Carson calls on Congress to address what is plaguing crumbling cities

Carson calls on Congress to address what is plaguing crumbling cities

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  1. Mayor Deblasio fixed our homeless problem. He put them on busses and shipped them to other states…in the middle of the night…I believe he's being sued now by those states….not sure . Its really quiet…not on the media..maybe someone can help me out with some current news on this.🤔🥴

  2. Old sleeping  Ben is too nice to be president. That's why I like him and all the other house boys. Those boys out in the  field are too savage and have strange aroma .

  3. What school did you say the governor studied at? The people of California should wake up and look at what is happening to their communities. The politicians they elect to the offices are complete idiots.

  4. Secretary of HUD, Dr. Carson, is, quite possibly, the very best choice President Trump has or could have made in his Cabinet. My regard for this gentle, brilliant man is shared by millions of Americans while he eschews a spotlight. "My goodness", as Lou Dobbs likes to say, this good man could possibly be our gift from God, for this time and this place and in this truly humanitarian crisis.

  5. yesterday Doug Collins urged Jerry Nadler to address FISA abuse, today Dem controlled Congress is being called on to address homelessness, what the next asking will be is anyone's guess. This must be a new age humor I'm only hearing about now.

  6. Bailing out failed liberal city governments is only rewarding mismanagement. Let the local voters elect local leaders who will solve their problems. No more federal tax bailouts for these corrupt and inept politicians.

  7. This governor is a straight fool. He allows the illegals into his state for only political reasons for votes now wanting government to put the bill now for housing. America is not the dumping ground for illegals. The needles on the streets are his problems.I bet he never goes on the streets. He is afraid he might step on a needles. The remedy is to load all of them on a boat, plus Pelosi, Schiff, and Maxine, and himself go alone for good measure. They caused it, let them handle it, not the American working public.

  8. Let's bus these people back to the states they came from most come from red states, remember comrade carson it was the republicans ( in the 70's ) that closed mental health institution and throwing these people on the street this is the end result. Comrade giuliani did not clean up the streets of New York, another false claim by republicans.

  9. Leave it to a Califoni Dembot to come up with a totally impractical way to solve a problem that they know themselves would never fly. They should elect Carson as Governor and get this show on the road.

  10. That would be prescribing without a license. Doctors will have study for and get a real state license to do as governor nuisance calls for. Dems love regulations don’t they’ll demand that license.

  11. even if they write the prescription, how is the homeless person going to afford the house? some people can't afford the insulin when that is prescribed. man you are a dolt.

  12. There isn't vacant housing for these people. If you put them in housing, some hard working family who is already struggling, is going to become homeless.

  13. Can I get a prescription for a car…it should be a really sweet ride….don't I have a right to have my own transportation? What could be more fundamental? Democrats are insane.

  14. how about instead of insulin and antibiotics, they actually teach people about prevention and not just profit on ignorance/laziness.

  15. Doctors should not have to prescribe housing….its not the doctors job…..homelessness needs to be dealt with by the leaders…fire the corrupt leaders like newsom and his aunty piglousy who steal the funds for housing and put those funds in their OWN bank accounts!!!!! Stop giving housing to NON AMERICAN ILLEGALS!!!!!! Do this and homelessness in california will drop dramatically!!!!

  16. Theyre house would look like theyre tent structure. They are unable to maintain a home. It would become a neighborhood, code enforcement issue. Notice the lack of hispanic homeless? At the border, in Tijuana, those tents, and areas around them were swept, clean, and orderly. Hmmmmm.

  17. Its a culture. The Downtrodden. It is their son, Mr. Carson. It is their daughter, granddaughter, grandson, etc. Its the underclass! The forgotten segment of society. Most usually, theyre family has disowned, disenfranchized, or cast them out. They have no resources left. Theyre like the leper colonies in the Bible. And theyre not lepers. But when your in their position, you may as well be. Its amazing how many are articulate, and talented, in ways beyond the imagination, but have been otherwise programmed. And then they decided to be on drugs, so they pretty much shot theyre nose off, to spite their face. But, so what, they can turn around. And Ben Carson, hopefully can help them. Jared, and Ivanka could help, maybe. They, are very inspirational, as individuals, and as a team, rolling their sleeves up, it'd be neat.(just a whacky thought).

  18. All of the funding money is going to immigrants that keep coming in that we can't afford. It means our own American citizens will not get the care that they need. We have to take care of our own family first (the citizens of our own country).

  19. Came from a one parent home, momma said read! Educate yourself. One of our fine past politicians from Houston Barbara Jordan. also did this and her catch phrase was "THE OPPORTUNITY IS OUT THERE GET UP AND GET IT. Her final years she was in a wheelchair but she was still feisty and a first timer in state government and national government. What a lady GO DR.BEN!!

  20. Carson sees his job as buying the most expensive furniture he can find for his office at taxpayer expense, then doing nothing.

