But Wait, There’s More! New and Improved Tools for Members

But Wait, There’s More! New and Improved Tools for Members

[Anna]: Wonderful. Thank you so much, Dory. Hello everyone and welcome to But Wait, There’s More!
New and Improved tools for Members (and Future Members). My name is Anna Shelton,
this is me. This is me right this minute so you’re getting the current snapshot.
I am the membership experience manager here at ICPSR. You can always reach me at
[email protected] you can also reach me on Twitter @annaleeshelton,
and I’m using the hashtag #ICPSR. I would love to hear your thoughts about this presentation if you would share with me on social media using #ICPSR that would
be lovely. So, today we are going to cover several
things. So we are going to, as quickly as possible cover some welcome resources
for new and official and designated representatives, commonly called ORs and
DRs, we do love our acronyms here at ICPSR. We’re going to talk about your MyData Dashboard you’re getting a sneak peak of your beta version. We’re gonna
talk about OR and DR reports. We’ll talk about new and improved social media,
finding data, teaching and learning, things that are coming soon from ICPSR,
the research paper competition which includes $1,000 plus prize, so stay tuned
toward the end of that. And then at the very end we’re gonna cover, close out,
with something that is your turn. So quickly first I would love to hear from
you: Who is on this webinar? I’m going to open up a quick poll, so you can tell
me who you are. So you should see a poll launched in your window. It says, Hello
Fellow Attendees! I am a: and you can select who you are so if you are a official or
designated representative to ICPSR. If you are a faculty a student or other and
please post who you are in the questions box and I will share these answers with
you in just a moment. So I see that we have lots of official and designated
representatives, welcome. I see we also have lots of faculty and I see we have
lots of other, so hello everyone. Welcome. I’m so delighted that you’re here.
If you are willing to share we would love to hear what institution you’re
from. If you are willing for me to share that on the air go ahead and post in the
questions box to tell us what institution you’re from. So I hear that
we have a library director in addition to being a faculty member and the DR for
your school. Wow! You have a lot of hats. I see the Hotchkiss School.
Welcome. Widener University I see Hostas Community College, Florida
State University Libraries, University of Mexico, Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Drexel University. Oh my goodness. I am so excited to have all of you here welcome. All right so I am going to close our poll quickly and come right back. So thank you so much and you can continue to share in that questions box.
I will be going back and forth to that questions box throughout this
presentation. So first I want to get a quick glimpse into who has seen this new
welcome email for official and designated representatives. So this new
welcome message is now being sent to all official and designated representatives.
If I can get a show of hands how many of you have received this already? You can raise your hand by using the Raise Hand button in your control
panel. So I see that several of you are raising your hands. Wonderful. So it looks
like a few of you have been receiving this. And many of you haven’t. So that’s
exciting. I am excited to get to show you this new resource. Thank you so much.
I’m going to walk through what’s available in this new welcome message as
very much of it is new and I’m going to go ahead and put your hands down now. So this is the the first part of that welcome email. The first part just lays
out what your role is as the official representative and as the
designated representative. We also start with a tot long; didn’t read, because this
is a very long email. So the first thing you can do is click that button to
notify colleagues about ICPSR resources and you can also click another button to
post on social media. [pause] That’s what the the page looks like in real life and then the next part we have your my data account again I’m going to go through
this sneak peek of your new MyData Dashboard. So that’s coming up in a
minute. We talk about ICPSR Direct and we share some links for
official representatives and I will just share with you that that is also
available for designated representatives. Next we have promotional materials. There
are a ton of promotional materials available on the ICPSR website. I’m going
to talk through a lot of those. We also have some really great communication tools including OR Announce. Anyone who is an official or designated
representative is already auto auto connected to OR Announce, but any
members of the public can connect to ICPSR Announce, and that is available
for free and I will show you how to do that in a little bit. We also have user
support, you can contact our incredible user support and help desk at [email protected] I am so proud to work at a place where our help desk is so
friendly and so helpful they know the answers every time and I am just so
lucky to have them behind us. There’s also links for sharing data and then
lots of other resources including some great official representative FAQ’s
and then Using Data in the Classroom. We also give you a link for sharing your
story, we always love to hear how your campuses and your institutions are
utilizing ICPSR data, so please do share your story with using that link. Alright so, quick show of hands how many
of you would be interested in getting that email if you haven’t received it
already go ahead and raise your hand. Alright great I am seeing hands going up.
Wonderful if you’re interested in receiving that email and you haven’t
already, go ahead and send me an email my email address is [email protected] and just request the welcome email for new and official
representatives and I will make sure that that gets out to you. So next I want
to show you the new MyData dashboard. I want to make sure you know this is all
beta, so I am going to be talking about a lot of beta information, and I just
want to mention that the numbers are correct but there may be some display issues. We are working on that.
