Capital Fellows Program

Capital Fellows Program

>>Capital Fellows Program is an excellent way for people who are interested in government to get immersive experience. The amount of experience I’ve gotten from the Capital Fellows Program far out-strips anything I could have done by myself in one-two-maybe even three years.>>As a Capital Fellow, I am treated like a Legislative staffer. I help draft language for bills, I help run bills through the Legislative process. I attended Sac State and heard about the program while I was an undergrad.>>Capital Fellows Program consists of the Assembly, Executive, Judicial Administration and Senate Fellow programs. They are the most respected in the country, and Sacramento State Administers all 4 programs. And, there wouldn’t be the programs today if it wasn’t for Sac State. These positions are high caliber positions.>>I think that state government can be kind of a maze, if you are on the outside trying to figure out how to get in. The Capital Fellows Program in my experience the Executive Fellows Program really offers you that foot in the door. My opinion of Sac State grew exponentially after my experience in the Fellowship Program. Without the fellows program, I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today.>>It is not easy to get into the program, it is difficult; but it’s not impossible. You’re given about a year to basically show what you can do. Plus learn a great deal, In the Legislature for example over half of the legislative offices, whether it’s individual member offices, or committee offices; employ former fellows. We should be proud we’re in the State Capital and people come here to study state government. It is the Capital Campus.>>I am a strong proponent for the Capital Fellows Program. I had some wonderful professors at Sac State that encouraged me and that if I wouldn’t have had their experience to help shape and mold me I probably wouldn’t be where I am today, so Sac State was an amazing experience. I love Sac State, Go Hornets! [laughs]>>[Assembly Floor]>>If you have an interest in being in Government and seeing that Government does good things for the people, the Capital Fellows Program is for you. They are interested in training future leaders of America, future leaders of

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