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  1. Quit paying these executives high dollar amounts and pay the drivers and this will not happen. I leased a truck with Celadon about four years ago, after going negative, I gave the truck back…..All lease contracts are a scam.

  2. It's not just Indianapolis, drivers come from all over the country. Then you have all the people who work at Kernersville NC, Rainbow City AL, Laredo TX, Waxahachie TX. Lots of people with no job for no reason.

  3. I'm a female truck driver…this is a pure sham…this right here shows u how executives dont give a rat's arse about the people who work for them…they all need to be prosicuted….think about the drivers who may had any kind of 401k…this needs to be criminal…..this is the kind of stuff our Presidant needs to help regular working folks with.

  4. We as drivers are tired of hearing this BS narrative about a driver SHORTAGE… THERE IS NO DRIVER SHORTAGE ! The shortage is companies/jobs that will pay the money necessary to entice potential drivers to join and stay, especially when for the most part we are treated like TOOLS ? instead of actual human beings.

  5. No matter how much you try to teach people 95% are unwilling to change. 3 years ago i was with out a job massive debt, it fking sucked. I got a new job along with a side hustle things started to turn around ONLY WHEN I STARTED TO CHANGED THE WAY I SPENT MY INCOME. I lived BELOW my means. NOTHING is guarantee anymore. So if nothing is guarantee they why not prepare yourself for the worse. I make over 2k a week now and my monthly bills are less than $750 per month and i drive a new vehicle. NO matter how much you try to teach people 95% are unwilling to change.

  6. Good. Now Werner, swift, Schneider and all the major one's. Start getting rid of a lot of regs too. And lower insurance premiums.

  7. Driver shortage? BS! Your "expert" doesn't know what he's talking about. There are trucks sitting all over with no freight available. Brokers are lowballing rates and expecting freight to be hauled for practically no to little pay to the driver after fuel, insurance and taxes are paid.

  8. A very rough time – but the drivers can get another job with another company – CEO and CFO is responsible for this mess – jail/prison time coming it sounds like $13,000,000 a month payroll – WOW

  9. Truck drivers need more money to be away from family.
    Need to pay the price to take aways a drivers life away.

    Since they dont pay much, ppl dont want to drive. 55k a year and you only see family 20% of the year is not worth it

  10. Now I smell a rat….sounds like a P.R stunt for the acceptance of Driverless Trucks…These people use EVERY situation to further their Agenda!

  11. Driver shortage or low retention. If the wheels aren't moving it doesn't matter what you call it. If the freight isn't moving no one is making money. The fact remains that trucking is a very very very difficult job. Terribly difficult. Most people have no idea how difficult.

  12. 4:32 There is no shortage of people willing to drive. The real issue is driver retention. No one wants to be away from home for weeks at a time to earn less than $40K. Drivers are wising up. We know we can do better at local companies, buying (NOT LEASING) a truck, or leaving the industry altogether. #drivesafe

  13. Now everyone will just go to another mega-carrier to compound the problems in the industry.
    Contract carriers and spot market freight is 2 different animals.
    Everything that can't be covered by cheap hauling, under-bidding megas gets tossed into the spot market, then brokers are compelled to carry on that trend to desperate truckers with low overhead, while taking a large percentage of the load revenue.
    The real shortage is lack of ethics by brokers.
    Regulate that, and every O/O can afford safer, more up-to-date equipment to handle any shipping deficit!

  14. DOT Doctors don't want to qualify over weight people anymore about 8 years ago Obama administration changed the medical qualifications and those are facts. Us Fat people driving trucks is good for the economy and not dependent on government handouts!! There is no shortage of Americans who will do the job! Just stupid people in Washington DC ( Transportation secretary) changing federal medical regulations. So we lose our jobs they fill our seats with skinny foreigners like all those Somali people a few years ago all in name of JOBS they created not our loses just there new numbers they added and created.

  15. Prime driver reaches out to help the children of Celadon employees for Christmas by making donations to Toys For Tots. Cdl Life aslo covered the Prime drivers video.

  16. Very sorry for you driver's, you have bills that must be paid, here is little help. If you have clean driving record and 2 yrs OTR call Stas at 860-753-0129, tell Serg referred you, it's new equipment and speed set to 70, will make around 1800 a week.

  17. That is a lie!!!.there's no such thing as a truck driver shortage. There NEVER was a truck driver shortage. And there will NEVER be a truck driver shortage!!

  18. It is not a driver shortage problem, it is a driver pay problem. These drivers work 60 – 70 hours per week away from home for weeks at a time and only bring in an average of 40k to 75k per year. Raise the pay, lower the demand. Simple economics.

