CEL Board Fellows: Parting Thoughts

CEL Board Fellows: Parting Thoughts

For me what really stands out serving on the
Salvation Army board is seeing how many people sitting on the board have really busy lives
yet they take the time out of their schedule to attend multiple meetings for the Salvation
Army and to actively contribute. Everybody on the board really have a vested
interest in are there truly to help the people in the community. And the mission set that their board support.
The advice that I would give to future board fellows is to not underestimate the value
of face to face interaction with fellow board members. I think there is so much to learn from that
sort of commitment and also the diversity of perspective that these board members share. My advice to you incoming board fellows for
the next academic year is to go for it. This sport Fellows Program has been a fantastic
way for me to get involved beyond the WashU bubble. At Olin, we talk about confronting
challenge and creating change and for me participating in the board Fellows
Program has been the single greatest opportunity to actually make that a reality.

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