Cancer Clinical Trials in Your Community – NCI Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP)

Cancer Clinical Trials in Your Community – NCI Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP)

I really feel strongly that access to
clinical trials is a right and through the NCORP we can provide that. NCORP
the NCI community oncology research program. Prevention, screening, symptom
management, survivorship, treatment and cancer care delivery research. Community
cancer research is the future because we can’t have them all go to large cities
to go to comprehensive cancer centers we have to reach out to them where they
exist. Cancer research really benefits from having patients from underserved
communities participate. Doesn’t matter what language you speak,
we want you to have access to the very best. We realize that if we had the
opportunity to bring the clinical trials right to our patients in our own
community, with their family, their friends, their own environment that would
be much better much more comfortable for the patients. NCORP is a network that
conducts clinical trials in the communities where most patients live and
receive their care with over 9,000 doctors, nurses, and research staff. From
2014 to 2018 approximately 30,000 patients have been enrolled in NCI
clinical trials through the NCORP sites The vast majority of consumers of cancer
care are not in academic health care systems it’s actually on the street in
the rural regions of the United States in the poor communities, and what we
really need to do is understand how the various ideas the drugs the treatments
how they truly work for the person living with the burden of cancer. In our
communities, especially in many of our minority communities the access to
cutting-edge clinical research whether it’s treatment, whether it’s symptom
management, survivorship is not available other than through participation in
studies. One of the things that and you always worry about with clinical trials
is whether or not you’re getting a good sample representation
the entire population and whether or not those results really apply when you go
see the next patient. About 25% of cancer clinical trial participants from all NCORP sites are minorities. The NCORP encompasses 1,000 sites across the
United States including physician practices, public hospitals, academic
medical centers, and local organizations NCORP brings cancer research across the
country. I’m the principal investigator of the Puerto Rico NCORP. The entire
South Texas area and Central Texas Louisiana mid-south minority underserved
NCROP. At the the foothills of the Blue Ridge. Into New York City, New Jersey.
Northern Wisconsin down to northern Illinois. St. Paul Minnesota. We are a
multi-state NCORP, Michigan Pennsylvania, Massachusetts.
Hawaii, most of the west coast, Colorado NCORP serves people from diverse settings
across the nation giving hometown access to the latest cancer research and not
just in the area of cancer treatment. NCORP is from diagnosis to treatment
down to survivorship care. It could also include cancer control cancer prevention
and a cancer care delivery research. We are in a rapid age of discovery
especially on cancer care delivery from 2014 to 2018 over 100 clinicians and
4,500 patients have been enrolled by NCORP sites to cancer care delivery
research studies. The reason we do clinical trials is because the research
of today are the standards of tomorrow. Because of the advances that have
occurred through the National Cancer Institute and through the NCORP
consortium these patients are living longer. They feel safe, They feel
comfortable and they have hope. That is an extraordinary thing that
NCORP gives our patients. Making it easier for people to enroll in clinical
trials no matter who they are, or where they live,
helps improve cancer care for everyone for more information about the NCI
community oncology research program or to look for an NCORP site near you
go to I’m Dr. Philip Stella I’m the principal investigator of
the Michigan Research Consortium I’m Mike Thompson
I’m the co-principal investigator of the Aurora NCORP. My name is Anne-Marie
Langevin I’m the PI for the South Texas pediatric
minority underserved NCORP. I’m Vincent Vinciguerra principal
investigator for the northwell health NCORP program. My name is Ray Osarogiagbon, I’m the principal investigator for the Baptist Memorial HealthCare
mid-south NCORP minority underserved consortium. I am August Ochoa I’m the
principal investigator for the Gulf South NCORP. My name is Marie Suga
and I’m a principal investigator of the Kaiser Permanente NCORP. My name is
Luis Baez, I’m the principal investigator of the Puerto Rico NCORP. My name is Daniel Anderson I am a principal investigator with the Metro
Minnesota NCORP. Dr. Jeff Giguere I’m the principal investigator for the NCORP of the Carolinas US Department of Health and Human
Services National Institutes of Health National Cancer Institute Cancer Cove
1-800-4-cancer produced May 2019

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