Capital Fellows Is Tops Again

Capital Fellows Is Tops Again

>>So, I want to first of all thank you for
taking on this job of outreach, you are really our ambassadors for the Fellowship programs.
>>The Center for California Studies, one thing we are really known for and that is what we
are going here today is our Fellow’s Programs. Where we, every year chose 64 students, graduates
of various colleges throughout the state to come here to Sacramento work in the legislature
for a year, or work in the executive branch or work in the judicial branch. What it does
is build staff capacity in these public institutions. The broad mission of the Center is to strengthen
California democratic governance and this is one way we do it by trying to bring best,
brightest individuals into state government. We have a training program for them and then
again, they spend a year working in these positions under mentors.
>>I’m former military, so I would like to work on veteran’s affairs issues. I’m
also a former small business owner, so job development, business development, international
business development, creating a better work environment for small businesses here in California.
>>There’s 38 different agencies and departments that applied for fellows this year; I’m
going to be working with the Fair Political Practices Commission, I’m going to be learning
about budget, legislation, media, since I’m an attorney myself I’m going to be able
to do sole legal work for the commission.>>Sacramento is the hub for what happens in
the state and what happens in the nation. Being able to be here and being able to affect
policy and trying to make life better for all Californian’s is something I’m so
glad to be a part of.>>I’m aiming to work in with a policy committee,
so committee staff, we are basically legislative aids, so we work with bills throughout the
process we learn the politics side of it we work with the members and help to bring about
change in California.>>What we try and do in this program is to
instill a sense of professionalism, and again, a broader awareness of the ideals of democratic
government. It’s not just doing a little job, its continuing a legacy and serving as
a steward of this legacy that’s been provided to us.

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