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  1. Marijuana oil it has to be the high level though. stars such as Olivia Newton John take This. I 've heard a lot about B17 and the benefits are very good you can have to injected. LDN latest cure for cancer. Read about these three (Marijuana THC high level oil, B17 and LDN)" All these are at the top of the list, you can take all three together.

  2. Hahahahaha, fucking vegans and people that are in complete denial. I can’t believe that ! This video is pure shit

  3. thanks lot
    who created this video
    I know one of my friend who had a cancer & did a treatment by aurvedic methods; she recovered soon. I'm so happy. they used this methods.
    dear friends
    if u know any cancer patient, ask them to get treatments using this methods.
    it's sure..
    don't cut body parts.
    anyway before do anything
    consult a qualified Ayurvedic surgeon who is registered under aurvedic commission.
    then follow accordingly
    kept this msg to save life

  4. Go to doctor and believe God, he will help you don't just believe all these, I was lost my wife by believing all these videos

  5. There is nothing called vitamin B17. It is just an organic compound..plz do some research before considering something true..

  6. Government lie cancer is just a business brain washed fools wake the fuck up government put chemicals in water but you still drink it

  7. I got 3 pills reaction from gestronologist and after 1 year they found cancer inside me , pure business.

  8. You idiot! Scurvy is a disease CAUSED by a deficiency of vitamin C and Cancer is neither a disease or a deficiency its a MUTATION OF THE HUMAN CELL. The cell doesn’t want to die and simply just reproduces rapidly growing exponentially crowding out room for healthy cells

  9. How can I eat all these without increasing my uric acid level and aggravating my gout?
    Thanks for any reply

  10. Great information, I appreciate this video. Can you tell me when is it too late to try and reverse the cancer in our bodies??

  11. title – "Cancer is not a Disease but a Business" and then they advertise their book for income…. hahahahahahahahh

  12. Thanks for this! I haven't laughed like this in YEARS! Tell me more! You know, other jokes like "The earth is flat" "Vaccines are dangerous", you know, that kind of stuff!

  13. Goddammit why can't you read and make a video instead of using this irritating stupid computer voices? It just makes this useful video with a truthful message sound like fake!

  14. This is nothing but quackery all these Alternative Health people trying to make money off people dying of cancer it's sickening

  15. Lyes cyanid if you eat to much of it if your were to eat like 40 seeds yeah it’s bad but other thank that cyanid Is pretty much harmless

  16. This is bullshit I tried all the natural methods. Stopped chemo did vitamin k CBC oil no sugar and he passed on June 20. So my step mother who went through chemo is cancer free. My husband didn’t live to see his 52 birthday. I wanted to post this because I bought all of this food for him. I kissed him goodbye on my birthday. Each case is different and we are not doctors. I wanted to so much to believe I could save him trough nutrition.

  17. How about you try drinking bleach to cure yours that you are giving to us with this dumb fucking video. My grandfather died to cancer and how DARE you claim with no evidence that businesses are withholding the cure for money. This claim is entirely baseless and is the result of dumb fucking people who wear trump supporter hats to hide their lobotomy scar

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  19. This Chanel have gone insane, playing with people's life,
    It's a punishable crime by the law,
    Do not eat any of those seeds folk's it contains cyanide, n causes instant death

  20. ( कैंसर – बीमारी नहीं बिजनेस )

    ☝🏼जानें चौंकाने वाला सच कैंसर के बारे में :- एक बार अवश्य पूरा पढे **⬇*** और पॉस्ट करे…

    भले ही आपको इस बात पर यकीन न हो रहा हो…

    यह पूरी जानकारी पढ़ने के बाद –

    आप भी यही कहेंगे कि –

    कैंसर कोई बीमारी नहीं…
    चिकित्सा जगत में पैसा कमाने का साधन मात्र है।
    पिछले कुछ सालों में –
    कैंसर को एक तेजी से बढ़ती बीमारी के रूप में प्रचारित किया गया।

    जिसके इलाज के लिए –
    कीमोथैरेपी, सर्जरी या और उपायों को अपनाया जाता है,
    जो महंगे होने के साथ-साथ…

    मरीज के लिए उतने ही खतरनाक भी होते हैं।

    अगर हम कहें कि –
    कैंसर जैसी कोई बीमारी है ही नहीं तो ?

    जी हां…

    यह बात बिल्कुल सच है कि –
    कोशिकाओं की अनियंत्रित वृद्धि को स्वास्थ्य जगत में –
    कैंसर का नाम दिया गया है…
    इससे अच्छी खासी कमाई भी की जाती है।

    इस विषय पर लिखी गई एक किताब –

    'वर्ल्ड विदाउट कैंसर'

    जो कि कैंसर से बचाव के हर पहलू को इंगित करती है…
    अब तक विश्व की कई भाषाओं में ट्रांसलेट की जा चुकी है !