I also want to mention that the legacy tools are still available. They’re on the
membership pages of our website under the official representative tools and
you can see those at the link that I’ve provided here, so everything I’m going to
talk about for the next few slides is in beta. I am so excited to get to be
sharing this with you because I think this is going to be some incredible,
usage reports and other tools that are very very useful to our members. [pause] Alright so first thing getting to your dashboard, so here’s how you how you access your
beta MyData dashboard. So you’re gonna go to icpsr.umich.edu, you’re going to
click on the top right where it says login/create account, and you’re
gonna log in with your MyData credentials. [pause] And then when you log in
you’re gonna see this page that says this is your MyData dashboard, and then
you’re gonna click where it says Reports Manager and that’s gonna take you to
some fabulous new reports. So this is what your report section is going to look like. You’re going to see a lot of new reports that are available here I
think they’re going to be really useful. One is the Summary Statistics for
Official Representatives, another is User Statistics and the last is a Manifest
Report. And I want to mention the DRs can access these two. Alright so here is
what your summary statistics report is going to look like. I’m using dummy data
here, this is a look at your summary statistics page. You can see studies
files datasets etc. that are being utilized at your institution. There’s
also a by-the-numbers view that looks like this. And there’s lots in that Summary Statistics. So you’re going to be able to
see the ten most frequently accessed data sets using SDA at your campus, the
ten most frequently downloaded studies at your campus, and the ten most
frequently accessed data driven learning guides at your campus, among more. You
will also get access to user level statistics, and you can see here several
things one of which is what we call user status which is broken down by staff,
graduate students, undergraduates etc. who are the data users on your campus. You can also see the data users department affiliation which can be very helpful.
And I’ve put links to where you can find all of these things at the bottom of
these slides. There is lots more in these OR reports. In the user level statistics
you can also find downloads by department, student, faculty, etc. The
number of files, lots more, and then in our manifest report, which is formerly
the Order History Lookup you can see what data has been ordered by people at
your institution. [pause] Alright so that was all of the sneak peek at the beta, you can look at all of those things now but I want to give you, I want to make sure you
know that was the beta stuff, and now we’re moving back on to what is ready
and available now. So next do you have new and improved social media. So on the
left is our Twitter and on the right is our new Instagram. So there are lots
available on the ICPSR website under promotions, So again there’s a link at
the bottom of your page. One thing you’ll find on the ICPSR website is grab-and-go
content, so this is, quick copy paste posts that you can post on social media
if you’re ready to promote ICPSR on your campus. these three are ready to go and
we’ve also included images for you. We also have ICPSR 101 which is our award winning videos series from ICPSR. This is great for monthly emails, for monitors maybe at your library and for social media content. And I want to show you one
of the newest ICPSR 101 videos, this was actually just premiered this week, so you
are some of the first people to get to see it. So hang on one moment, I am going
to bring up this video. [upbeat music] Alright great, I hope you enjoyed that.
ICPSR 101 has several videos in the series and they are all fantastic. A few
that I love are the Strategic Plan, the one on the bibliography of course, and
then What is Data Curation? Is a good one and then top of mind is, What is ICPSR
which is a fantastic video for anyone just learning about ICPSR. Alright so
moving along with our whirlwind tour we have so much available in our Teaching
and Learning section of the ICPSR website, again the link for this is
down at the bottom of your page. So we have a ton of data-driven learning
guides these are fantastic so an example of what one of these looks like is on
the right side of your screen: Is Love Really Blind? We have 53 of these guides, also including Social Change, Ethics and Politics, Altruism, Exploring the Gender
Gap, Voter Turnout in the US, Homelessness, Racial Disparities in Healthcare and more. We also have exercise modules. There are
some really incredible exercise modules in that teaching and learning section. Some of them include these sequenced activities, Exploring
Data Through Research Literature, Investigating Community and Social
Capital, Voting Behavior the 2016 Election from SETUPS and the
international Data for Teaching. These are great for research methods courses
and other substantively focused courses. Alright, next. Let’s move on to data. We
are so proud to now hold over 10,000 studies. We just hit that milestone last
month and we are thrilled. If you click Find Data from the top of the
ICPSR website, that will bring you here. This is a great homepage for finding and
analyzing data. If you click the new and updated data releases on the left you
will, excuse me, if you click these studies with online analysis,
you’re gonna come to this page this is a great page where you can also pull up a
search for results with online analysis and then when you pick your study you
can pull up SDA or simple crosstab frequency analysis, and I’m showing you
what some of those look like here that’s a really really useful resource. So if
you go back to finding and analyzing data and then click in the last week on
the left, you’re going to get a list of all of the new data and updated releases
in the last week. You can also get them by different time frames, so this is an
example of some of the newest data held by ICPSR. So here is a pro-tip, you can
get new data announcements via email. I’ve given you the website here you can
also just google sign up for email lists at ICPSR and it will take you to a page
that looks like this, and you can receive data updates via email by signing up at
