Celebrating the 2018 Harvard Business School Commencement

Celebrating the 2018 Harvard Business School Commencement

Some of you might know that
I have an unusual affection for alliteration. I’m going to focus my remarks
today on enterprise, energy, and empathy. The economic enterprise is
amongst the most extraordinary social inventions. It emerges through the
will of an individual who has to mobilize others– employees, customers,
and investors– to join. At a time when people
are losing trust in the role of business
enterprise in society, it is your job to restore
their confidence in this engine of human prosperity. Let us now consider the second
E in my trilogy: Energy. A leader’s energy is contagious. Resolve to emulate leaders whose
energy not only fuels them, but also fuels others. The final quality I ask you
to reflect on this afternoon is empathy. It is a quality that is
particularly important right now in a world that
is so deeply divided among so many dimensions. Empathy isn’t easy,
but it is essential. To have empathy, you
have to open yourself up to being vulnerable. Embrace this vulnerability. Empathy will make you a better
person, a better leader, and a better citizen. [CHEERING]

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  1. Eating a peanut butter and onion sandwich to calm the mind whilst watching this.

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