    इस किताब का दावा है कि –
    कैंसर कोई बीमारी नहीं…
    शरीर में विटामिन 'बी17' की कमी होना है।

    आपको यह बात जरूर जान लेना चाहिए कि –
    कैंसर नाम की कोई बीमारी है ही नहीं…

    यह शरीर में विटामिन बी17 की कमी से ज्यादा कुछ भी नहीं है।

    इस कमी को ही कैंसर का नाम देकर…
    चिकित्सा के क्षेत्र में एक व्यवसाय के रूप में स्थापित कर लिया गया है।
    जिसका फायदा मरीज को कम…
    चिकित्सकों को अधिक होता है।

    कैंसर मात्र शरीर में किसी विटामिन की कमी है…
    तो –
    इसकी पूर्ति करके इसे कम किया जा सकता है…
    इससे बचा जा सकता है।

    यह उसी तरह का मसला है –
    जैसे सालों पहले 'स्कर्वी' रोग से कई लोगों की मौते होती थी…

    बाद में खोज में यह सामने आया कि –
    यह कोई रोग नहीं…
    विटामिन सी की कमी या अपर्याप्तता थी।

    कैंसर को लेकर भी कुछ ऐसा ही है।

    विटामिन बी 17 की कमी को कैंसर का नाम दिया गया है..
    इससे डरने या मानसिक संतुलन खोने की जरूरत नहीं है।
    आपको इसकी स्थिति को समझना होगा…
    उसके अनुसार –
    इसके वैकल्पिक उपायों को अपनाना होगा।

    इस कमी को पूरा करने के लिए –
    फ्रूट स्टोन, खूबानी, सेब, पीच, नाशपाती, फलियां, अंकुरित दाल व अनाज, मसूर के साथ ही बादाम विटामिन बी 17 का बेहतरीन स्त्रोत है।

    इनके अलावा –
    स्ट्रॉबेरी, ब्लू बेरी, ब्लैक बेरी, कपास व अलसी के बीच, जौ का दलिया, ओट्स, ब्राउन राइस, धान, कद्दू, ज्वार, अंकुरित गेहूं, ज्वारे, कुट्टू, जई, बाजरा, काजू, चिकनाई वाले सूखे मेवे आदि विटामिन बी17 के अच्छे स्त्रोत हैं।

    इन्हें अपनी रोज की डाइट में शामिल करके…

    आप कैंसर से यानि इस विटामिन की कमी से होने वाली गंभीर स्वास्थ्य समस्याओं से बच सकते हैं।

    रोज 45 मिनिट योगा करे।

    खासकर कपालभाति।

    कपालभाति से शरीर के किसी भी हिस्से में हुए गठान या कैंसर को खत्म किया जा सकता है।

    – डाँ. निर्मला डांगी (रतलाम – मध्यप्रदेश।

  21. What u are 100 percent correct …. Madam . I have spent 12 lakhs. For colony cancer.. 😖😖😖😖😖😖🙁🙁☹️☹️☹️☹️🙁☹️🙁

  22. Was a wake up call for me.
    I've stopped stressing, did exactly what this video stated and killed my stage 4.
    Wake up, people! Research all the people that have rid their bodies of cancer.
    Don't listen to the doctors.

  23. It is very easy to dismiss natural treatments as a cure for something as serious as cancer, but the bigger underlying problem, which easily makes the economic exploitation of cancer treatment believable, is that – like chemotherapy – so many other drugs and "treatments" are used to alter symptoms without ever attacking or even identifying the cause of the disease / all drugs for high cholesterol, high blood pressure and so forth should in most cases be a last resort when lifestyle changes do not bring change ; the cases of young, healthy looking, non-overweight non smoking people who get life threatening cancer are usually what takes away from the concept of cancer being caused by malnutrition and lifestyle; even in those cases, it is very believable to me that nutrition can play an enormous role / chemotherapy and radiation are in most cases at best a targeted nuclear missile with hope for minimal civilian casualties / when more and more foods are proven to have cancer preventing effects, it is highly likely that foods exist with cancer curing effects / I think many more foods are to be considered to fight cancer than mentioned here, like turmeric or broccoli / the poisonous threat from eating apple seeds is less daunting to me then a chemotherapy injection

  24. You can get apricot seeds on ebay and amazon for 20 bucks which is nothing in compare to what you and your famly will later spend on useless chemo therapy, doctors and funeral services.

  25. I wish my father wouldn't believe in this. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves for putting this out there. Giving people false hope.

  26. the ones who buy into cancer are the ones who watch that tell/lie/vision and never took the time to search for truth they love to be spoon feed even if its a lie

  27. Cancer is my own cells rapidly growing. But the word cancer is just a term to describe a variety of diseases from Lymphoma to Basel Cell Carcinoma. The is NO natural way to cure cancer.
    If the person offering a cure for your cancer is incapable of Diagnosing it, how do they know how to cure it?

