening. Your creative is
ahead of your reality. – [Rachel] Okay. – So milk every opportunity
and continue to get exposure. And really wait and
realize that you haven’t built anything that you’re
actually gonna make money on. – [Rachel] Right. – The end. And by the way,
I’m giving you tough love ’cause I love you
and I want you to win. – [Rachel] Yeah. – You’re getting tricked
by a couple of PR moments– – [Rachel] Okay. – In thinking that you have
scale for anything monetizable. – [Rachel] Okay. – So what I would do is continue to use exposure to
build out your base. I want you to have
more steak before you worry about how
to sell your sizzle. – [Rachel] Okay, so just
continue to get more awareness. Just distribute,
distribute is what I’m hearing. – Correct, correct, patience,
like you’re way too early. And I think a lot of
people get confused that “Hey, there’s
this thing happening. “I need to figure
out how to monetize.” You’re gonna have
short-term results if you’re thinking with
short-term strategy. I would just try to
create more content. Try to get more exposure. Instead of like worrying about
how to make money on this. So what, how are
you surviving in life? Do you have a job,
do you, what’s the– – [Rachel] I have
a nine to five. – Great, so I just think
that you need to continue on the path of your 5:00,
6:00 P.M. to 2:00 A.M. hustle. And I know that you
want to get to the place where this is your
full-time but I promise you the longer you
can wait the better. – [Rachel] Okay. – Because like,
how are you gonna– – [Rachel] I can do that.
– Like, let’s talk about it. With 400 subscribers
and 25,000 overall views like, where’s
the money coming from that’s gonna allow
you to like monetize? Like, who’s paying? – [Rachel] Well, I think
for me my thought is I don’t know where
I want to take it, right? Which I know is the
worst response to have but it kind of– – No, no, no, first
of all it’s the truth. But it only speaks to
like, “Let’s slow down”. – [Rachel] Yeah. – If you don’t know
what you’re shooting after to make money then
what the hell are you doing? That’s exactly right,
I love you for that answer but it only
speaks that my advice was even better than I thought. Which is, you
need more time of doing to maybe figure
out the opportunities and the lanes
where you wanna play in. – [Rachel] Okay. – There’s no
greater contradiction than “Hey, I wanna monetize
this and figure out how” and in parallel, “I don’t
know where I’m taking this”. – [Rachel] Okay, that’s fair. – Do you see that? – [Rachel] Absolutely. – So I think
what you need to do is did you see
episode 130 of DailyVee? Like it’s, “Going Down in
the DM” like DMing people? You saw that or no? – [Rachel] Yep, yes
and I do that non-stop. That’s how I was able to get the contacts
that I did, so yeah. – Go figure, it works.
(Rachel laughs) So I want you to do more of that before you focus
on anything else. I want you to build
more of a foundation. – [Rachel] Okay. – Because if you
have a big foundation then you’ve got
months and years to monetize ’cause you’ll have time versus “Oh crap, I have
to monetize now. “Oh, that one
Hail Mary didn’t work “now I got to go
back to my nine to five.” – [Rachel] Okay,
yeah, that makes sense. And it’s where
I was going but I– – Good. – [Rachel] Can’t believe,
didn’t think you’d call so this is awesome.
(laughs) – Good, awesome. – [Rachel] But
that reinforces it. – Awesome.
– [Rachel] So thank you. – Good luck, take care,
thanks for watching. – [Rachel] Alright, thank you. – Yeah, bye bye. (phone dialing) That was really
good because that’s the advice for so many of you. So many people
are so excited about that next part of their chapter. It’s like coming into the
NBA draft a year too early. You could’ve had a
great career but because you came one
year too early you had a tough rookie year and
you couldn’t transition. You weren’t a man
yet and you falter and you didn’t have it,
so many athletes– – [Annabelle] Hello? – Hey Annabelle, it’s GaryVee. (gasps) – [Annabelle] God damn it Gary. – I, I know, yes, it’s
true. (Annabelle laughs) I’m here, we’re on,
what can I answer for you? – [Annabelle] Oh my
God, so exciting, hi Gary. – Hey. – [Annabelle] Okay,
so my question is my husband and
I recently started our own real estate brokerage
in southern California. – Love it. – [Annabelle] And
before this though I was a full-time Mom at
home with the girls. – Very nice. – [Annabelle] But, so I
find myself now having to split my time part-time at work,
part-time with the girls. – Super hard, super hard. – [Annabelle] What
would you recommend for me to do while I’m
at home half of the week? – Meaning– – [Annabelle] For our brand. – From your brand, got it.
– [Annabelle] Yes. – I think it’s
producing content. I think it’s
following up with leads. I think it’s a lot of
hand-to-hand combat that you can do
through your phone. Your phone is your,
you know, ecosystem. And so, first of all, when
the kids are around, like now you need to be focusing on them. That’s why you decided to do it. But in every nook and
cranny where there’s downtime you whip out your
phone and you start creating content,
