Campus Consortium Webinar Featuring $150,000 Grant Award Winner Seward County Community College

Campus Consortium Webinar Featuring $150,000 Grant Award Winner Seward County Community College

ladies and gentlemen welcome to campus
consortiums grant eye seminar featuring $150,000 grant award winner C Wood
County Community College today’s presentation will focus on how C word
County Community College received $150,000 client for the total single
sign-on IT Help Desk and mobile app to support their students staff and how
your institution can also apply for a similar grant our presenters include mr.
JD Widener chief information officer at C word County Community College and mr.
Mill’s function consultant ad campus consortium we will take questions at the
end of today’s presentations and that has been typed into the chat box or
question pane in your GoToWebinar control panel without further ado allow
me to present mr. Mill’s and mr. Wright nerve over to you mr. Mill’s colleagues go after noon it’s few
minutes just after two o’clock today hope you guys are all doing well we have
approximately about thirty five institutions who have joined us for
today’s briefing to learn about the grant program and how mr. Wagner and his
team have leveraged the grant for their portal so out of this briefing you will
learn how to apply for similar grants to what Seward County Community College was
successful in applying and receiving and then further downstream implementing the
bulk of this briefing will come from JJ on his project and the outcome of that
project campus consortium is the largest global Association of higher education
institutions the core of the grant program is to help institutions improve
their retention student services and roamings
or advancement objectives essentially leverage much needed funds to help
achieve outcomes again to achieve more cost efficiency the other part of the
grant program is also to leverage other institutions and their expertise to have
and the expertise that have come before JJ would be an excellent point of
reference not only for the grant program or process but if you’re thinking of
applying for any of these grants if you could just move to the next slide please you can also be the key resource to help
you through the readiness assessment in terms of campus successful not just a
grant recipient but a successful implementation because at the end of the
day we at campus consortium are looking for campuses that have the need but also
leverage to grant successfully so that you too can get a briefing on such as
this and share your lessons learned and share
your experiences with other institutions the grant that was won and leveraged by
Seward County Community College was for portal single sign-on IT Help Desk
Services and the mobile app there are a quite a series of grants from a campus
consortium for instance cloud hosting single sign-on enterprise portal and the
mobile app and we also have office 365 migration and the other grant is the
blue light emergency app as well so the like I was saying just to name a few –
so make sure that the grant that you’re applying to you is the right grant that
adds value to your particular context we have also tried to make the grant as
simple as possible since some of you are grant writers or work with in your
institutions on the ground side and some institutions don’t have a grant team so
the next major deadline is June 28th 2017 we have approximately seven I
believe it’s seven available grants available till June 28th 2017 the
application process is also somewhat flexible we do understand higher
education is very busy already sort and and they’re kind of short of staff as
well we usually will extend some flexibility to the deadline if there is
a valid reason for it you’re welcome to call us or call the previous grant
recipients to help out or with any questions that you might have other than
Seward County Community College you will see a slide of some other institutions
that range from Louisiana stay we’ve got Belmont University
we’ve got Bryant University the University of Arkansas
we’ve got Shelton State Community College so I mean it really doesn’t mean
and that you should be of any particular type of institution in terms of private
public four-years here as long as you’re bonafide institution of higher ed the
grant program is available to you this is a little bit of context on the grant
application sort of timeframes and process the key really here is how can
any of these programs be relevant to you and allow you to achieve a strategic
institutional objective in improving student experience or improving
enrollment or advance and processes and if we can ascertain that the project
will be successful which means that the grant funds will be well utilized that
really is what kind of drives our decision in making or what drives us to
choose campuses so without further ado I would like to pass the platform to mr.
