Caller: The Hard to Employ Should work for Less…

Caller: The Hard to Employ Should work for Less…

Tom in Tucson Arizona hey Tom what’s on
your mind I disagree with you tom I think about 11 who all has difficulty getting employment shoot
the able within the law to negotiate a shell minimum wage just again employment well nevermind
fifteen dollars an hour every teacher every hard to employ BBC blues in the ghetto or because he
lives in the barrio or because she’s a senior citizen or
because Israel warmer nor or a homosexual wherever he should be
able to negotiate with his prospective employer so poor
people in gays should be exempted from minimum wage laws to hear that hope but by fear I industry in some gays have difficulty
getting a job if statement take DA right so if they kick negotiate anyone who has difficulty getting its job can
negotiate time do you do to understand the purpose
up minimum wage laws the rationale behind them tell me UK we
have we have been a min wage laws predicated
on the assumption that there is dignity in work that
whether somebody is is clean toilets or whether they’re a
rocket scientist that if they work a forty hour week and keep their nose clean that they
should have the ability to have a certain minimum lifestyle in this the richest
nation in the world and that that minimum lifestyles and the
party to that which was articulated first by Teddy Roosevelt in nineteen old what’s 6 1908 where he talked about
the square deal in fact we’ve got the audio other are a few people that option on teddy
roosevelt said the idiot the pieces have a living wage include he said would vary by region but
includes enough to the live with morality you don’t have
the steel for your food enough to take a vacation every year
enough ok here it is up we get a keep rising along the way as a
for review where this is terrorism fighter really fuck on Parker problems everywhere them but
the Briton normal senator okay continue but for I don’t know they probably possible not
to make morality possibly don’t the steel for your food you can eat you can
live a good a decent life next prime retribution
retribution provide for education recreation say
even go to school you go to college you can send your kids to school you can
take a vacation next yeah he would remember comment to
provide for immature members the family don’t know is enough money to raise your
children next demanding family going period sector
maintain the family during periods a sec dozen others to make it through if your
sexyy this is basically you know but paid sick leave go ahead had to prepare for
already and a permit a reasonable savings for old age that was the president of the united
states in like 1906 was recorded by Thomas edison there was more than a hundred
years ago tom that concept and that has been the bedrock concept up until the
last 20 years in the in the United States up the minimum wage is that is that it’s somebody is working
hard they should have this baseline of life
in america in your coming along sane about wait a
minute if you’re gay or if you’re black in your living in the inner city or if
you’re poor dear living in the inner city early you shouldn’t have that minimum baseline
a flight you should everyday you pick he has it you should
have read a prepared it but if you can’t get it been screwy
right you are not rootkit if you are up for it if you are
and screwing it or she ate anyways you kicked in yet chance to get that you
opportunity fearing its so you should be able to employers
something if you will know you can do that right now town there there are lots lots of employers who
have programs called internships that pay ins many cases nothing at all
where you can get experience that’s thats here good that’s it that’s
a huge ripoff actually all across the United States but you know what I’m hearing you say is roju were you word not a member lucky
sperm club you were born to a white wealthy family here you’re born now or you’re going to pursue collar
you’re born gay called scrap yard you’re having difficulty getting Dreiser
du Lac it has to do with difficulty in getting
its job getting why do you think anybody in this
country tom has difficulty getting a job and they should be able to negotiate
what jet Tom why do you think anybody in this country might have a difficult time
getting a job has there been times this country when it wasn’t difficult to get a job in
the nineteen forties nineteen fifties late 40’s early 50’s it throughout the sixties seventies and
an early eighties throughout the Bowman part of the the deregulation boom in the late 2000 sue 2004 567 their your people were not
having a problem getting a job but here this was a result they’re the
reason why people having a a hard time getting jobs now is because
our insane trade policies we’ve we have shipped not just millions of
jobs overseas we shipped over 50,000 factories
overseas mean literally brick by brick by brick
just since george bush started his presidency fourteen years ago should not should we be attacking the
ploy though the policy is that made Apple Ridge hard to place your employees wants it you are exchange salary now that’s untrue three dollars an hour
structure get a job that is not true John McCain John McCain tried to make
their point in Arizona about four years ago when he came out
and said mom was doing this show and we were on the air in Phoenix and and he came out in and to such and
he came and all over Arizona actually by salary and he came out he said are you know
people the reason why there’s all these undocumented immigrants who are picking
cabbage in let us out the fields in Arizona the reason why they’re doing that and
and quote me you know in Groton I can quote him but and you know cat middle-class white
people are taking those jobs is because the jobs because that middle
class white people are unwilling to pick let us out the hot Sun he said you could
offer a fifty dollars an hour they wouldn’t do it and his office was flooded with calls
from people who are saying you offer me fifty dollars our I’ll come
pick lettuce is there are some jobs that people won’t do for that price and that that should be the basis of Tom
thank you for the call think are twenty-eight minutes past the
hour you’re listening to the Thom Hartmann
program call 866 987 Thol yeah we’re gonna provide an exemption to
the minimum wage law AP people with him the league