distributing content DMing people like
I talked about in episode 130. All that stuff.
– [Annabelle] Mhmmm. – But here’s what I would say– – [Annabelle] Okay, so DMing– – Here’s what I would say.
– [Annabelle] Uh-huh. – You’re looking for tactics. Let’s level it up to religion. What you want to do is
first not judge yourself between you know, “Was
today a good day or bad day?” Take it to macro, right? – [Annabelle] Mhmmm, yeah. And then the
tactics are creating content engaging with people,
follow, ya know it could be very not
sexy and not branding. What happened
during the week where you guys are talk, like
following up with people– – [Annabelle] Oh.
– That you sold home to like just good old fashioned thank
you economy work to be… Did you read “The
Thank You Economy”? – [Annabelle] Okay, I
read all four of your books. – Good, reread
“The Thank You Economy”. That’s the first
thing I would do. – [Annabelle] Okay. – Like literally
hang up, start the process over a week in
every minute to reread it. It’s that kind of work because
I think when you’re home you could be doing–
– [Annabelle] Uh-huh. – a lot of farming and
reinforcing the stuff that you created from the hunting
during the rest of the week. – [Annabelle] For, okay,
so perfect. I just re-listened to “The Thank
You Economy” two weeks ago. – Good, so– – [Annabelle] So, my question
about content though– – Yes, yes. – [Annabelle] From home,
would I, there’s two
parts for our business. Recruiting agents and
then services our agents to help them get more
real estate business from home owners.
– Service, when you’re home service your agents
24/7/365, that’s farming. – [Annabelle] Okay, okay. – Period.
– [Annabelle] Perfect, yeah. – No hunting, no looking for
new agents when you’re home. Because what I like
about that is, first of all the kids could have a moment
pop up when you’re hunting. It’s a lot better to be
disrupted when you’re farming than when you’re hunting because
the farming is all added value. – [Annabelle] Mhmmm.
(cell phone rings) – I would be
calling these individuals. I would be checking up
on them, this is an amazing opportunity to farm. – [Annabelle] Okay,
maybe like 15 minute Face Timing with my agents– – Yes, yes, yes,
three minute, like what look what I’m doing with you! Like I tell people all the time. – [Annabelle] Yeah. – Don’t ask me for the
details, watch my actions. – [Annabelle] Yes. – I had 15 minutes
of downtime right now. Bang out an #AskGaryVee Show, I just gave you three minutes
of value, let’s move on. – [Annabelle] Perfect.
– Good. – [Annabelle] That’s awesome.
– Alright. – [Annabelle] Thank you
so much, Gary. – You got it, take care
– [Annabelle] I appreciate it. I love you so much.
– Thank you. – I love you too. All right, so, you know
I went very high level there. Farming is retention. Perfect, she
walked right into it. She’s got a world
where she’s maintaining and helping those agents. I like the idea of
using the home time for that because you’re
getting value every time. Where you’re hunting
you’re spec’ing a lot. It’s just a much harder game. Plus you have to meet people. There’s a lot of variables. She can do the
farming from her home. – [Nate] Gary? – Yes, Nate, how are you? – [Nate] Oh dude,
this is awesome. – You’re on the show, baby. – [Nate] Sweet. My question is, I
think I’ve tweeted you a couple times this. I’m a senior in
college right now. And for me, I’ve taken your advice of finishing school ’cause I want to, because
my parents, my grandparents– – Yeah, it matters to them, yep. – [Nate] How do
I tell my parents, I just want to
go do for 18 months? I’ve been sketching out all
these just go do and explore. – What, they want you to get
the safe job after college? Is that what you’re saying?
– [Nate] Yeah. – Just tell them, Nate. You’re a big boy, it’s time. – [Nate] Okay, okay. – I mean really. Listen, easy for me to say
’cause your dad might punch you in the mouth, right?
I get it. – [Nate] Yeah. Here’s what’s interesting
about a lot of my advice. It’s black and white. Like you know your parents. Clearly your signals and
your nuances haven’t worked ’cause they continue to want
you to go down that path. They are not responding to you. They are responding
to what they grew up with and what they
believe religiously, right? – [Nate] Yeah. Mhmmm. – So that means the
soft way of, “Hey, maybe,” that’s not working. Am I right?
I’m asking you. – [Nate] Yeah, yeah,
that’s totally right. I keep getting these
lectures and all that. – It’s time for you to
lecture your parents back. – Okay. – One of you is
going to be right. – [Nate] Yeah. – Let me promise you one thing. You really, really
don’t want to be 47 and hate your parents. – [Nate] Okay. – Because I promise you
you’re not actually hating your parents,
you’re hating yourself for not having
the balls to do it. – [Nate] Okay. – You want me to come over
and have that talk with you? – [Nate] That’d be great,
but you know… – You think you got this? – [Nate] Yeah, I’ll give
them a call right after this. – Dude, call them right
now and tweet me how it went. – [Nate] Okay. – You know I’m literally, since
Chris isn’t doing anything, he’s going to bother