JD Wagner who is the chief information officer at Seward County Community
College over to you JJ thank you very much can you hear me okay
we can judge me thank you I was imagining everybody virtually nodding at
my question so is interesting sometimes whenever you’re speaking to a
presentation with without being able to see any faces so thank you for joining
the presentation I’ll keep it as clear and concise and as helpful as possible a
little brief introduction to myself I am the CIO here have been for about two
years now I went to Seward Seward County Community College as a student back in
the early 2000s and it’s been an interesting journey ever since with my
education and currently certified as a CISSP and a certified
information security manager so very thankful for for the opportunity to
learn and continue to to learn as well so a little bit about Surry County
Community College as you can see we’ve been around since 1967 which in the
grand scheme of higher education is quite a bit less than other institutions
was still around here for a while and we’re very proud of our school here it
is a two-year school we have about a 50% in the tribulation two four-year
institutions from here at Surry County as you can see our total enrollment
numbers or FTE is about 1300 but we do serve in the upwards of 2,500 students
so it’s a real range there because a lot of the programs that we have here really
are tailored to a lot of technical programs so we have a lot of students
that take just one class and then aren’t degree-seeking at all so we are in
liberal Kansas if you haven’t been to southwestern Kansas you’re not missing
much there’s not much out here other than some good people and if you want to
come take a class every once in awhile we are a very proud community though we
very excited about the technology that we’ve been able to implement here with
camp CAI and provide to our students as well we are a banner school probably one
of the smallest if not one of the smaller banner schools that are in there
their clientele went to EDUCAUSE and eli the past couple
years and have noticed that we are very small banner school the only ones that
are smaller I believe are the ones that are the professional level schools of
juris doctor possibly pharmacy schools so so we are in a big battle with with
upgrading our ERP right now so I don’t know if anybody else is going through
that banner upgrade to banner 9 but we are right in the middle of it and we use
one a camp CA is partner companies for that help as well as GI Occulus IT which
I can also speak very highly of so our LMS is canvas we’ve been on
canvas for about a year I want to say a year-and-a-half that we would live with
classes last fall so we’re coming up on a full year live with classes and we had
about a six month time six-month period of time where we were transitioning from
eCollege I believe was the last one to canvas so we are on exchange for email
looking to go to tapas 365 or outlook 365 and I’m doing that migration and
most likely looking to camp CAI for some help with that as well like that’ll help
we use that for our after-hours support it is helpful here considering we are
small staff that students if they need to can contact them and this has been a
growing experience with the password reset so right now we have a virtual
desktop that we set up the camp CAI or black belt help can actually log in to
and reset the students passwords given they provide all the needed information
and you know it’s been very helpful we don’t have to work 24 hours a day and it
provides a better service for our students that they don’t have to wait
until 8:00 a.m. the next morning when I get back to work to finish their
homework if they got locked out of their account or forgot the password it’s more
that instantaneous feedback because if they’re wanting to do work at 2:00 a.m.
I don’t want to be the one stopping them so so black Bell helped a very good
service so our single sign-on quick-launch with the portal is the it’s
very cool service so I am right now working on my MBA through a four-year
institution and I just transferred from one 4-year institution to another
four-year institution and being in the position that I’m in I do a lot of
comparisons I I want to know what we’re doing right as community college versus
some of the four-year institutions so I’ve noticed that there’s no single
sign-on I log into the portal I click on something and I have to log in again and
I click on another service and I have to log in again I have to keep repetitively
entering in my my credentials so here’s to retain the Community College I would
like to think we’re a little bit ahead of the game you
again once to our portal and you click on Gmail it automatically logs you into
Gmail you click on the banner self-service pages it automatically logs
you in the banner self-service and you’re able to get to your student
information or if your faculty and advising able to get to that information
very quickly very cool service with the quick launch I like the single sign-on
we use it if I could pull up my screen we we use it for about eight different
services across campus just gives it that one-stop shop for a single
assignment and you don’t have to repetitively enter in your credentials
so I really do like the single sign-on aspect of the quick launch in the portal
so Kryptos our mobile app actually right before the presentation I hopped on the
cryptos mobile comm to look at our apps that we actually have and I have to say
coming from a banner mobile app to the cryptos mobile app there’s I don’t even
know how to put this without I don’t want to it’s hard to say without bashing
Ellucian and I’m not going to bash solution they they do very well but with
their mobile app you have to do a lot of internal development if I if we had the
staff to develop apps then it would be a good app for us I believe however we
don’t the cryptos mobile app provides a lot of the apps and the cool thing is
the app sharing so if if an institution builds an app and they want to share it