  19. Can't find people to drive because of the "below minimum" wages these billion dollar companies pay us!! STOP HAULING CHEAP FREIGHT

  20. It’s the over regulation and the poor treatment from the corporate America trucking companies which is pretty much every company in the ata. They want more regulation to squeeze the little guys out and they say yes to cheap freight which is never a good thing for the owners of the trucks to do. They are creating their own driver shortage because of how they treat drivers and the lower freight prices means lower driver wages equaling driver shortage. Wether you’re paid by mile or commission of truck gross cheap freight directly affects the drivers. You can make as much money pushing carts at Walmart as you can driving a truck for scum like Schneider national, western express, Crete and so on and so on. They only start drivers between 25-27 cents a mile which is a joke because at best they will only get to about 500-550 miles a day because of how the trucks are governed and still have to sleep in the truck for 1-5 weeks at a time and big companies that offer percentage go off air miles and deduct for out of route miles and certain toll roads like Tmc does. So don’t be startled by this they are finally chocking themselves out of business from their bad practices and I’m glad to see them go. Put trucking back in the hands of the owner operators and keep corporate America out of trucking

  21. Thats why I left truck driving after 11 years. Tired of starting at the bottom, shit jobs crappy equipment, low wage. Poor road drivers get sucked into driving with lies and find out they are broke living on the road. Dispatchers lie to you, treat you like a steering wheel holder and your just a piece of equipment to them.

  22. There is no shortage of drivers.. If companies paid drivers what they are worth, plenty of drivers would appear. Just like any industry, workers are plenty when there is plenty of money paid for their labor.

  23. To all the lease purchase scam operators thank god you can walk away from that contract consider that a second away run away fast…..

  24. That was allies it ain't that they can't find drivers they don't want to hide nobody because they want to be so extra picky because other companies throw lies on that thing that's called a DAC report when you leave a company a company can lie on you and say anything about you on a deck report and a lot of companies abide by that that report which is false statements on a driver of what a company writes. or even they don't want to pay the drivers correct who the hell want to get paid change for mileage $0.50 a mile $0.20 a mile that's bullshit so it's either you pay the drivers or you will never find people to come and work for you so God don't like ugly that's why the white man losing out and all these big multi-billion dollar composition down… it is ironic how God got the head of the snake Celadon that was one big snake in the in the trucking industry that was screwing over drivers and some drivers window in that video was lying Celadon it's a very bad company. … they thought they had a big dick but now it shows they got a little wee wee in well neutered cuz they can't produce nothing anymo.? ???Poof?????????⛑?⛑.?

    ?‍?And as my grandmotha would say nah《《《 hashtag that for the week……… and making suck my big black logistic cock.

  25. New trucking regulations put these trucking companies out of business. And drivers that have eld's in there trucks can only work 11 hours drive time and 14 hours on duty time. But u can work 2-8 hour shifts and go home sleep 6 hours and go right back to work. ????? REGULATIONS THIS IS NOT CHINA.

  26. They Can't Find Enough Interstate Drivers Because The Trucking Companies Have A History Of Ripping Off Interstate Drivers FOR THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS A MONTH.. And? The Drivers Have No Protection From The FMCSA or The Department Of Transportation.. The States And Federal Department Of Labor DOES NOT COVER Interstate Drivers.. Nor Does OSHA. So When You Become An Interstate Driver And Work For An Interstate Carrier? You're Basically At The Mercy Of The Carrier.. And? ALMOST ALL THE INTERSTATE CARRIERS RIPOFF INTERSTATE DRIVERS.. That's Why They Can't Keep Interstate Tractor Trailer Drivers… And, The Reason The Industry Has Such An EXTREMELY HIGH TURNOVER RATE.. AND/OR SHORTAGE OF DRIVERS.. Now You Know The Rest Of The Story… Yep…

  27. Paying more? Another company lying while they lie. Rail road hauls a lot of trucks on intermixed beds, other larger companies will gain from the load.

    The dollar is dying.

    I know in my life we will see a great depression where the heck is worth less than a horse turd.

  28. That's what happens when corporate wall street bankers aka vulture capitalists equity firms take the cash out to pad pockets and strip the cash out of business

  29. ELD is killing the business, at the end of this month many of my friends are parking the trucks, too many government regulations, Trump ain’t doing nothing to fix this either, enough is enough, no more regulations, the government has no business telling drivers when to drive and when to sleep, brokers are stealing our money on a daily bases too, no business can survive like this. Thanks ATA for screwing us all.

