CDC Science Ambassador Fellowship

(music) The CDC is the
nation’s disease prevention and wellness promotion agency, protecting the population’s
health and safety, providing credible information
to enhance health decisions, and improving health
through strong partnerships. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Science
Ambassador Fellowship is intended for middle- and
high-school STEM teachers and those who hold educational
leadership positions. This is a professional
development opportunity that provides support
and training in (STEM) curriculum design and teaching strategies
using public health examples. Now more than ever, Public Health Professionals
are needed at the front lines. Just think of the recent public
health responses to Ebola virus, Zika virus, and pandemic
influenza; as well as the health threats
that we face every day! Middle school and High
school is a critical place to plant the seeds of interest
in a public health career. When you come to the
Science Ambassador class, the first thing you
realize is people come from a variety of fields. Being able to go back to my
classroom and have kids realize that they don’t have
to be a science expert; they could be a communications
expert; they could be a statistician
and public health provides you with that opportunity. I’m really interested
in teaching epidemiology at the high school level what
I’ve seen with my students is that there is very
little understanding of how everybody connects
together with regard to their personal health and
community and internationally. Selected Fellows
begin by participating in a rigorous 1 week
training course at CDC headquarters
over the summer. After the summer course,
fellows collaborate with CDC remotely for one year. During this time,
fellows are asked to work with CDC Subject Matter Experts
to finalize teaching materials, pilot public health lesson plans
in the classroom, present plans at local teacher
conferences or meetings, and consult on the development of public health-based
resource materials for middle and high school teachers
nationwide. I use a lot of the
case studies from CDC’s website so having a chance to talk
with the subject matter experts and seeing how they facilitate
the case studies has been useful and I can take that
back to my students. The ambassador program has
gone way over my expectations. I cannot wait for the first
day of school to share what I’m learning
here at CDC with my very lucky 7th graders. This is a great opportunity
to network with scientists from the CDC and get
valuable information that you can carry
back to your schools. The Science
Ambassador program represents a collaboration between
experienced educators who are passionate about
teaching and CDC scientists who are recognized
experts in their fields. The result is
technically accurate, timely and effective core resources and competency-based curricula. I would highly
recommend this program to other teachers. I wanted to be a part of
this program for a long time. To be with
other teachers from other states opens a door
for you to collaborate with the help of the Science Ambassador program. Being an ambassador to the CDC is an excellent
opportunity for all educators and anytime you find something
that has substance to it like this, you want
to share that. CDC’s Science
Ambassador Fellowship is a unique opportunity for
teachers to partner with CDC to support the growing
demand of STEM education. Together, we can help to improve
science literacy among our youth and ignite student
interest in public health as a career choice, resulting in a stronger public
health workforce capable of solving complex 21st century
public health challenges. (music)

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