Canada’s Media Consortium – You don’t decide the issues! – YOU’RE FIRED

Man I tell you our elections have been hijacked.
They’ve been kidnapped. This consortium of broadcasters is deciding
what the issues are. One week ago was it Harper threw a challenge
to Ignatieff for a one-on-one debate. Remember that was
only one week ago. You haven’t heard anything new about that since because Harper
withdrew the challenge even though Ignatieff was ready for it and along came this student who was
barred from a Harper rally because of a picture with Igantieff on the face book and all this stuff. There are so many larger issues out there. I don’t care about Harper promising to
deliver the sky & the mood in 4 or 4 years, There are real issues right now there
are pertinent to Canadians. And one of that is the economy. The two leaders have to be brought back on
focus. Talk about the economy. What’s happening with these oil price jumps?
The international monetary fund says be ready
for an oil price jump. Today oil is trading at $110.00 a barrel. Before Albertan’s get giddy about it and go way
to go Alberta’s economy is just moving along. Think about what that means for everything else in Canada. School’s have school buses Price of fuel goes up airlines ships fishermen farmers Ordinary people going to work. Everyone is going to be paying more We’re talking about inflation happening but not
only paying more but all the goods that are delivered are going to cost more. Oh but that’s okay because going to be offset by
the high Canadian dollar. Well excuse me. The high Canadian dollar you
know what that means? A large majority of Canadians living close
to the US border will be shopping cross-border. What’s that going to do too small Canadian businesses
close to the border? There are right now car dealers heading down to
the states too buy cheap American vehicles and bring them across
to Canada. What’s it going to do to our economy when it’s not being grown internally? There’s so many major issues globally, environmental. You could go down this whole list and the
media consortium, these people from see CTV, Global and CBC
decide what our issues are, and let the politicians run amok with these things? You know we can look across the border at
US elections and say how ridiculous they are, but at least their reporters and they’re reporting
tries to stir up enough issues that people have to become engaged. Yes I care about a face book picture. I care
about people not having the liberty to go to go to Canada’s prime ministers rallies I care more about what’s going to happen in
this world six months and a year from now, because Canada is not in a bubble. When the
United States economy is collapsing. When china is built on a bubble. When Portugal
now goes for a bailout and other European countries are lining up. Price of oil is going up-
food shortages. There’s alot more major issues out there than about Facebook pictures. What about the war Why are we in Libya? I mean in the USA, question
why is the united states there? Who is this opposition? Who are we are supporting? There’s real questions out there that nobody is asking
and the leaders are getting away with stealing Canada I guess At least that’s how I see it.

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