CFANS Diversity Fellowship: Francine Overcash

CFANS Diversity Fellowship: Francine Overcash

Community nutrition is something that I found
particularly inspiring and the factors that can improve individual level of nutrition
and the connection with the actual participants who are going to benefit from what hopefully
you’re driving and you’re trying to learn from them. My focus right now is latino families.
So what we’re trying to do is look at improving child preventative obesity programs for latino
fathers and their children because latino kids are actually the fastest growing population
subgroup in obesity rates. So basically by us studying fathers would improving the paternal
communication and paternal engagement in their child’s physical nutrition activity would
this make an impact and by giving families tools and teaching them better nutrition more
physical activity that will hopefully attenuate that. Being a part of the CFANS fellowship
program has been an amazing experience. I feel I am whole-heartedly prepared for a career
in academia. Over the past two years the networking opportunities the seminars just the educational
opportunities they’re just right there at your fingertips. I expected to be prepared
to think with the thought leaders to have teaching opportunities exposure to community
outreach opportunities and so that’s what I got. I just feel lucky because it’s exactly
what I would have hoped for in a postdoc experience.

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