Careers at Hft – Relief Support Worker

Careers at Hft – Relief Support Worker

It’s a job that just doesn’t really feel like a job. It’s a really rewarding job, and it’s one of those things where you just think I can’t believe I’m getting paid to actually do this. My son was born in 2013 with Down’s Syndrome and I think that is kind-of where things sort of changed for me. The majority of then my friends and my social network was people with Down’s Syndrome or learning difficulties I kind of decided from there, that’s the route I wanted to go down. I saw the advert for this and I was like ‘this is perfect’ I applied for a few other things, but I was like ‘I’m holding out for Hft!’ I’ve got young children and school commitments, so being a Relief Worker you can pick up the hours that you want and the days that you want so it’s really, really flexible. It’s supporting people with everyday things, sometimes it’s just companionship but it can be support with banking, with everyday things like cooking, and supporting them to do the things that they want to do and making sure that they realise they’ve
got choices. And the training still hasn’t stopped, it’s ongoing, there’s just so many opportunities I supported a lady horse riding yesterday but she thanked me on the way home for taking her and I’m like ‘you don’t need to thank me!’ You know, you just feel really blessed that you’re getting paid to do something that is amazing and you’re spending time with some people who are just, they’re just so fun to be around, you know?

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