out and we have access to that app a lot of the banner apps that we currently
have or add/drop classes so that they can they can look up a class and
register for a class offered either a mobile app and it it was on our side it
was just giving crypto sore looking guys script OSA to go ahead and we had to of
course provide them with a lot of banner information we worked hand-in-hand
getting this integrated but now students can use their mobile app to enroll in
the classes drop classes view their midterm grades or final grades view any
holds view their students schedule they can search for classes they can view
their account summary they can check on classroom availability if they want to
study somewhere they can look at their academic transcript leave balances pay
stuff so grifter smoked lap very cool platform I
was very impressed whenever I first saw this product I I didn’t know exactly
what we were getting into when we decided to move away from the banner
mobile app but after making the transition and seeing that the
additional functionality we we loved the branding we can actually put our emblem
on there it’s actually on you can go download it and you will be able to get
much out of it other than the public s but you can go to the App Store on your
mobile device right now if you’re not paying attention to me and you want
something to to fidget with you can go look at the SCCC mobile app and you can
download and see what our actual mobile app looks like and it’s branded for
Seward County Community College it has our logo on there it’s not it’s been a
it’s been a year and I forgot I forgot what banners is actually called but I
think it had the e emblem and then you had to put in your school’s URL and then
and then it would pick up the changes and it just wasn’t very inviting for
downloading not what our students are expecting whenever they are wanting to
use mobile apps so I’m sure if we had an internal staff that can handle that we
might have been different for us but with the Kryptos mobile app with the
minimal staff and the GUI that they have to manage the mobile app is very very
helpful I can I can go in and configure minimal
app changes if it’s a URL change if we’re changing on a server and if we’re
hosting something somewhere different I can I can move that app if it’s you know
for building up a new banner server I can change the URL where it’s pointing
to to get the information that needs so of course it integrates with banner in
canvas so that was another big selling point for me was that now the students
have one app some of the functionality in the canvas so the the Kryptos mobile
app some of the functionality if you’ve ever seen the canvas app canvas app has
you know some pretty good functionality our cryptos mobile app it’s coming along
and they are able to get to their to the the needed information that they need in
one single app so I can answer any more questions on
if you have at a later date but a very cool integration and giving the students
one app versus having to load multiple different apps
the only benefit I know that the other can the actual canvas branded app is if
you wanted to do your homework on your phone you could probably do your
homework on your phone I don’t know of many that would but you know leave it to
students to find a creative way to to do their homework so and you know it’s
engaging so the the branding keeping the one solid image that the one branding
image the same you know the same look and feel as a lot of our other
lookingglass Kryptos services that we used you know it’s a streamlined it
looks a lot the same you know it’s the same a lot of things are the best
English but it’s a very inviting to them they I have heard nothing but good
feedback from those of having our portal and Looking Glass script DOS and you
know it’s exciting where they’re going to be going in the future and I’m
excited to wear a campus consortium in camp CAI is going they that’s a really
exciting plans for us in the future so so if you haven’t heard much about them
yet I would do some more research and actually you know go ahead and fill out
the the grant and and start getting in the conversations not to be happy to
reach out to you and and answer any questions but we have a lot of services
with camp CAI we have phone call schedule with them on a weekly sometimes
twice a week basis going over you know some of the tickets that we have some of
the updates that we need to make so we’re in constant contact with them
they’re very very cordial and very responsive over email and over getting
on a meeting and answering any questions or taking care of any issues that are a
little bit more pressing they they really respond well to the Chris
escalation of the oven so we can go and move on to the next slide please all right so as you know the the cost
savings that you get from the grant are are tremendous I know it helped us with
the initial licensing fees that was the the biggest part that the grant helped
us on and plus it allowed us to implement more services so you know what
can be said you’re getting you’re getting more for your buck and and plus
camp CAI is you know they have higher education in mind so they know what our
struggles are they have many schools that they work with it’s not it’s not
just the ones you you’re not joining you know just a couple schools you’re
joining I don’t know what their current count is but I want to say 2,000 schools
you know there’s there’s a lot of schools that they work with and the good
thing is once you get in with them you get the cost savings aspect of it as
well so you’ll you’ll benefit from one school and you know saying they need
something so let’s say I needed to make a change to our portal and they find it
beneficial that every school would need that change well you’re getting that
added benefit of the the changes I need that if you want that you can have that
you know it and of course become sometimes there might be a cost involved
but you know if if they are developing it for one it’s an added benefit and a
discount to others so it’s really exciting to be a part of the consortium
