Care Connectivity Consortium – Technology

Care Connectivity Consortium – Technology

{Geisinger Healthsystem Chief Health Information Officer, Jim Walker, MD, discusses what
standards the CCC is using to exchange health information.} The CCC is a group of hospitals and clinics,
and doctors and nurses, who are working together to make patient information sharable, wherever a patient goes, anywhere in the United States. Part of the power of the CCC (Consortium) is
that we’re using all of the existing standards… and we’re also helping to develop upcoming standards. It’s being done by people who actually take care of patients. One of the core missions of the CCC is to take what currently is expensive and difficult, that nobody has done and make it simple and reproducible and well within the means of small hospitals and one-doctor clinics. Bringing together these five national leaders in health IT and interoperability means that together we really can make interoperability a reality that benefits every patient in America.

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