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Welcome all to our video channel on Jobs and Careers This is Elsa from Today I will be talking about the career options in commerce Commerce is a field that deals with business
or trade. It is all about studies of market, economics, industrial policies, fiscal policies
etc. Commerce in a broad way acts as an interdisciplinary field of expertise as it also comprises auxiliary
branches of study like accountancy, business administration, economics, company law, marketing,
banking, e-commerce, advertising etc. Commerce is an important field to be studied and researched
as the nation’s economy simply gets affected due to it. The overall policies of nation’s
economy depend upon commerce. In India, courses like Bachelor in Commerce
(B.Com), Master in Commerce (M.Com) are available as basic courses. Specialised fields further
include B. Com in Foreign trade, tax procedure, E-commerce, Office management, etc. Apart
from MBA or M.Com, other degrees like Master in Financial Control (MFC), Master of Corporate
Secretary ship (MCS), Master in Financial Administration (MFA), Master in Financial
Management (MFM), M.Com in marketing , M. Com in Co-operative management etc. are also
available. Commerce has a vast and varied scope as a
career. Owing to globalisation, foreign banking and e-commerce, number of opportunities for
employment has increased. Chartered Accountant is still regarded as a coveted career. Apart
from it, there are banking profession, company secretaryship, accountancy etc. to look at
as a career option. Candidates from non-finance sectors also have ample opportunities in mass
communication, law, hotel management etc. Apart from plentiful opportunities in industrial
jobs, a commerce graduate or post graduate can also choose academia. Many commerce students
or degree holders also go for Public Service Commission at State level as well as national
level (UPSC). Apart from Civil Services, there are Indian Economic services, Indian Statistical
services, exams of revenue departments etc. Profession in commerce is the best profession
for those who have liking for accountancy, numbers, business transactions, policies,
management, cost related issues, etc. Banking job is also another option as it is valued
for its fair salaries, job securities and social acceptance. Other jobs like working
as a consultant for investments, insurance, capital market, taxations, commerce related
laws, etc. Thus a new edge of self employment can be created in the form of Stock broker,
Business firm, Trade consultant, Financial analyst, Corporate lawyer, Tax consultant
etc. Remuneration for a candidate having commerce
background entirely depends upon his academic qualification, merits, training, experience,
location of job, responsibilities stipulated and the employer who is hiring the person.
One can never see such a big range of salaries offered in any other field, except commerce.
A fresh commerce graduate till highly qualified commerce candidate with MBA or other doctorate
degree on his sleeves, earn handsomely. From 10,000Rs per month till 5 lakhs Rs per month,
any figure could be a possible remuneration amount for a commerce candidate. Apart from commerce background, the candidate
must possess other skills like interest into working with numbers, computing skills, analysing
numerical data, skills in quick calculations, organisational and administrative skills,
accuracy and neatness, ability to work hard and that too for long hours, logical thinking,
practical business orientation, decision making, general knowledge about investments etc we will be back with more such videos do stay connected with us do not forget to hit the subscribe button

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