California Sea Grant State Fellows in Sacramento

California Sea Grant State Fellows in Sacramento

As a Sea Grant Fellow I’m working as a staff scientist and natural resource consultant for the Office of the Lieutenant Governor, Gavin Newsom. I’m Gavin Newsom, I’m Lieutenant Governor of California, and very honored to participate with the Sea Grant Fellowship. Having scientifically grounded expertise that looks through a policy lens, not through politics but from a scientific perspective, provides valuable insight that makes for good public policy. So at California State Parks I focus on
resilience to sea level rise in the coastal park units. My favorite thing about the Sea Grant
fellowship so far is getting to interact with not only State Parks also with a
lot of other different agencies and other fellows in other positions. Aquaculture is a growing industry in
California and we have an opportunity to support really great sustainable seafood
and feed a lot of people. Sea Grant gives us a chance to learn how government works in a really high up position. I wanted to be a Sea Grant Fellow so that I could take my science background and learn more about how science is used to inform
policy and natural resource management.

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