CEOwise Words with Ran Neu-Ner – Employing people on culture

CEOwise Words with Ran Neu-Ner – Employing people on culture

and you’ve got a philosophy that you
employ people on their culture as opposed to just being on what they know and their experience has that worked for you in the company? For sure, because a
degree is a degree is a degree if I’ve done a BCom accounts and you’ve done a
BCom accounts we’re both accountants, you don’t have any knowledge that I don’t
have or maybe you have a little bit but that’s not going to make it or break it.
The difference is in a person’s culture so you can teach a smart person almost
anything but the one thing that you can’t teach you is very hard to teach is
culture, so you have to find people in our environment who are naturally
champions, so could never lose really beat themselves up if they came second,
second wasn’t an option when you get to that point then you realize that you
know now you’ve got yourself a real business when you’ve got a culture in
your business and a TCC we had a real winning culture. you

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