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  1. Meh, I'm not too concerned about what happens to opulent folks sailing on a floating buffet that stops off in 3rd world nations for food restocking… and a chance for the passengers to look at the world their compulsive consumerism has created.

    I'm a bit disappointed here.

  2. WOW! We were on the Legend years ago; Ironically, we were in port next to the Glory down in St Thomas. BTW: The dweeb who commenting on the video he recorded is annoying AF.

  3. Was the dude they interviewed the same guy that was yelling "GET YOUR CAMERA??" Because his voice was similarly annoying.

  4. I was on the titanic it was crazy .. ppl falling and flying off the ship and there was musicians playing into the final moment wile this couple that was in love was trying so hard to survive the boyfriend saved the girlfriend life …he died tho ?

  5. How can you not know how to back up a ship and you are a captain ? ?????????????????? And why are they so close to each other ?.
    Imagine , someone was sleeping in that room ?
    That's crazy !!!
    Imagine he was a pilot ???

  6. Looks like the Glory took NOLa's run of bad luck with it. I think Carnival's insurance company might have something to say about that ship sailing around with an open back end. Seaworthy, my patootie.

  7. My guess is another azipod problem. These ships no longer have rudders and replaced them with azipods. They work well when they work.

  8. Carnival apologies to cruise guests and state the cause of the crash was due to strong wind gusts and strong ocean currents

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