you the rest of the day. Listen, let me pump
you up a little bit more. I will be your corner man. – [Nate] Yeah, okay. – You start with, “Mom,” or,
“Dad,” or whoever you get, “I love you, I love you.”
– [Nate] Okay, yeah. – “I’m 23 years old, 22 years old. “Once I’m done with
this, I did this for you “now I have to do
something for myself. “It’s high risk, high reward
but when you’re 23 “that’s what you do
’cause I’m not going to be able “to do this when
I’m 47 because it’s not “going to be practical. “It is practical, Mom
and Dad, for me for 18 months “to just go and do
and discover myself. “I’ve been doing the
thing for you my whole life. “It’s time that I do
something for me. “And if you can’t
support me in that, that’s fine, “I’d prefer you do but
I’ve got to do this as a man.” – [Nate] Okay, yeah. – You don’t sound
pumped enough, Nate. What are you scared of? Talk to me, help me. This is why I’m
doing the call-in show because the old show I
would have done your tweet, I would have answered it,
I would have felt great and then you
wouldn’t have done it. I can feel that
I’ve almost got you there but I’m telling you now I don’t
think you’re going to do it and if you’re going to do it, you’re going to
do it half-assed. So help me here. Listen, I’m on your team. Help me here understand
what you’re scared of. Tell me, tell me the truth. – [Nate] Okay, yeah, so
for me just because of like the pedigree and how much
education, they’ve sacrificed, having a safe job so
I can do what I want, I don’t want to disappoint
them if that makes sense? – Nate, Nate, Nate. Nate, let me help you here. Disappoint for 18 months and
then make them feel good again. – [Nate] Okay, okay. Just tell them, “I love you,”
that means you’re appreciative and you love your parents. Tell them the truth. Start with that. “I don’t want to,” Like either your parents love
you and will respond to you or they love you but
they’re so deep into structure and it’s been their
whole religion their whole life that they’re incapable
even though they love you to break through and
see it a different way. The problem is,
it’s your fucking life and it’s going to end
up one way or the other. – [Nate] Wow, yeah, that
just broke through, yeah. – Like it’s not that
they’re, right, you’ve just got to tell them,
“I don’t want to let you down,” and just remind them,
it’s only 18 months. Tell them for the next
fucking 60 years you can do the safe thing that
makes them feel great. You need 18 months. Can they give you 18 months? All you want is 18 months. – [Nate] Yeah, yeah, yeah,
and I wrote down the date. November the 12th, 2018. – Sign a fucking
bullshit contract. Give yourself 18 months
and then show them. – [Nate] Okay. – Are you going to do it now? – [Nate] Yep, I’m going to
hang up and call right now. – Help me understand
who’s going to be more critical. Who is more scared of this move? – [Nate] My mom. – Okay, just go there, man. Say, “Mom, I love
you with all my heart. “I’m so thankful
for your sacrifices. “All I need is 18 months. “I can’t live with this regret
in my 30’s, 40’s, or 50’s “’cause I’m going
to crack and “I’m gonna be a broken man. “I need 18 months and I
promise if I can’t get traction “I’ll go wherever the
hell you want me to work.” – [Nate] Yep, yep, that’s good. I’ll give them a call right now and I’ll tweet
you in 20 minutes. – Give it to me.
Make me a video. I want the video,
I want to see your face. I don’t want the words. All right,
I love you, good luck. Do it! – [Nate] Bye.
– Alright, bye. – The call-in show format gives
us so much more opportunity to do it the right way. Is that it? Do you think that’s it? – [Eliot] I think so.
– Alright. Dunk can’t, show Dunk.
No, no. – I want to do another one. I just think it’s,
you’ve done five. – Listen, Dunk likes structure. He doesn’t like
to take those risks. – [Eliot] I’ll give you 18 months. – Give me 18 months, Dunk,
just give me 18 months. Love you guys. Question of the day,
what is the thing you fear the most in conversation
format right now? Just like that amazing
call right now with Nate. What is the one conversation
that you’re most scared to have in the world? Do you want to break
up with your boyfriend? Are you scared of
your parents judging you? Is it your best friend’s
dropping out of school, changing jobs, while
still having a big college loan? I’m just curious. For the ones that are brave
enough to leave in the comments on Facebook and YouTube,
will that be the liberation by putting it out because
so many of you are losing ’cause you’re keeping your
fears and you’re poisons inside and literally just
putting it out publicly, even with an
anonymous handle on YouTube and definitely if
you do it on Facebook, maybe that is the
unlock in that pipe that break in the pipe
that opens up your life. I promise when you put out
your fears out loud, you win. I always think about this. It’s the self-deprecation
of battle rap, right? The reason Eminem
wins at the end of 8 Mile is he puts out all
his laundry which leaves the other guy nothing. When you put out
your fear to the world, your insecurities, you win. You keep asking questions. I’ll keep answering them. (hip hop music)