  21. newsom is pigfloocies nephew !!!! a obvious mental case !!!!!!! need to put these homeless people in mental institution type facilities !!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I wish the commentator would have been homeless during the Giuliani administration. We experienced it, you don't know what you are talking about. Ben Carson is doing a great job but he agrees with people like you too much. Let him hear what the homeless have to say!

  23. They WANT a coronavirus to take them out so they can blame Trump & solve their problem, leftists don't care about people, it's all about their power

  24. Newsom is such an idiot. It shows just how uninformed Democrat voters can be in CA and the rest of the country.
    Anyone who believes the unverified nonsense that comes out of the Dem pols mouth is more of a fool than our country really needs. I say we send them to Cuba, Venezuela, England, etc.

  25. Practical!? They are all guilty(Washington) for misusing taxes.Warmongering at the top of the list. Self-centeredness rules! Get elected and see how to make money sceams instead of doing the job you were elected to do. Waste!!!

  26. My friends have been on a wait list for affordable housing for 10 years. So yes homelessness will get worse. Studios or just renting a room is over 1500.00 even a hotel is over priced. California is perfect example of what socialism is. Praying for the homeless and for California and United States of America. We need God to change the hearts of men.

  27. Dr. Carson reminds ev one, what they, esp dems, should already know. 1st, diagnose any probl. THEN, plan effective remedy. Todays Progressives are too advanced socialists to understand basics of life to "know which side is up?" Same as their former professors?

  28. Housing prices are not the problem in Cal it's mostly substance abuse. Born and raised in silicon valley, left to Florida after 50years

  29. I have an idea how to help the homeless problem, vote out the dems that put the state into a downward spiral in the first place. easy fix, vote them out.

  30. Gavin Newsome is an idiot. They need help but addressing the symptom –living on the street–won't fix the problem. Dr, Carson is right!! Newsome and his ilk are the people who created this problem and they perpetuate it b/c they are too stupid to realize IT'S NOT WORKING. Dr. Carson knows how to fix this…but will the dems/rinos/leftist listen??? To date they have not and they will not, b/c they have an agenda and their real goal is radically transform this republic, and bringing it down its the first step.

  31. Assuming they want to work, I wonder how many of these ill-educated people gave up trying to find even a subsistence level job because of the 5 million illegals taking those jobs in CA?

  32. Homelessness:
    There are hundreds of FEMA Camps, Staffed and Stocked: This is an EMERGENCY!
    What are the for? They Cost Plenty to build and Plenty to run: Use them!

  33. there are no homeless people in my city. It is against the law and we have a PD that enforces the laws. We also don't have mobs of thugs screaming in our streets blocking traffic and disturbing the peace. Pubic space is for the pubic use. We are republican governed which I have come to realize makes ALL of the difference!

  34. Easy fix, every land owner over five acres, donates one half acre. Allow five mini homes, for mentally stable people or give five thousand dollars to build mental health live in facility.

  35. I personally have housed. Two family's of four and three individuals live with me, not all at one time. until they could afford a place to live..

  36. Dr's should be able to write a prescription for the homeless to recieve Cash Aid? To live on Pelosis front yard? Camping spaces in State Parks?

  37. You can’t hand out housing, but hand up to health is definitely a possibility. The country is ready to deal with this it is a creation of governance or lack there of. Government brought in drugs and allowed this to become an epidemic. San Fran wants good people selling for nothing to confiscate back the state of California.

  38. Bureaucracy is when they set up organizations to help others but they don't really help and the people running those orgs get rich. Politicians do this all the time, esp. democrats. Just look at democratic controlled areas, esp. california. People are leaving there as fast as any socialist country. Fifth largest economy in the world with the highest homeless and jobless rates in the nation and it is their model for what they want for the rest of us. If they were doing so well then why do they scream for more money? Margret Thatcher once said, "Socialism is great until you run out of other peoples money" and they have ran out and now taxes are so high it's pathetic but somehow if we give them more it will fix the problem. As with any problem you go to the source and it's color is blue.

  39. Do you have to do Ben Carson is you have to get the Army National Guard to set up tents and encampments outside of the public area set up medical attention and drug treatment facilities there to then remove everybody off the street oh, make it illegal to live on the street oh, and bring those people to that area where they could be properly assessed and not a threat to the public they're not a threat to everybody and then send the decontamination teams out there to clean up the area pick up the needles,

  40. A major real cause of homelessness is zoning laws causing house prices to inflate. Rich cities need to drastically loosen housing ordinances.

  41. Yes, Dr. Carson is absolutely correct. Give our homeless brothers and sisters a helping hand. PERIOD.

  42. What about the typhus in San Francisco? Newsom refusing to allow the recall petition and the missing billions for housing?

  43. Gavin Useless passing the buck. This is what liberal demoRats do best. If they were illegal invaders, they would have housing,food,medical care and I phones. Where does the money the state gets for the homeless go?

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