Census Business Builder: Filter Feature

Census Business Builder: Filter Feature

[ Music ]>>Welcome back to the
Census Business Builder. The first video provided
a brief overview of the key features of the tool. This video will focus on the filter feature
and how to use it. Once you have selected the
variable you want to view on the map, you can filter
the geographic areas presented on the map by using
the filter menu. Clicking on this menu brings
up the list of variables that you can filter on. Note that this is the same
list of variables that are in the map variables menu. Clicking on add filter variable
brings up the list of variables. In this example,
we are interested in filtering the county shown
on median household income. After selecting your
variable from the list, click on the use
variable button. The range of values for
this variable that apply to all geographic areas shown
in the map is then shown. Clicking on the pencil
icon to the right of this range displays a
slider bar that you can use to set the minimum and/or
maximum filter values for the geographic
areas presented. Clicking on the check icon
accepts the range you set. While clicking on the trashcan
icon cancels the selection. This icon can also be used to delete the filter
variable altogether. After clicking the
check icon, scroll down and click the apply filter
button to see the results of the filter in the map. The map then repaints to show
the filter geographic areas. Thank you for your interest in
the Census Business Builder. Please view the accompanying
navigation and report videos that explain these
detailed features of the tool, plus the tips
video that provides hints on how best to use the tool. [ Music ]

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