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About the Author: Oren Garnes


  1. One of your callers touched on the value I've found from your content. Much like you didn't know that kind of hustle was possible until your father did it; I didn't know until I watched how you navigate a day. Thanks for sharing

  2. Hey Gary . I've been watching for you a while now. I am a business owner sole proprietor. I am a massage therapist currently working with a chiropractor as well, here in California in the inland empire, I'm getting told I should run my own practice but I'm not up to opening up in a set establishment as in renting a office but I would like advice on what should I do about gathering other therapist to help expand my work so I don't have to work so hard using my own time.?

  3. Gary V, I LOVE that last call!! I deCIDEDed to do what I wanted to do about 2 months ago when I started consuming your content and I am SO GLAD! I wake up every day GRINDING because of the commitment I made to myself. I appreciate your passion and dedication to keeping it real. Mazel Tov!

  4. I'm coming to this video late, but still wanting to share my fears.

    I fear people's judgement mainly family and ex co workers. That would look at me like I've taken a step back, that I should have kept my typical job to secure stability the old fashioned way.
    I want the new, I know the new is the much more fulfilling way of life!

    I've made the first step and have given up my 80-90hr a week job. I'm searching for a basic 9-5 job where I can learn skills to help on social / networking. Then putting in the 7pm-2am hustle on chasing my dream.
    18months is my goal to then be a stay at home Dad, so I'm here for my family, but also hustling in every spare second.