for the cost savings aspect of it with being a small community college in
Kansas as most of you know our budgets aren’t getting any bigger I don’t
believe our government is going to be allocating any more money to higher
education so anywhere that we can find cost savings and added but at the same
time not just cost savings because there’s some times you save money but
you’re not getting the added benefit from the student outcomes or for the
student experience so I can I can attest to the the things that campus eai are
developing are going to be changing some of the student outcomes and the student
experience for the long term and it’s a very exciting to be a part of their
their consortium so you know that the mobile app again big
marketing piece that we we pushed out and great feedback on the mobile app I
was very excited about that and and there they are working to start getting
you know some of the mobile app and the the portal you know some of the
intermixing of those two technologies is what they’re looking forward to is how
to have a unified system so it’s pretty exciting stuff the campus consortium you
know they helped us figure out what we needed and I wasn’t here at the very
beginning of that this was the portal was implemented before I started here
how I started about 2014 here at the college and so it was implemented before
I got here but I know the process that they went through and the challenges
that they faced of course the single sign-on is a is a
big one making sure all the services are in one location how to push people to
the portal it’s another difficult piece of getting
everybody trained that this is where you need to go and everybody has their
favorite way to get to the same point so how do you then I guess shape the
traffic to go to where you want them to go so they have all the services
available to them so that was another challenge that’s still you know if they
know the URL they might not go through the portal and they might just log in
outside of the portal so just pushing them to the right spot because there’s
so much more information we can provide to them and then there’s the messaging
piece that’s inside the portal as well so I know a lot of the Higher Learning
Commission requirements is that students are updating or reviewing their
information so how are we going to notify them and how are we going to
engage them a lot of campuses don’t have a texting mechanism in place for a
campus-wide texting service like a communications management some type of
system like that so in the portal they log in boom they have a message crypto
smoke ball app you they have a messaging tool in there so if they have the mobile
app installed you can push out a message to the student and
they would then be able to view the message hey we might not be able to push
them directly to that they need to update their information but as many
reminders as we can put in front of them you know that’s just one instance one
for instance I know our vice president of academics is really wanting the
increased communication to keep information updated and of course our
development and alumni foundation really likes that as well because it’s a lot
easier on on them if we have updated student information at any time they log
into the portal or maybe twice a year that we are reminding them to to look at
their information as it did their phone number change update your phone number
on that type of scenario so but they really helped us assess our issues then
take a step back and what pieces of their solutions actually fit best with
our environment and ironically almost every one of them with the cost savings
fit in our environment we have a lot of their their offerings when it comes to
our website is actually with campus CAI as well and the web content management
system we have our portal with them we have their black belt help with them we
have our mobile app with them so I know quite a little bit about about their
their systems and their services and their their the responsive nature and in
how they how they help our campus out in and reaching our goals because their
goal is to help us reach our goals it’s just a good relationship on both sides
of it so we can go and move to the to the next side why grab a drink and
coffee all right so I think is going to be
changing a little bit of lag on that and that’s okay I could keep talking about
if we can have a cybersecurity lesson maybe not a lesson that’s sure everybody
knows about cybersecurity challenges nowadays so so here are the changes
we’ve been using it since 2012 and it is a one-stop shop we are and we’re also
looking forward to the to the upcoming changes as well so the message center
already missed it and mentioned and you know it’s about getting the information
to the students and making sure we’re engaging our students as much as we can
you know there’s there’s solutions out there that that are just engaging
solutions well you already have one plus that’d benefits of you know if you’re if
you’re looking forward to to working with campus CAI that they have this
messaging in place that you can contact your students if you’re using their
mobile app than you can contact them on the mobile app and you know in the
future maybe that I’m sure there’s going to be one way that it sends it out to
everything so if you need to send a message you don’t have to send it
through the mobile app or send it through the portal that if you send it
to one spot and it goes to every device that that you have with camp CAI so I
could see that happening in the future as well so let’s see oh yeah so we we
manage our users on of course through Active Directory so it’s a role based
account that we set up in Active Directory we assign the Associated roles
so administrative management of it it’s very what’s this just as simple as it is
managing Active Directory so it’s not really it’s not really too difficult to
set up and um yeah so I just got a request and I can share my screen as
well so let me I’m going to go ahead and show real quick
