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  1. I understand that this is Romania, but Italy's in pretty bad shape as far as cement goes, too.
    All of the infrastructure is built with sand, passed off as cement.
    It's a really awful feeling to get on the highway and especially when you're going to have to cross a part of the highway that's a bridge, high and open, between two points.
    You know you're literally risking your life every time you enter the highway or a tall building or any structure at all, made with this cement that's really nothing more than sand.
    Thanks very much for the informative video!!

  2. 😥😥 Corruption in Romania is killing everyday! Sometimes is a miner, sometimes is a driver who was unlucky driving on our awful roads, this is just what massive corruption does after a communist era (where everybody was a hustler just to eat some food).

  3. It's common knowledge that the Mafia it's been involved in the garbage business also. Strange how we here almost nothing about it. And combined with high-level corruption like we have here, it's no wonder they are thriving in Romania.
    Very good job raising the awareness on this subject also, and not only on Dragnea or other local garbage politicians like mainstream media does.

  4. but what to do with the garbage?he has to go somewhere ..
    what to do with him to not pollute?
    i am a guy who wants to know what is: "to do it right".

  5. Unde sunt panourile de monitorizare, intreb? Banii s-au luat, un panou nu costa o avere… Cum sa monitorizeze mediul o firma privata?!

  6. Not in past decade

    It's right now in Perth Western Australia

    Cockburn cement Major investor Italian 8th richest family Barro Family investment on Adelaide brighton group has been burning coal! Next to residential area, child care and school !

    For more information

  7. Romania has the largest migration rate in the world for a reason. 5 million people out of 15 in total. The only ones who remained are old waiting to die.

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