  5. Gary I bought your book "Crush It" and started watching your video—your filthy mouth is such a turn off to the over 50..tough love bud!

  6. I am so damn pumped about Gary's K swiss that I made a track about it, that's how fucking pumped…K Swiss on #Squeakmode

  7. My biggest fear is being honest. Honest to myself and others. I'm great at conversation in a social scene. But my business talk needs more straight forward truths.

  8. My biggest fear is letting everyone I love including buddies I lost in my time serving in the Marine Corps, Law enforcement, EMS, fire department, etc letting them down. Mentally I always felt like I b owe it to them to achieve true success and freedom to live my life to the fullest I can so I don't shame their sacrifice saving my life by giving theirs for me. I study every day from ivy league schools and every way I can to learn how to build my dream. I wish I could actually talk to Gary, I feel deep down with his laws of attraction that I need to talk to him. I don't know why, I just feel some sort of fate tied to it.

  9. My best value prop I get from Gary is his push to shut up and act, work. Just do it.  
    None of my other mentors have said it in such a blatant way, And my hangup has always been starting the project where I’m comfortable and then not going outside my front door with it. 
    So his candor plus all of his practical advice are a win-win 🙂

  10. #Qotd Oh man… So my girlfriend has been jobless for 1,5 years now. And she keeps on telling me that she wants a desk-job, and wants to move out of her moms house. (she is 30 years old) And yet, the amount of work she puts in, is about 3 hours a week… And obviously that doesn't work, and it's driving us apart, and it's a conversation that can't be avoided anymore, and I just so don't wanna lose her, but I so can't live with somebody acting that way, let alone pay for a roof over their heads…
    #askgaryvee How on earth do I get someone to act on the things they want out of life?

  11. Yo garyyy!! I told my dad I was gonna start my business real soon as i was currently doing preparations for it and I said I was gonna get my degree then start my business (im 4 months away from graduation so i might as well finish it) AND U KNOW WHAT HE SAID????? "no wait til youre older. Go to school, get a job then a family. Then when youre 40 years old, thats when you start your business." GARY I WAS SPEECHLESS BRO

  12. I fear not realizing my full potential, and walking through life uninspired by what's around me. So I get up every day with the thought process of I've got me make sure that doesn't happen and I want a life that makes me grateful everyday to still be here

  13. The one conversation that I am most afraid to have, is the fact that I have continued to fail and have nothing to show for myself, just myself, fuck the other ppl, I need to see progress for myself and I feel that I have made little to none and when and if someone brings it up, I am scared shitless to have that conversation. I do not want to think about my failure because I feel that I have failed horribly already and I am in a possition to where I just cannot fail anymore!
    Thats what I am afraid to talk about in conversation format
    Ill be follow you on Instagram. My handle is @razzarreflection

  14. #garyvee The conversation I fear most is answering the question, “WHAT DID YOU DO WITH ALL THAT TIME?” And I know I worked but it feels like I got nowhere.

  15. The Question: What is the thing you fear the most in conversation format right now?

    Fear of putting myself out there and the ability to sell out for a goal and no longer caring what the end result is (enjoying the process instead of the end result). I am having trouble with the idea of going all in. I have been a dreamer my whole life and I have had an issue developing a plan because of the fear that accompanies not only failure but success as well , Yes I am afraid of success as well….. I have a vision of the end result but no idea how to take the 1st step….. The question is how can the ball get rolling if you don't know how to push….There I put it out there whatever happens happens #askgaryvee
    Thank you

  16. My wife and the mother of my 2 young children is a tremendous negative influence in my life. She brings nothing but unhappiness, doubt, and relentless pessimism. Despite me working 16 hour days for over 3 years building a business and brand that has lead to my dream job, she continues to do everything in her power to drag me down. The best thing I could do for myself and my family would be to leave her. But I’m stuck. It would be messy. Really really messy. Like using the kids as ammo against me, messy. I know what I need to do but can’t do it.

