Catching Up with the Leland Fellows: “So Many Different Minds and Ways of Attacking Food Security”

Catching Up with the Leland Fellows: “So Many Different Minds and Ways of Attacking Food Security”

(Upbeat Music) Being a part of this cohort helps me
just take a step back and ask all the hard questions and realign with our
values of what really drives us to be here and question what are really our
roles in international development. That questioning of ourselves that I see
in our cohort makes me so proud to be a Leland fellow, and be a part of the cohort
because I think we’re asking the very best questions that we can ask as people
working in international development. (Music Continues) We have so many different minds and
different ways of attacking food security within our organizations. You
know, how do you look at it from nutrition angle, to crop science, to
looking at emergency food aid in a humanitarian situation; people are
looking at climate change where I’m looking more at conflict; so, just having
people with different backgrounds and different work kind of brings that all
together. It’s unique in this field in general to have this diverse cohort. I mean, I’ve gotten to know people that
come from very different backgrounds that bring those different experiences.
I’ve been able to learn from all of them; they’ve been able to challenge me on a lot
of my own understandings of development and the anti-hunger movement. All of these
different fields have very different perspectives, so it’s been interesting to see how they think about these problems differently, and some of the things that
I thought were effective, they, you know, brought up challenges that I wouldn’t have
expected. FAYE: I just feels so confident that wherever anyone goes in this fellowship
and after this fellowship, they’re going to be still asking the right questions
and still thinking about how to do development in the most sustainable way.

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