Central South Consortium’s Vision for Professional Learning

Central South Consortium’s Vision for Professional Learning

The New Deal for the Education Workforce is very much part of the work that we’re doing across the Central South region. Our view
is that a system is only as good as the people who work within it. The potential for us from Donaldson, New Deal, Furlong is we feel as we’ve started to develop the enthusiasm and the systems to implement the change on that level in a way that’s really sustainable and exciting for
children and teachers across the region. The future vision in the Central South region
is very much about schools supporting each other working together to develop improvement
capacity across the system Hubs are very much part of how we will implement
the New Deal most excitedly, the Hub schools are providing us with some capacity to develop
programmes and I’m really excited about the potential of developing programmes for
headship. The hub movement is all about supporting practitioners
in the classroom. First all they will be supported by programmes which the hubs are developing
at every stage of their professional journey from NQT, I would like to say until retirement.
The support also with Hubs comes through working on bespoke programmes through visiting other
schools and allowing practitioners from other schools to visit you. Because this is the
joy and this is the strength of the movement. The Hubs will be developing programmes of
a very high quality. We have a booklet which comes out every term which says exactly what
is on offer. One of the biggest strengths of the programme and professional training
is being able to go into other schools and to see what practitioners like themselves
are doing which really works and getting those ideas and taking them back to their own classrooms. There are excellent practitioners in many
schools across Wales and part of being the head teacher of a hub is ensuring that we
find where that excellent practice is and make that part of the professional learning
programmes that are going in the teaching hub. We will have far more consistency across the
region and perhaps connecting up more across the region of what is best practice. It’s a wonderful experience for your staff
because the impact on the students in the classroom is immense. The role of the regional consortia is central
to the development of the New Deal and professional learning across Wales. Most importantly, identifying
where the best practice is and moving it around the system. So that’s not just the best
practice but it’s people with talents and potential to grow as future leaders. Incentivising
schools to do things a little bit differently, developing practice, teaching practice by
working together through disciplines – action research or collaborative work. All four regional
consortia need to work together consistently to build high quality support for teachers
and leaders across the region regardless of where you teach or where you live. Never in the history of teaching have you
seen so much support being channelled into the classroom and into developing teachers’
expertise. Teachers need time for reflection and discussion, actually they know the answer
themselves they just need to share it and talk about it

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