Care Connectivity Consortium – The Vision

Care Connectivity Consortium – The Vision

Why a national solution to interoperability is crucial to
the future of health care in America. Dr. Dawn Milliner, Chief Medical Information Officer, Mayo Clinic Interoperability is one of the major challenges facing us
today, in health care in the United States. We’re in a position of having all of this information electronically accessible but we can’t communicate across our organizations. The patients understand this as well and they are frustrated. It’s also important to me as a person. This is what I’d want for my family. We have a responsibility to do better and that is what the Care Connectivity Consortium is doing. We need a different solution, we need a national solution. There is no question that the safest, the highest quality and the most cost effective care is is by having it coordinated. We’re going to step up to this. Our obligation is to do the very best we can for our patients. That’s the motivation. That’s what brings us together. Care Connectivity Consortium

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