CEL Board Fellows: Impact with Integrity

CEL Board Fellows: Impact with Integrity

I think this program is a tremendous opportunity
to create impact in your community and to do that using the skills you’re learning in
the classroom. I think the great benefit is that she sits
on the board and I think that’s enriched her. Not only in terms of her interest in business
matters, but helping to get a larger picture of a business
fits into a not for profit like Salvation Army. I think the thing that I’ve learned most about
myself is just how much joy I get out of using my skills and my experience in the fact that
I can give back. He tells us that he is gaining a lot of knowledge
about what we do as a not for profit. That he would not have had an opportunity
to avail himself otherwise. That’s gotten me outside of sort of a traditional
learning roles that we’ve sort of fallen to sometimes more for inside of an academic environment
and really allowed me to Roma something a kind of an autonomous way outside of the classroom
and in a way that impacts others positively. Working with Rebuilding Together is really
helping to develop my leadership skills and I know that moving forward it would impact
my ability to lead teams whether that be in non-profit or in the corporate world. Getting Matilda to come in and be as professional
as she was and deliver on what we ask and to go above and beyond renewed the vigor of
the board. There’s such an ability to tap into that talent
and that zeal for life and just getting things done and getting there making that impact
and difference. I wanted our board the agency to be able to
capitalize on that. Bringing Matilda in was the perfect example
of that.

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