  28. Problem with this video is that it is complete nonsense.

    Cancer IS a disease that has been around even in the time of the dinosaurs.

    And it IS NOT a deficiency of B17 (amydalin, laetrile), which IS NOT even a vitamin to begin with.

    B17 is a cyanogenic glycoside, which converts in to highly toxic hydrogen cyanide when exposed to stomach acid. Luckily the amounts are not high enough to be deadly as the body can convert the very small amounts of hydrogen cyanide in to a harmless thiocyantate. In fact this is part of the principle of how B17 is supposed to work. Cancer cells cannot make this conversion to thiocyante and thus are supposed to be killed by the B17. Big problem with this hypothesis is that this would require a deadly level of the hydrogen cyanide formation as the tiny levels are mostly if not completely converted in to the thiocyante long before it can reach most cancer cells.

    Another error in this video is they call this a "liquid oxygen", which is also complete nonsense. In fact hydrogen cyanide kills people by blocking oxygenation suffocating the person.

    And they apparently don't know that linseed and flaxseed are the same exact thing.

    Even if this supplied oxygen, which it does just the opposite, this would not cure cancer as cancer cells are highly reliant oxygen for survival and growth. So much so that cancer cells have a higher affinity for available oxygen than healthy cells.

    I have been researching cancer for 40 years and have worked in and taught proven holistic therapies for 30 years. Bogus videos like this one give holistic medicine such a bad rap and in turn give the FDA more power since they use the excuse of having to protect the public from such nonsense and in turn gives more power to big pharma who the FDA is in bed with.

  29. You missed an experiment that was
    Buried by the Cancer mafia – B17
    was researched in Topica – Cassava/
    Manioc. In Sri Lanka a person ate
    100 gms boiled yam 3 times a day
    for 21 days & overcame his
    Cancer. (Google the failure of this
    product as a cancer preventer)

  30. What if someone has just been declared a stage 3 breast cancer in the tests? The patient is currently undergoing further tests till next week in India(from 11 to 20March 2019). At the moment the doctors are suggesting chemotherapy first. Can it be cured? We are extremely worried and confused. Please share your thoughts and suggestions. Thanks.

  31. Cancer is and I repeat is! A desease
    It is a mutation in the DNA that is located in the nucleuse there are plenty of mechanism of protection against tumers and when they suffer a mutation they stop functioning and when another set of protein gets mutated the cell repuduce abnormally which causes a tumer that will later put pressure on a vital organ and perhaps cause other side affects please do not believe that video !!!!

  32. It's NOT a deficiency, you liar! B-17 is NOT a Vitamin, imbecile and that is a misnomer. Call it what it really is, CYANIDE, Amygdaline/Laetrile NOT a B-Vitamin. B Vitamins go up to 12, period. You are a lying scumbag promoting poison and should be jailed, because B-17 is illegal. It has made every study patient sick with the symptoms of Cyanide poisoning and the studies were cut short, because that and because it NEVER did a damned thing for Cancer. In fact, tumours GREW on B-17 not shrank. That's what happens when you rob your body of ATP, which is precisely what Cyanide does.

  33. This isnt a cure for cancer.. this is BS. Read this-

  34. I could care less about them trying to name a couple of specific foods to eat when these same foods can easily and likely are filled with poison and lacking minerals as they did 100's of years ago. The fact remains, only 1% of the population is born with a deficiency therfore the other 99% have damaged cells after birth. Cells than can factually regenerate. Fulvic Acid, Molecular Hyrgogen, Frequency healing such as Cosmodic and Scenar, hidden properties in water. It's not like this stuff is non existent and nor is it a conspiracy. Other countries have and do use these as treatments for disease. The US discovered Scenar in the 80's after the cold War, from Russia and has factually used it yet they chose not to. Because disease is bug business. Anyone still naive enough to believe disease isn't from what we've done to ourselves needs to do some serious research.

    You people. Do understand chemicals, GMO's, microwaves are illegal in some countries yet the big corps are trying to take them over too. Again, anyone who has a brain, eyes and ears can find this info online. Monsanto, Bayer, Tyson Foods to name a few. Look at the history of Monsanto and the hosrpy of disease with man. Look what they did to the Indian farming industry. Wake up people.

    For the record, this videos speaks the truth a out cancer and disease but it's highly lacking on real information about the disease and real cures. Mineral deficiencies is a fact though, for all disease but it's not the only part of healing

  35. If their is already a cure for cancer then why my government (france) still pay millions to cure citizen of my country (yea US is not the only contry of the world and some contry have healtcare that cover cancers cures), so why theses government will pay theses expensive cure for nothing then ?

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