on my screen as long as long as I can sound like if somebody able to pass the
ball to me I don’t see here so which screen can you see and that’s another
good question so I did have the mobile app if are you able to see the Kryptos
mobile app if you’re virtually nodding your head I I think you can alright well
I’m going to pretend that you can see my kryptos mobile app here so this is what
it looks like on the criticals mobile app side you can actually see here the
different apps and you can actually get into the settings here and there’s many
different ways you can get into the administration you can look at the api’s
and figure out you know what-what api’s are actually being used in some of these
different services so you can get into as much into the weeds as you want and
get to some very highly configurable applications and mobile apps as well so
you can see what services so of course here are all the banner where it’s tying
in the banner so if we look here of course we can go in and edit and a lot
of this is I believe sequel so you know just pulled in the sequel statement so
very cool stuff here and I don’t get in here very much and modify anything a lot
of that was already set up some of the the minor changes that I make are not in
this area however you can you know if there’s something that you want to to
work on you have to visit with campus eai or lookingglass cryptos and figure
out what you can or cannot modify in here so let me get back to the home page
here and my apps all right so you can actually see which
one was the one I think it goes email so yeah you can poke around here okay
there’s a service endpoint leave balances messaging applets so here we go
student Gmail so here’s where you can change different URLs you can change the
display name of course you can see your canvas applets these are all the ones
that we have implemented for canvas so they can in one app they can put the
grades the courses assignments messages so on and so forth so and we have the
public app so all these came included for one price for us and it was a very
affordable comparable to what it would cost for us to develop these ourselves
so alumni we just point this to a different web page so it opens up a web
page inside the app so you could go through here and look at that so that’s
the the mobile app creator and that’s how we can configure and modify you can
as you can see you can modify and break stuff if you know how to get in there
and modify the sequel statements that they’ve constructed but you know
definitely look to lookingglass Kryptos on on what you should and shouldn’t do
they have great knowledge in that area so here is our portal so as you can see
here we can these are my favorites so I can drag and drop up here my my
favorites I believe they even have a an updated
look on on some of these we haven’t went through some of the updates but if I
wanted to go see my Saints records of course it’s not going to work because if
you ever open up a URL and you are not authenticated then it shouldn’t work so
let me read up indicate there’s our Lady Saints basketball team that went to
Nationals this year very proud of that here in Surry County so let me read any
Kate here and this should work so there’s built-in security so if
anybody was to get a URL string and just copy and paste that or or they
are hopping on your computer and just want to go here real quick if it’s been
I think I don’t know what our timeout is 15 20 minutes that it automatically you
have to be authenticate so as you can see here you can go through you can
access my since records that’s our banner self-service pages and we have
canvas in here so the four-year institution I went to I would have to go
to their canvas page and log in each time here it’s in our portal student
gmail I don’t have a student gmail account so this should air out or tell
me that I don’t have one but if I was logged in as a student that
would work we have all of our other services here we have our time clock
system that we could log into here as well
‘support where where everybody can log their tickets Outlook authentication so
I can actually access my outlook on the web so I’m sure you could tie that into
office or outlook 365 as well so so that’s our portal that’s our single
sign-on a lot of this as you can tell looks very similar to our webpage so you
know same look and feel you know that it’s not exactly the same but a lot of
it is the same branding you know and I we really wanted that we wanted to make
sure at least this top part here you know they know that they’re on a Seward
County website so I really appreciate the look in the feel of of these
services and how they they display themselves to our students so have there
been any other requests to expand on anything else or or should we get back
to the presentation I think this is a good first hand look we have our student
advising profile so any banner schools there they’re looking to implement some
banner nine modules here’s our advising student profile where we can go in and
then we can actually look up a student in I don’t know
I don’t know if I want you to see my grades from back in 2000 but you should
be able to actually get in here and view our advising student portal as well so
still the same single sign-on stuff that works so well with all the other
services they can help us and they have the means to help us get that single
sign-on the integration and you know it and the best part about this is the the
time savings on clicking so I’m entering in passwords I bet I couldn’t imagine
day how many minutes this saves our staff and you know the less time we have
to enter in username passwords the more time students has been studying
employees has been working so and so forth so I’m going to stop sharing my
screen or all right and I believe we’re going to go back to the presentation and
we can finish up the presentation so all right so the app maker we went over that
lookingglass crypto sand the content management system platform we are still
working on you know everything is a work in progress
so the good thing about that is camp CAI is a partner in this journey it’s not