  17. Gary, you are a fucking monster in a good way. I love man. The conversation thats gives me fear is when people ask me what i'm going to do with my degree now that i graduated. i never know what to say and i fell so akward. its terrible when i'm confronted with that

  18. I'm afraid of stepping outside the box and putting all my eggs in one basket on myself. I have hid behind making sacrifices for others and putting in half ass efforts that me changing my viewpoint, having structure and a focus to be selfish in order to be the best me is scary. I don't know how to really go about it. I have a ton of ideas but not a lot of action. My start up is my downfall and I feel if I can push myself and focus on me I can accomplish some of my greater goals and be happier at the end of the day because I bet on myself for a change.

  19. you could connect to such a large demographic if you took your fashion choices more seriously. hire a stylist @garyvee

  20. My biggest fear is disappointing those who have invested in me, especially my parents and my life mentors. Also big flying bugs, i’ll admit it i’m a weenie when it comes to crane flies..

  21. I paused this video for five minutes to Farm current clients and got a past client looking to invest in my services again. You're the best! Thanks for all that you do.

  22. I am so happy I checked out this episode in the archives. The question by the blogger is one I've been having myself. I am an aspiring cinematographer, and I want to start my own business doing weddings, music videos, commercials, etc. However I've wondered if I should start a business with an official title, or just market myself as an individual filmmaker. You answered it, it is smarter to market your self because it gives you leeway to branch into different markets, and playing the game long term. Thank you!

  23. I'm 27 spent my whole life doing what I was told. School, university, army, (even thought it wasn't meant for me I pulled through somehow) I did all this until a few months ago. Keeping my frustration in caused terrible arguments with my farther.

    What I fear the most (am most angry about) is getting him to support me for a year during which I can go 200% into building a career around my passions.
    I held myself back most of my life trying to fulfil other peoples wishes.

    The problem with my farther is he is a bad pressure on me rather than a positive one. And it's something he doesn't understand no matter how many times I, my brother or my sister have told him. There's the different upbringings but he doesn't believe I understand where he is coming from which also hurst.
    It is as if everything I had done till now meant nothing. Part of me décided to make it on my own the other hopes things can change. But I know some people don't

  24. I tried to think of something to say that would leave you speechless, first thing that came to mind was "how about you ask me a question?" then remembered what happens at the end of each show…with that being said, i think everyone should ask themselves what is something someone could say to you that would leave you speechless? In doing so, you might just obtain an even deeper understanding of who you really are.

  25. Such a good format for you…bouncing so fast on the conversations and the time you have to talk to the camera is so tight….I love you're not "wanna eat the camera" but you're talking to people. Such a leap for your show. Congrats.


  27. I like the straight talk advice, hustle and be patient, etc. But the interrupting and not paying attention to the callers comes off as arrogant to me ie. 10:09

  28. love your show and good advice about branding and social media. I am a mom of 6 yr old triplets and a 4 yr old and I'm currently separated will be divorced soon. my question is how much is too much when it comes to talking about my journey through this difficult period in my life. And I would love to get a call from you so I can ask you about how to maximize my exposure through all the platforms. thank you

  29. Gary im scared that im either too much or not enough i know im something tho. i have a major fear that what i want to do in this world will be to early and ill die before it happens. I also fear losing my relation with God and myself threw the process

  30. Hey Gary, l only came across you about 4 days ago and have probably consumed most of your utube content!!!😂…..I love your ideas and energy and how generous you are with your time…..I know you’re super busy but l really hope you’ll respond to this 🙃….. I’m a 52 year old mum of two amazing young men, separated, on state benefits living in the UK, quite unwell most days due to chronic issues, but determined to get well, and each day working on it… IT skills are minimal….working on that too😂…..have no money at all…..but about 2 weeks ago l got inspired to make a couple of You tube channels… on my son’s cancer journey and how I can help others who will be going through that journey, but in a inspirational way, giving others hope…..and the other sharing comedy through a funny Indian female character I’ve developed in my head since I was a child…..well actually I would love to share my chants that people of all ages and backgrounds love as I’ve performed live many times as a service to others and the community ……but don’t have musical skills as I’m self taught…..So my question is 3 fold:

    1. Should I stick to one channel, or run all three concurrently?

    2. How can I engage an audience on utube when I can only chant/sing a Capella?

    3. Should I talk about products I use and love in my everyday life, eg my favourite vitamins or books such as your new book 😇 and request viewers to check out the products and hence monetise through affiliate marketing?

