Cancer Immunotherapy Research at UMass Amherst

Cancer Immunotherapy Research at UMass Amherst

[MUSIC PLAYING] So we have different approaches
that we are working on, so that as many
patients as possible can benefit from
these therapies. First thing is to understand
how the immune system works. The second approach
we are doing is to make sure that we can educate
the immune system to target cancers. We design drugs in a
way that they can self assemble into a nanoparticle. This will allow us to target
different types of immune cells specifically, without
having any toxic effects. We actually designed
nanotherapeutics that can activate a
type of immune cell, called macrophages, that
can eat up tumor cells. In other words, we’re making
macrophages super eaters of cancer cells. Can we use this
therapy to target aggressive cancers that don’t
respond with current therapies? Bladder cancer is a very
devastating disease. We have close to 80,000 patients
that are diagnosed each year. And over 17,000 patients die
because of the bladder cancer. So we are designing
nanotherapeutics, in combination with additional
immunotherapy strategies that are currently
in the clinics, that will allow us to
increase the efficiency of this drug in bladder cancer. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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