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  1. Do the math.. They raised the price of the ticket 500%.. Then give the poor people 50% off. They are now paying $250.00 for what used to cost $100.00…. Suckers. Why America is 29th in Education. They can't do basic math…

  2. ….and while you're at it…just give 'em a "Free Get Out of Jail Card!"…oh wait…we already have that… called…"SANCTUARY CITIES!" 😠
    A 'sliding scale' for crime!😆😤

  3. Of course this is his next move……get millions of illegals on the road then make sure they don't have a problem paying for all the violations they get. Makes perfect sense. Guess CA doesn't need the extra revenue

  4. Wow, those must be the rich people. Lol! They're going to f*ck around and find out that THEY are actually the poor people after they get hit with a $650 fine and community service (probably fighting fires) for tossing a cigarette butt out of their window. Where is all of this arrogance coming from?

  5. What ABOUT in rent control
    JUST raised to American seniors only THE increase
    Social Security gives US
    THIS YEAR was 1.6
    BUT NEWSON didn't CARE and los Angeles GAVE US
    4 percent

  6. Oh my.. had to click. Used to drive that way quite often. California has some interesting people thinking up their policies.

  7. More poor people equals to more revenue.
    so you poor people will get targeted more often ! Dont be fooled peoples nothing is for free !

  8. That’s amazing is the Californians they interviewed thought it was a good idea. They’ve been brain washed by the Socialists running Cali.

  9. So, “equal protection”, under the law, as it were, is or will be meaningless! These communists want to take us all back yo the dark ages! Ridiculous fools they are!

  10. Sounds like the US today. La la land philosophy, give those who don’t want todo for themselves another Passafire and take it from my paycheck. Over the government’s hands in my hustle. Leave my money alone!

  11. I think it’s a good idea , but it should be for anyone regardless of status bc the city’s do take advantage. It sucks when you go to work and then they give you a ticket half of what your earning that day .

  12. we are driving in california, in the middle of nowhere , far away from the people, from Washington state going to Oroville California. at 9 pm no one around we are 2 hours away from the houses or near city. we are towing a car at 83 speed, it feels slow because not one car driving, just us when suddenly the cop showed up. the first ticket ever, $450 , I almost want to frame it and put on my wall, as souvernier.😂

  13. Last time I was in the state, I saw multiple people going through red lights, stop signs etc. Looked like total chaos. This sounds like another Newsom/Dem stunt to raise another $54mil which they will probably loot anyway. What a joke.

  14. Incentive to stay low income and incentive for police to target middle class. Furthering the goal of all Californians (without expressed approval from your overlord Newsom or Pelosi) being equally poor wage slaves. Im surprised he hasn't offered top forgive all tickets from illegal immigrants… even though they just don't show up to court so they practically are exempt anyway.

  15. You must care for the millions and millions of illegal aliens the republicans demanded be let in to our country. They’re impoverished already.. can’t have out our slave labor leaving.

  16. Hmmmm… How about Raising their fines and taxes, since they commit most of the violations, leave the scenes of most accidents, and generally cause more problems that eat up tax dollars.

  17. Traffic laws, drug laws, age of consent laws, and many other crime laws have been changed to accommodate the behavior of the illegals and to reduce the high number of court cases.

  18. lowering traffic fines for some and increasing them for others is a violation of equal rights before the low. It is discriminatory and unconstitutional.

  19. A middle class citizen should be considered "low income' since taxes and the cost of living in the state is so outrageous. I can't imagine what taxes and the cost of living would be over a 10 year period if the green new deal was passed.

  20. If they do it one way they will do it to the other side. Charge you based on income will be next. The new extra fees are needed due to lack of revenue for Union Pensions payments!

  21. Im good with income driven fines.

    As long as its applied across the board.

    A $250 ticket for someone making 20k a year can be devastating. Someone making 6 figures, $250 is chump change.

    As a friend said when he was told going 100 mph was illegal; "No its not, it just costs $300".

    Now if he was charged $3,4,5,6k then it would be a deterrent as opposed to just the cost of doing business.

  22. All the tickets are too high. Taxes here are too high because we have to deal with the disaster the Dems have created here in California

  23. Hey! That’ll make the streets safer because cars cause accidents not low income drivers with not much to lose. Time for car control measures.

  24. like lowering taxes, nobody will complain loudly about lowered fines. Money making scheme is what it's about to become. You're gonna see tickets go through the roof, fines will be down but there will be more of them.

  25. California: Just remove him from office NOW! It will NOT get any better. What he and the Globalists have planned for your state and all the other Democrat majority states, is NOT going to be pretty. They will try to enforce their plans in any manner necessary. Remove him from office. Remove all the Democrats from office that quit working for their people long ago. Remember, this is YOUR country. It is YOUR taxes that pay their salaries. It is YOUR hard work that pays for every criminal thing that they do. And, make no mistake, they ARE CRIMINALS! There are legal processes and procedures that people can go through to remove an elected official from office. START NOW!

  26. Here's a thought.
    How about we simply just put out the fine as a percentage of your income?
    If you only make $1000/payday, that'll hurt.
    And if you make $100,000/payday that'll hurt.
    If you make $100,000/payday, a $250 fine is a fart in the wind. But if you only make $1,000 in a payday… That's what makes a family go hungry.
    Fines should be a percentage of income to make the offender feel punished.
    I'm not liberal just realistic.
    BTW. I moving out of California because of all the crap in

  27. Quit your job and be a getaway driver? And drive a shitty car. The cops will know they aren't gonna get much if you drive a shitty car.

  28. So low income people don’t have to follow the law as much as everyone else? How about cut taxes! Get people off food stamps!

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