  31. Watched about a dozen videos so far, including the event in Denmark, and this one is what made me subscribe. I think your business mind is awesome, but I LOVE that you care so much about people first. I'm working on building my business with that type of mentality. Thank you for giving me someone to see that leads by example in ways I feel are most impprtant.

  32. I'm gonna be finishing my first year of college in 2 months and I'm nervous about what I should do after. Honestly, I'd rather build a source of passive income before continuing college by creating a mobile game app with my group or by selling t-shirt designs on amazon. I don't think we'll be able to get the app done by the end of these 2 months though and I feel like I need to show something to my parents and others if I choose to take a break from college so that they know that I am doing something instead of lazing around. I know that 2 months from now will come either way and I should probably decide on something but whenever the question rises, I pretty much just drop it and get back to working on the app or T-shirt business >.>

  33. I wish I had heard this when I was in college. I finished for my mom who never finished college and regretted it for the rest of her life. I never was really into the college thing. It did put me into the career I'm in now so it wasn't a complete waste but then again I'm working on a way to get out of this career

  34. I've been scared to just do what I fucking want to do. I always fucking ask someone a million questions before I do. I try my hardest to find the right angle or move instead of just ramming my ass through doors. I get shut down a lot from thinking big and then small as I go. Everyone doubting me thinks small and thin big. Everyone I could HIRE or get services from thinks more like me because they see what's not there or what could be, but it starts with me doing… Because I have nothing to sell. I think it's cool I can build from here on out. I've worked through dirt my whole life. My surroundings made me think I couldn't even get a license. Fuck all that shit though.

  35. My biggest fear is just like the college student's own. I I'm terrified of letting my parents down. I'm more terrified of that than utterly failing in my endeavors

  36. Always charge more when you are too busy!
    𝐂𝐫𝐞𝐝𝐢𝐭 𝐂𝐚𝐫𝐝𝐬 / 𝐈𝐧𝐯𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 / 𝐌𝐚𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 $ 𝐅𝐨𝐫 𝐒𝐭𝐮𝐝𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐬 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥
    𝐒𝐮𝐛𝐬𝐜𝐫𝐢𝐛𝐞𝐫 𝐆𝐨𝐚𝐥 𝟓𝟗𝟔/𝟏𝟎𝟎𝟎

  37. I am terrified of a metric fuck ton of Student Loan Debt, not having a direction and falling behind. I cant believe how much time has been wasted on regret and doubt. I am approaching my last year in Design School without a single idea of what direction to go. Gary is an absolute inspiration. Getting myself into a ridiculous amount of debt and feeling like i cant even sustain myself after school is rather overwhelming… Maybe I'm not seeing the positives or maybe I cant accept the fact that debt is a part of life. I know I can work hard but I have lost my hustle and the confusion of what to do next is killing me. The mind is our greatest tool and worst enemy!!

    Anybody else feeling something similar?

  38. HI Gary, When you get the Jets, would you concentrate on building up the defense or offense first? Why?

  39. The biggest fear that i suffered with for years was thinking my past would always repeat itself because one person chose someone else over me, which caused me to think that i wasn't good enough. After years of not trusting anyone and guarding my heart, i realized that if i knocked down the walls of my own insecurities that i created in my mind (based off of one bad experience) and actually took the time to believe in myself, truly learn and know myself inside and out, my strengths and weaknesses, only then would i be able to know my own worth and be able to trust what i am capable of. Fuck what other people think and love yourself always!

  40. i am afraid that i will make a fool of myself in front of all those who insulted me, humiliated me and all those bad stuff…especially when i was defenseless and had practically only god on my side. thank u gary for the show. the last call was touching…many parents are like that…and the kids become so helpless.

