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  1. Is it wrong that I fantasize about Candace Owens and Ocasio Cortez having a right vs left wrestling grudge match against each other?


  3. The Cia the FBI and many of the local agencies really should have a federal probe. This includes ambulatory, fire department the whole effort. This open public display of Salem witchunt in New Jersey . It's not an interesting theory it's real life for many.

  4. What country sits and allows its citizens to be exposed to this daily abuse and then point the finger at other countries for the same. I witnessed first hand what was done to loved ones on their jobs for simply being a family member to me . I witnessed the gangs control in Newark.I witnessed this gang stalking behavior. The most degrading allegations of any kind towards a person of Anglo Saxon descent is still met with decency and respect and yet my family was abused for my initial efforts to save my home and alleged indebtedness. Shame on America for the continued mistreatment of this Black Man .Shame to New Jersey .

  5. Human Trafficking is real and is kept quiet right here in New Jersey. No need to go over seas it's right here in New Jersey.

  6. for me to have to agonize if you (public officials is new Jersey) have pitted family members against me for speaking the truth of my experience is horrific, abusive and deplorable. HK1328 end gentrification in New Jersey

  7. Good for you Candance! I am an old white lady who has seen over many years how the left tricks the poor and down trodden with their free hand outs and lies that they have used to gain votes and hold these trusting uninformed folks down even further. I think Trump is the first who truely wants to better every americans life! I might also add that I'll be watching you as it seems to me that you may be the first black, woman president. I hope I live long enough to TRUELY see this country united as one people in every way. May God Bless you!

  8. Miss Owens, you said that we needed leaders in the black community. That is an incorrect statement. We have you. That's all we need. Lead the way. Let's go.

  9. I’m a 65 year old white guy and I am 110% behind this brilliant woman. She has more common sense in her little finger than any of the elected officials now. Madam President Owens has a great ring to it! Come on Candace do it 2024.

  10. Candace Owens looks more than a little foolish now that Trump has come out of the closet as openly racist. Looks like she backed the wrong horse.

  11. She is momentarily too young to "sit still" BUT when she reaches a quieter age she WILL feel compelled to run for the presidency, just saying!

  12. Candace owens I'am so proud of you. I am a AA single father from the hood. I have became and conservative since watching the factor. You are so right. Yes yes yes finally. Please talk about how they have deceived the black vote to the tune where most black people think we have a democracy and not a republic. Having a democracy is in part what enslaved us for generations. Education is so powerful.

  13. (Inspired by Candace) In Today's News: Hundreds of angry black female protesters and a few Asian women stormed a Target store today in Backwater, Maine demanding that they change their buying choices when it comes to women's socks and underwear.
    The spokeswoman for the group said that Target's sock inventory is 75% white while the colored socks make up the other 25%. The buyer for women's intimate apparel at Target, Susan Why Mi, was fired after some brief hearings and is now suing both the company and the women's organization who sponsored the event. The CEO's at Target are blaming each other for the debacle and multiple law suits have been filed by them against each other. Lawyers on both sides are expected to cash in bigtime.

  14. Why is it that when Candice Owens gets invited on conservative talk shows and talks about race all the time, but when she gets invited to a non-conservative talk show, she claims she's the victim of liberal racism cause they only invite her to talk about race. She's trash!


  16. Tulsi has to dump the incompatible with our consitution Hindu religion like Bobby Jindal did in order to have a chance of becoming elected president.

  17. "I am afraid that there is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don't want the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds out they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public." ~ Booker T. Washington (1910)
    Fits Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and the ENTIRE Democratic Political Agenda to a "T"… Booker "T" to be exact!

  18. Candace Owens is a great wonderful woman and thinks for her self.She is a beautiful person,true American believes in God and America

  19. Candace, you are fantastic and keep that message and voice strong for people. The democrats are the worst thing for the black community and sadly the majority don’t realize that for whatever reason..

  20. The DEMs need victims, people tied to gov's apron strings, who think Gov should give them all for free. If minorities wake up to reality, they lose, as it is happening today. That's why they need new gullible victims and want open borders. Like cult zombies in the last DEM debate all raised their hands favoring free healthcare for illegal aliens. Don't we have Americans struggling for housing, food, healthcare, etc? I was liking and listening to Tulsi Gabbard but she fell off the pedestal, a cookie from the same cookie cutter.

  21. WHY do these commentators ask a question and then keep talking, thereby making it difficult for the other person to answer.

  22. Such an unworthy narrative. Y'all all know that brown folks are the most disrespected nationwide. The media has really done a number on folk. All we do is lie til we die here in America.