  30. It’s not that they can’t find drivers, it’s the fact that there’s to many companies under cutting pay! Stop saying it’s because of not enough drivers, start looking at the real reason! Open your eyes and investigate the real problem. To many companies like Swift, England, Werner and so many others big carriers!

  31. Fuck trucking is the worst job in human kind
    Wtf recruiting while others stranded half the road somewhere
    I DONT GET IT?????

  32. Start paying and the drivers will come off shore oil workers get paid for being away from their families why shouldn't drivers get paid like that. We've been short changed for years while retail companies make record breaking profits at our expense. Enough is enough!!!! And if companies like Werner,Schneider and so on think I'll go work for I'd rather dig ditches.

  33. Fake news plenty of drivers just bottom feeder companies like celadon pay the media to cry driver shortage so they get cheap labor

  34. 2 years ago management should have been changed…..there are plenty of drivers ,obama just made it easier to sit at home and live off government . ,keep ceo wages in line and pay drivers what they are worth and you will see a change, retailers wont see anything but a different name on their transportation invoices

  35. I used to work there and they fired me without warning when they couldn’t pay me what they promised. Messed up my arm in their phony doctors office. Well look who’s fired now…?????✌??

  36. Just what we need, more "talking heads" talking about something that they know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about! In this case, it's the trucking industry. I've been on the road for over 25 years, 20 as an owner operator. I now own 5 tractors, all leased to a regional company. We have plenty of work, and, make good money. Honestly, there is NOT a "driver shortage". The problem is that good drivers can't support their families on the pay that large carriers offer them. There are plenty of drivers out there, but, big companies bring in foreigners that will work for next to nothing. I actually had an Asian driver ask me for directions a few days ago. As I was trying to help him, he made me speak into his phone so that an ap could translate into his language! As for Celedon, a couple bad apples ruined the bushel! I wish nothing but the best for the people that got the sh## end of the stick from those 2 crooks!

  37. Anyone that blames driver shortage for companies folding is out of touch with the industry. Some companies competing against each other have the rates so cheap that they've turned to "who can haul the most payload for the cheapest price". If this is how your company is conducting business you'll definitely go under eventually.

  38. They're is no driver shortage ASSHOLE! Just a shortage of real drivers. If there was a shortage you could find a parking spot and freight pay would be higher.

  39. Gerry Dick, plenty of drivers across America and Canada.
    We're just not willing to work for such little money.
    Just look at who got the fist "back monies" owed by this company? Not the drivers, who were owed $1.7 million in delay time and driver outlay. That's money out of driver's pockets!
    You see who stayed, foreigners and jailbirds. But only because they HAD TOO, by LAW!!!
    Say Hello to Trump style of Chinese Democracy, If you can't hurt workers more? Go Bankrupt!
    What a POS, blaming the drivers!!!

  40. I'd just jump on those employment training programs, play retard for decades and just stay on welfare for the rest of my life. If those governments can't spot fraud in such a giant company, they can't expect us to be good taxpayers.

  41. To many laws nobody wants to deal with all the smokies , get them off our ass’s and youll have more drivers … the les drivers there are the more the consumer pays !!! Thats all of ur

  42. Feel for them drivers and rest of employees who lost there job today to have some you celebrate there desmise you make me sick to where I wish that on your sorry ass small company

  43. Thanks trump. Trump and his stupid trade war and tariffs are putting companies out of business all over the country. So much winning ??????

  44. Bet you anything that the stiffs in monkey suits managed to cobble together some nice parting bonuses for themselves before shutting down.

  45. Thats why i went local….drove for them years ago, glad i got away….they just settled a multi million dollar lawsuit some months ago

  46. Here's an example of why there's a driver shortage, I hired on with Celadon with appx 12 year's of previous OTR experience, I stayed in the truck 3weeks at a time, away from home… I stayed with this company exactly a year to the day I started, for the entire year I only GROSSED
    $20,000.The first 3 months were great every run I got was 1200-2200 miles, BUT after 3 months they would send me to the railyard in Chicago and expect me to run city in a sleeper truck for a few days based solely on miledge pay.I can only say you reap what you sow,I'll not revel in someone else's misfortune.Very few companies now that actually treat their employees as more than endentured servents, it's as if CEO's are afraid you may become competition so you must be worked as much as possible so there can't be enough time to plan an exit to start your own business and paid as little as possible so that even if you do plan your exit you can't afford to leave.
    I define this as industrial tyranny.

  47. thank god mike pence enabled the corp to fuck over everyone .as long as there was no abortions jesus will save and bring the light

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