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  1. The minimum wage has been raised numerous times. The problem is that prices tend to rise because of inflation. Fifteen bucks an hour is fine today. What happens in 20 years when everything costs twice as much? Raise the minimum wage to 30 an hour? Where does it end?

    Should we have minimum prices for everything, too?

  2. Let's bring back slavery. This way, anyone unlucky enough to be unemployed can work on the Koch plantation. Don't worry about healthcare or holiday pay or a decent retirement. Nobody will live long enough to retire, anyway. The new America. Freedom, ain't it wonderful?

  3. The caller is basically right in that if a person can't get a min wage-level job they would benefit from being able to negotiate lower pay if it would at least let them get some kind of work.

  4. Introduce trust busting laws to breakup corporate monopoly power and make them into smaller competing entity, with competition comes prices depreciation and combine that with progressive wage laws people have better standard of living and quality of life. The two Roosevelt, one from republican and one from democrats were the men now we have a fake liberal black president marketed the motto: “fight for change” but not much improvement/change thus far but still anytime better than right wing cancerous alternative. The lesser of the two evil is still evil. Hobson’s choice is no choice at all. Government is the puppet of the elites, which bothsides sell falsehood beliefs and blind faith. Locus of control bullshit. Our election is morton’s fork.

  5. Employers with tens of billions of dollars can pay a living wage. It is bullshit they can't pay that standard for EVERYONE. IT'S GREED.

  6. If you believe in minimum wage that is fine, a company can just hire people in China instead. Wal-Mart has been doing it for awhile now, people don't have a problem with buying lower priced goods built upon cheap labor.

  7. Liberal logic.

    We need laws to protect gays from being discriminated against!

    "Gays have a hard time finding work"

    Omg you think gays have a hard time finding work? You're homophobic!!

  8. This caller is evidence of the Glenn Beck etc impact on the recipients of the kochBros/Rupert Murdoch propaganda media circus of self-centered mantra , Pull up the gangplank I'm OK.

  9. This guy is super misinformed about the issues and he listens to the Fox News propaganda which is anti-worker. The oligarchs love misinform people such as this guy so they can misinform the next generation. This is how fascist (Hitler and Stalin) conquered their country through propaganda. Learn from history.

  10. The one thing stupid people can't realize is how dumb they sound to smarter and better educated people. This caller says he has a hard time finding a job and when he speaks I wouldn't bet a bucket of bull chippies that lethargic speaking caller could get past 80 on an IQ test. The caller also showed he was totally incapable of comprehending the effects of bad trade policies or outsourcing.

  11. The callers are typically retired and have pension so they have nothing but time and argued. Never mind how nonsensical.

  12. How is this “collectivist” line of thinking compatible with our nations principles of INDIVIDUAL freedom?

    While I don’t disagree with Tom or TR that people should make a “living” wage. That does NOT justify Government ENFORCEMENT for an employer to pay an employee a certain minimum amount of compensation regardless of race color or creed of the employee OR employee.

  13. The guy doesn't realize, it would help who he wants to help by allowing any pay rate.
    It would just make everyone's pay wage go down, and those same people who have a hard time finding employment would still have a hard time finding employment. And when they did, it wouldn't matter because they wouldn't be making enough to make a difference whether they were employed or not.
    You would literally have discouraged employment.

  14. Translation: I'm broke ass poor and I was told raising the minimum wage would make me pay more for stuff

  15. I have a lot of respect for Thom. This guy was obviously an unapologetic racist and homophone. I wouldn't have been able to not tell him EXACTLY what I thought about him. And I'm sure with Thom's knowledge and intellect he could've told him of the right way, yet he exercised restraint and used sources to back up why the caller is wrong.
    That admirable.

  16. WOW…Why do people come on to Thom's show trying to argue with him with little to no knowledge about the very subject they bring up??????????? Can you say CAPTAIN CLUELESS

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