just a one time for us anyway it’s not a one time engagement we are as you can
see we are fully engaged with lookingglass Kryptos I keep saying camp
CA I hope that’s fine about looking glad Kristin clicking glass crypto sand the
server safe they provide for us so ng JJ for the quick inside and of course for
walking the whole audience to your journey in your platform and what you
guys have done so amazingly on campus very welcome well thank you for having
me and again if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me I’m
on LinkedIn I think some of you have actually reached out to me on LinkedIn
or just by email they would be happy to give you my information and up if you
have any questions again I wasn’t I wasn’t here to fill out the grant
however I believe lookingglass crypto should be
able to help you out with any of the questions that you have so thank you for
having me and I hope you have a very wonderful day thank you great great and
just before we sign off for today as EJ will just I’d just like to ensure that
we don’t have any questions from the audience so for those of joined us today
if you do have any questions if you could type them into the questions pane
or the chat box which really help us to address those for you we’ll just take a
minute or so for those questions okay we can second see a hand that was reached
from the audience and that had belonged to me one second please okay we’ve got a question from the
audience saying that did you use the help this grant did you not the helpdesk client uh so on our goal
yeah a damn desk great on my apologies you know I believe some of it did apply
to the helpdesk piece of it so the allocation to the helpdesk was
there yes I believe again that the implementation of some of these systems
I was here for the implementation of the crypto mobile app and for the web
content management system so how that applied back into well however I was not
here during that but I believe it was that is correct
typically for insulin cages you for answering that and typically for the
folks who’ve joined us in today I’m Angie under life’s president for
community engagement and campus consortium a little brief about the
history was founded as an institution by 14 universities including Case Western
Reserve University and the University of Montana we start our journey from there
it’s been 15 years since we’ve been in this program was in health and
institutions they’ve cost and you know help them
leverage IT solutions throughout associated technology partners now the
harbor’s grant in particular covers the implementation discovery and set-up cost
so you don’t need to pay for making those knowledgebase articles for the
training of the agents for basically consultative sessions etc campus
insertion covers that cost which is roughly up to twenty thousand dollars
what you end up paying is only what you use which is basically the interactions
that would be used by people who are calling up in terms of resumes email and
check she will get their needs addressed so that’s pretty much I hope that
answers a Nancy that answer your question we’re going to move on from
your little close to 240 and I’d like to move on with a few more details so we’ve
been running this grant program successfully and some of our recent
Award winners have been a Lipscomb University Shelton State University
ROK’s most recently Lamar and Owens College
southeast Technical Institute for help desk
for mobile we’ve got Virgin Islands Department of Education and reverse with
Louisiana State University Kunis so in conjunction campus consortium has worked
with these universities to help them bring such platforms to them to help
build a bridge and the needs of what what’s required on campus so if your
institutions are interested in applying for the grant we here are some details
on the Supreme that you could look for you can visit our website at campus
conversion that are G you can go to the grants section see the list of grants
that are available simply download the form and email us a grant application or
campus construction that o RG as soon as you do that within 24 hours you’ll
receive a ticket from us generated then we’ll talk about the details of the
grant and next steps you’ll receive a call to qualify and discover basically
the need in campus or do some kind of map and gap analysis of what we could
fund pretty much the whole process takes somewhere roughly between three to four
weeks between from the first day you apply for the application and we scooped
up the entire requirements to be institution of any agreement that needs
to go in place with the technology partner we’ll have a total number of
grants available but at ten I would suggest please how you have to follow
these grant applications as the deadline is June 28 we already have more than
hundred and thirty-four applications in place so if your institution is looking
for a grant from us out request you to please fill it in as I will be reviewing
all the applications to at the end of the month once I start receiving them
for the next prescribed for the next round of grants where I want to make an
announcement we’ll be rolling out the artificial intelligence grant for
institutions that will be one of the upcoming grants which you could see find
out in more details and we would also be launching the student app development
grant so there would be licenses to a platform where students can build apps
so there’ll be more details on that on our upcoming plans for next quarter well
that’s it for from us today JJ wood thank you so much for taking
gyeo valuable time it’s always a pleasure to have you on board and talk
about all these wonderful things that was done from our shed would like to
sign off and definitely it will look forward to few more sessions for our
Tina for the people who are interested in the grant program and you know would
like to get in touch with you okay thank you everybody
you too thank you everyone have a great rest of the day take care bye bye

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