Can Fans Recognize Rappers By Their Face Tattoos? | Genius News

Can Fans Recognize Rappers By Their Face Tattoos? | Genius News

Delisa: From Gucci Mane’s ice cream cone to
21 Savage’s knife, rappers’ face tattoos can be as iconic as their songs. So we hit Rolling Loud in Queens, New York
to see if hip-hop fans can identify their favorite rappers by their face tats. Delisa: Do you have any tattoos yourself? Speaker 2: I do. One under my chest, and then, yeah. Speaker 3: No, unfortunately I still live
with my parents. Speaker 4: I got Harley Quinn because that’s
my girl, babe, your movie coming out and it’s going to be amazing. And I got NU tatted right here on my neck,
let’s get it. Speaker 5: Bring it. Speaker 4: Lil Boat. Speaker 6: I got my mom’s name here, I got
Nefertiti right here. Delisa: Well your neck tat, did it hurt? Speaker 4: Lil Boat. Speaker 7: Yeah I have like my whole back,
right here, right here, my neck. Delisa: Is it recent? Speaker 4: Lil Boat. Delisa: So no answers to that question, thank
you so much. Delisa: So how do you think you’re going to
do? Speaker 6: I think I’m going to do terrible,
but I’m going to try my best. Speaker 8: Imma fuck this up. Imma fuck it up, but fuck it. Speaker 5: Nah, we gon kill it. We gon kill it for a fact. Delisa: You got it? Speaker 5: I know my shit. Speaker 9: We’re getting 100%. Delisa: I love this confidence. Okay, let’s see how we going to do today then. Speaker 10: Damn. Delisa: Come on now. Speaker 10: What’s on his forehead? Is that 21 or no? Speaker 8: That’s Lil Wayne. Delisa: That is definitely Little Wayne. Fear God, yeah. What was the giveaway? Speaker 8: The cross thing in the middle of
his head, with the … Yeah, doesn’t he have that in Tha Carter V album? Speaker 7: What is that? Speaker 9: 21. Speaker 3: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Speaker 11: 21, yeah, 21. Speaker 3: 21, 21, 21, 21. Speaker 10: It’s a knife or it’s a dagger? Speaker 12: What is the cross on your forehead
signify? 21 Savage: It’s a knife. Speaker 10: Post Malone? Speaker 2: Post Malone? Delisa: How’d you know? Speaker 10: His bushy ass eyebrows? Speaker 6: All right, that’s Gucci. Brrr. Delisa: Read the label on the ice cream cone. Speaker 6: That’s all I had to do. Speaker 7: I feel like Gucci. He got some good tattoos. They definitely represent him with the ice
cream an all. But just the wrong place. Gucci: The real inspiration behind the tattoo
is I guess we think I’m the coldest MC in the game. Oh come on, 6ix9ine. Speaker 11: 6ix9ine. He the rat of the city, you heard? He can come home, he ain’t coming here. Speaker 3: They can keep him. Delisa: What do you think about 6ix9ine’s
tattoos specifically? Speaker 11: Personally he has his own way
of expressing himself. He wants 69s all over him, that’s him. Speaker 8: No way I’m getting that, I don’t
… I have no idea, I would say The Game. When in doubt, let the ladies figure it out. Speaker 15: It’s a butterfly on … Who has
a butterfly on their face? Speaker 7: Oh, Travis Scott. Delisa: It’s Lil Uzi Vert. Speaker 7: Wow. Delisa: Yeah. Speaker 6: I don’t know who that is. Lil Skies? Speaker 10: RIP Lil Peep. Speaker 6: I like the tats though, that’s
nice. He looks pretty. Speaker 3: A teddy bear? Is that Lil Peep? Speaker 6: Pink hair, teddy bear. I don’t know. Nicki Minaj? Speaker 9: Cuban Doll? Speaker 2: Yeah, I’m going to say Rico Nasty
because it looks like a female. Speaker 11: Imma go with Kash Doll. Summer Walker. I ain’t even know she had tattoos I’m not gon hold you. Speaker 6: She can pull off the tats on her
face. You know what, she the only person I know
that could do that. Speaker 5: That’s Kehlani. Speaker 4: That’s my type. Speaker 8: That is Kehlani. Speaker 15: Definitely Kehlani. Speaker 7: Yeah, definitely Kehlani. Speaker 15: Definitely. Delisa: Okay, how’d y’all know? Speaker 8: Her eyes, the gauges, my woman
crush. Speaker 4: Girls with big foreheads is always
cute and, she cute. Delisa: You can’t even see her forehead in
this picture. Speaker 6: I’m a huge Kehlani fan, the paper
plane, definitely knew it. Speaker 10: That’s a dead president on the
face? Speaker 6: I don’t know who the hell put that
on their face. Who is that? Paul Wall? Speaker 3: What’s this guys name? Speaker 11: Blueface. Delisa: Correct. Trust your gut, Blueface is correct. You was over here talking about
Machine Gun Kelly. Speaker 6: I should have guessed that, yep. He would do some shit like that. Speaker 4: Whoever that is look dirty. Speaker 16: If I’m not mistaken, I think that’s
Loni Love. Speaker 5: It’s def Loni Love. Speaker 8: Lil Pump. Speaker 4: Lil Pump. Speaker 8: The only one in the game with those
eyebrows. Lil Pump, got all that money, get your eyebrows
done please. Speaker 5: This nigga is a genius. No pun intended. Speaker 10: Damn, give me a hint. Speaker 7: I’m going to just take a guess,
is that like Trippie Redd? Speaker 10: Smokepurpp? Delisa: Ski Mask the Slump God. Speaker 10: Like this new generation shit,
I can’t. Speaker 5: I think we did great. We the best group, fuck Destiny’s Child, and
I’m off this. Speaker 3: In New York City 65 is passing. Speaker 11: Exactly. Speaker 3: That’s graduating. Speaker 5: I feel like tattoos boost your
career. You can get a tattoo on your face and become
a global sensation. Speaker 7: I feel like if you want to get
a face tattoo that’s your business. You know as long as it looks good, it’s nothing
stupid like fucking 6ix 9ine. Delisa: Do you think that face tattoos are
attractive? Speaker 6: Depends who it is. If you ugly, you still ugly with face tattoos. You know what I’m saying? Speaker 8: You know who got some hard ass
face tattoos but is a little excessive, Blueface. I mean a little cliché, but pretty dope,
it’s nice. Speaker 3: As long as you plan to work for
yourself for the rest of your life. Delisa: Who’s overdoing it? Is there one person where you’re like, “Okay
enough is enough?” Speaker 10: Lil Xan, right off the top he’s
overdoing it. With everything. Speaker 2: My only hope is that the tattoo
removal, I hope that it works good because they going to need it. Delisa: Well it looks like these tats have
left a mark on more than just these rappers’ faces. I’m Delisa with Genius News bringing you the
meaning and the knowledge behind the music.

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  1. THATS SOO FAKE. i mean they sgowed thenwhole face and they still guessed wrong. And they arent 50 so they knew that easily

  2. When ski came on the screen
    Random girl: I'm gonna say TRIPPIE Redd
    Me also being a day 1 die hard ski fan and a die hard TRIPPIE Redd fan: bitch get the fuck outta here

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