Chaps and the Ring | Slavic The Fellowship of The Ring

Chaps and the Ring | Slavic The Fellowship of The Ring

Good day, my adequate and absolutely saint tovarishies from the English speaking part of YouTube! It’s me, your loyal friend Beribedjano Sorry for my corrupted accent I just try to sound like truly european I just try to sound like truly european british tea-eater I just try to sound like truly european british tea-eater, who learned English by watching the Wolf Creek. And today I want to tell you about And today I want to tell you about glorious slavic video game… based on adaptation of the Fellowship of The Ring which is called Bratva and The Ring. It can be translated as: The Gang and The Ring, Chaps and The Ring, or Russian Village Boys and The Ring! This game was made by “Gaijin Entertainment” Yeah, these boys who created “War Thunder” and “Crossout”… But truly outer and … scenario-maker of this masterpiece is Dmitry Goblin Puchkov, who also known by his YouTube channel, some doubtful sayings, (funny russian noices) and truly human being! A long time ago of Russian history when Putin was real (not a clone) first movie was released and Dmitry decided to create a funny adaptation of the Tolkien Legacy! and to sale it on the bootleg DVD-disks. He filled his version with a lot of russian jokes, soviet references… popular music…. and another strange shit that can be understand only by high-level slavs The baldsome bald man translated all three movies, wrote three (3) books by his adaptations, and wised up Gaijin to create for him two (2) games based on the twirt perverted Tolkien world. Honestly I did not expect that game will launch on my moder PC but slavic technoligies may surprise you! In the beginning we can see creators logo, logo of personal Goblin’s translation studio and EpIC gaMe IntRo! Anyway I can not show you all because of the copyright music, but I will just put my own version of suitable music and also we’ll try to translate few russian versions of heroes names beacuse they’re a little bit funny. There are eleven levels and 7 playable characters plus there is a bonus character but nobody cares before every level Dmitry Puchkov explains you what is going on here and you can undertstand what he thinks about people who don’t like his games. блин, Бэбэй, я устал. Пойду гамать в мгс.

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  1. Те хто говорит про русский, я там сабы же вставил в ютьюб, ну вы че.

  2. Бэбэй я попытался достать тебе трули иглиш фанатов, но я косипоша.

  3. Пендальфа правильнее было перевести как Kickassalf – т.к. пендаль это не просто пинок, а подсрачник, а значит упоминание в имени задницы важно для контекста;)

  4. Omg, this peace of shit is interesting to anyone? Puchkov poops in your ears and eyes and you like this kinda stuff? Degradants.

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