  23. Noooooo, you young lady are the best candidate for president that I've seen in my lifetime. Zero nonsense, sober intellect, tenacity off the charts, but most of all your sense of honor, fairness and truth. You'd strive for what was best for everyone's good in the country

  24. Candice Owens family benefitted- got $37,500 from a lawsuit against a school board for racism. She wrote a letter to a newspaper claiming racism damaged her for years.If as she claims racism no longer exists why take the money or complain about it?

  25. So you want me to vote republican now hahahahbahaba girl stop. We can see a phony social path when we see one.


  27. But she uses race and identity politics all the time. Literally blexit. That's making race a business. She's just using people for money and a lot of these idiots below are too dumb to see it

  28. Candace is right. Race has been a business for decades and the main beneficiary is Whitey. Leftist shills like Al Sharpton are the real "Toms" that accuse black conservatives of. The left always express the opposite of truth. "I am not the toady, you are." Meanwhile "public servants" like Nancy Pelosi (net worth 500 million) push the victim mentality and laugh all the way to the bank. Oh, and if you believe that you are a victim, you may be right. Pelosi and her ilk are marching to the bank on your back. You just don't realize who it was that mugged you. We need a lot more people like Candace who reject the liberal elitist narrative of victimhood and bring wisdom, logic, and honesty to the debate. One problem, the left will not engage directly with Candace, because they have no logical arguments, only insults and entitlement.

  29. Candice Owen the quintessential All American Girl intelligent articulate honest Brave and beautiful love you Candice your white brother from another mother🇺🇸

  30. 4,000 'thumbs UP' vs 200 'thumbs DOWN'. That's nice to see. And just when I thought the world had gone mad. Maybe there is hope after all.

  31. Candace is all wrong and shes literally doing exactly what she's accusing the left of doing. Making money from race-baiting.

  32. Since when has race never been the business of America? My history books tell me to think it not strange. Food stamps is nothing. And government assistance is nothing. Candace know good and well without Democrats the black community will still think the white man is racist.

    Republicans should focus on being better than Democrats. After all black people use to vote Republican. I wonder what happened? I wonder why white nationalist prefer Republicans over Democrats?

    I don't care if black unemployment was at zero percent. I'm not selling my soul to the devil (aka Trump). I wonder how many of us in this record low unemployment can qualify for a home loan when the cost of living still out pace wages.

    I wonder how all these Republican states plan to rebuild the middle class when you still have minimum wage at $7.50 hr. Besides I can't see Republicans beyond your flippant mouths.

  33. Not only do the Democrats not want the black community to be independent and free but the sad thing is the captives have taken on the attitude of the captors. Freedom is scary if you've always been taught bondage and fake liberty. And when you believe a lie, deception, when the truth comes you are directly opposed to it and fight for the ideals you've been indoctrinated with. The good news is there are so many people praying and interceding for the freedom of this nation and there are people out there speaking truth no matter how the liberal social agenda screams all of these expletives and name calling because they cannot fight truth. Never give up!!! America will be greater than ever for EVERYONE ✝️❤🔥🦁🐑☝️🗝🚪🌊

  34. I can’t believe some of my ppl really think & believe she isn’t for her own ppl I haven’t heard of her but the first time I watched her I love what she stands for & I think this is the best mindset for our community we’ve been voting for the Democratic Party that i like to call a fake friend for a long time & where has our community (the black community) gone ? No where what’s wrong with saying nothing will stop me and I can’t be successful stuff will be hard but hard doesn’t equal impossible

  35. Yes black conservatism is a huge money making opportunity. I considered it once but my wife wouldn't let me.

  36. Candace Owens for president.. I'm a middle aged straight white Christian and I'm fine with a black female president, how can this be????? I'm supposed to be racist??? Maybe I want a president that reflects my values and goals and it doesn't matter if that person is male or female, black or white… P.S. I like Col. Allen West a lot too…

  37. Candace you are so smart & a wonderful role model for young people.
    My cousin's daughter received an internship with Turing Point & I couldn't be happier.
    Thanks for all you do & inspire!

  38. Race is what Candace makes her money with. She does nothing else, but make money from the right by talking about race and how much she is being attacked for being a black conservative. She says herself that she doesn't care about policy, her place it not in the political arena, but in the infowars arena.

  39. What do Abraham Lincoln and Candace Owens have in common?
    Candace Owens thank you for helping to drain the swamp
    with its false narratives I love you !!

  40. Candance u are for sure sent by GOD .keep it up and God bless you you have a very lucky man 💍💍💍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ You are an 😇🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾👏

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