  41. I’m Greg also known as @RiverFloww. Master Barber based out of Atlanta. If you’re ever in Atlanta and need a barber I’m available. My email [email protected]

    See You Soon

  42. My biggest fear is that I’ll never become a successful singer/ blogger and be seen as a failure! All my hard work, years of training will be for nothing! The bullies and naysayers from school will be right and my little cousin who looks up to me will never be able to download my songs and say ‘that’s my cousin’ and be proud …..

  43. Fear: admitting that I’m taking on too much. Not being able to say no. How do I build support from co-workers to help me out if leading by example does not work?

  44. The hardest conversation will be with a co-worker. He's an asshole, and no one is willing to straight tell him. We all wanna win and build each other up, while he wants to tear us down so he feels on top. There was even this one moment where we watched a video together, and it was something I messed up on. He was trying to sound super serious and tell me I suck, while I just laughed at myself because something funny happened. I felt his insecurity that day, and I will never forget it.

  45. I guess I fear not providing real world value. I’m practical and don’t want to add to consumerism without a positive goal and I don’t know what that is right now. I make art. I BREATH creating things with my hands. But how do I bring value to something as dismissible in this world as art and aesthetics?

  46. When is the right time to monetize? Is it just when it feels right and there's a clear product/service that you can see that can serve many?

  47. Thanks Gary 👍.. so it’s okay to believe with my vision after I completed engineering degree (my dad is an engineer). I will make my parents believe in me. 😊

  48. That makes sound weird…but I am afraid to success, one of my fearest conversation was about what I want to do that is a business, here there is not such this mindset of entrepreneurship but little by little I am facing it. Business here I go LOL

  49. I'm supper scared to step up on our family business and innovate its marketing strategy, because its the pressure of my parents thats vivid here. I'll do it though cause I can't live with the regret of not doing it my way cause I know they'll hand it over to me eventually and start my innovations from scratch and maybe much less practical to apply by then.

  50. I'm scared to reach a higher degree of success in the online space. My excuse is i don't know how and don't believe i'm worthy.

  51. I just turned 19, scared of telling my parents fuck the “school route”, I just stayed cause they forced it, not even interested which is visible on report card, but they force it because they want certainty and I just want to embrace the uncertainty. But after this semester I’m taking 12-18 months, and I’m never goin back cause I know I’ll dominate! Thanks Gary Vee for the help hope to meet u someday soon.

  52. @11:13 I love what Gary said about branding your name! Now, I actually named my business “9to5Not” … because entrepreneurship is something that stays with you 24/7. Whether I physically work in my business for 3 hours or 18 in the day, I love what I do so much, I’m constantly focused on how to do better and paying attention to what’s out there to help more people. Plus I create videos and other digital products. These products help to keep the marketing going for a business beyond the hours of 9 to 5. What Gary was saying about branding and at some point there may be a desire to change directions in your business was so powerful. Just recently I was thinking about the fact that I maybe I should have chosen a business name that was more specific… “Videos by Tracy” or something but at some point, I may not want to do videos. So I think I chose a good name because there’s so much to life and I’m open to exploring as much of it as I can… 9to5Not is perfect for me! It’s time to step up my game though 👍🏾 Thanks Gary!

  53. My fear is that I just discovered that i am bisexual a year ago (I am a man), or at least bi-curious. I have always known that I am different because I didn't understand why I did not quite relate with my (guy friends). And so I have distanced myself from people for the last ten years. And I finally realised that it's because I might be sexually attracted to my guy friends too. And I distanced myself to not freak them out. Like I really like girls and being in a relationship with a girl but like sometimes I feel like messing around with my guy friends, like a slut. Anyway, because of this, I have not pursued my passions, my gifts and talents and retreated away from the world in my room for fear of people finding out who I really am. Some dude, who just likes sex a lot. Sorry if this is not business related Gary haha, you just said fears/poison

  54. i'm scared with talking to people, how do i get more confident, i'm starting an smma and having a meeting with owners scares me but its what i want to do, so how do i break through that barrier of being scared?

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