Capacity Building | Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellows Program Pillars

There are a lot of programs
happening. It’s such a once in a lifetime opportunity. Learning about NED and working institutions, all the pluralism in American society and
American political culture. In my work at the Endowment, I’m able to work with fellows who are on the front lines advocating for democracy
rights and governance in their countries, and bring them in to meet with policymakers in the Executive
branch, at the State Department, at the White House, the National
Security Council, and in the U.S. Congress. We’re able to make a connection between their work on the ground and to share that expertise with people here in Washington who are writing and formulating the policies that hopefully will affect these countries and help them foster
the democracy that they’re seeking. I try and tailor it to the specific cohort. When we have
folks who are more on the activist or practitioner track, they are actually interested in monitoring and evaluation tools and things that they can
actually take back to their organizations and utilize. When
we have folks who are more on the scholar
track, they’re often interested in a more big picture
conversation about the value of evaluation, some of the challenges in evaluation and sometimes even the evaluation of democracy type work at large and we’ve had some really
interesting conversations over the years with different
groups. A number of the fellows who come are actually journalists or working in media advocacy space. And so one of the things that we work with them on is on developing content like blog posts and articles that can be shared with policymakers especially in the international development press freedom sphere. So the skills that we work with fellows on are primarily on crafting the stories that they’re telling, the knowledge that they’ve gained, to reach the right
type of audience. The brown bags have been so cool and interesting. Learning from democrats on what they are doing, and also getting to learn about presentation skills, how you do monitoring and evaluation. I think it’s been fascinating coupled with the lectures. Some of these lessons are those that I’ll be taking back to the country.

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