this link. Don’t worry, the slides will be available after the presentation and if
you aren’t already I also encourage you to register for the ICPSR announcements
list. Again, the official and designated representatives are automatically added,
but the ICPSR announcements list is available to the public at no charge. [pause] And finally I want to show you we have a
help tab here on the finding data page. So if you see that help tab right here
in the middle of your page highlighted in yellow, and you click that, you’re
going to come to this page. So you’re gonna find some handy FAQs including
information on accessing, analyzing downloading, and finding data, as well as
other general questions. So here’s some some coming soon from ICPSR. These are
some pretty incredible resources. So the researcher passport is to improve data access and confidentiality protection. The linkage library is supporting our data linkage community and StatSnap will allow you to
explore subsets, and analyze data in a snap. More about these are coming up
soon via ICPSR Announce. You can also find information about this on icpsr.umich.edu and on our social media. And if you are continuing on with us at the
data fair you will get more information about these on upcoming webinars. I also
have to mention our research paper competition. This is an incredible
competition that is available for both undergraduates and for masters
categories. So the awards. Everyone wants to know about the money. We award
a thousand dollars for first place and seven hundred and fifty dollars for
second place in both categories. So that is both for undergraduates and for the
Masters categories. You must use ICPSR data and it can’t be any longer than 20
pages. There are a few more rules so if you go to the website that’s listed on
the bottom of your screen you can find out more about that, but the due date is
going to come up in January 2019 [pause] Alright, so it is your turn. We love
hearing from you. Both Dory who introduced this session and myself are
constantly listening on social media. We love getting your emails we love hearing from you about what’s working at ICPSR and of course what we can do to improve.
So here, we would like to ask you to pick one of these two actions. First, post
something you learned today on social media using #ICPSR or tagging us
@ICPSR. You can also send an email about an ICPSR resource to a colleague
or to a student group this is a great way to get information out to your
campuses about what’s available at ICPSR. We would ask you to do that today, do
that before you leave your computer it’s a great way to start getting information
out and also for us to get to hear from you. Which we always love. Alright and
last but not least here is some great contact information. Our help desk, again
I can’t say enough about our help desk. They are wonderful you can reach them at
[email protected] They’re also at 734-647-2200. And if you have any questions about membership
contact myself or Linda Determan at [email protected] We are both
available for any questions you might have about membership. Great so that
concludes our whirlwind tour I would love to hear your questions. I see a
couple of questions have come in already. Go ahead and post your questions there
in the chat box. Unfortunately we cannot take questions via voice so go ahead and
post them in the chat box by typing and we will be able to see them there.
Great so the first question that’s come in: What is the data sharing policy for
the list of emails and names of those who have downloaded files. I’ve received
a few requests from our e-resources department asking for those usage
statistics but I wasn’t sure whether that was ethical. Any advice? Thanks. Thank you that is an excellent question. Um, I would love to chat with you. There’s
nuances, so I would love to chat with you. Mostly we encourage that we don’t share
publicly, any identifying information of people who are utilizing these
resources. Of course there’s always nuances to these things so please do
email me I’m at [email protected] Would love to chat with you individually.
The next question that came in is Is the dashboard only for ORS and DRS? So
the usage statistics that we ran through today are for official and designated
representatives but all of—anyone who has a MyData account will have access
to a version of that dashboard so you can see different information depending
on how you’re logging in. So again the information that I share today is
available for our official and designated representatives but there
will be lots of information available to you on your own MyData dashboard, no
matter how you’re logging in Thank you to the couple of you who have
sent in some really lovely kudos, that is very kind. If there aren’t any additional
questions, please note that you can contact us at any time we do love to
hear from you. A few great upcoming sessions: We have Restricted Data:
Accessing, Sharing, and Depositing and that’s coming up tomorrow at noon. We
have “I’ve got these data, where do I put them?” Again that’s coming up tomorrow and
that’s at 1:00 p.m. We have Communicating Data: A Tweetchat
Conversation. I’m really excited about that because that gives us an
opportunity to have a conversation rather than a one-way chat. So that’s
gonna be great. That’s taking place tomorrow or excuse me on Friday at noon
and then we have a look at Ethics in Social Research and that is on Friday at
1:00 p.m. And we did have another question come in. So are the data on your
repository mainly on the US? You know, that’s a great question. We have, we have so much data and there is information that is worldwide. I will note that most
of our data is in English so that may be something of interest to you to know but
we have information that pertains to the whole world. And again if you have any
specific questions we’d be happy to answer them. You can contact me directly
or our help desk, and we’d be happy to answer anything specific for you. Is
there an API for the data reports from the my data dashboard? You know we don’t
know but we will get back to you. I think one of the most important things that I can do as a host is say when I don’t know something. And we will find out for
you. You know what we have just had a message from from a staff member here at
ICPSR who is saying there is no API yet but stay tuned. So we have an answer for
you for that real quick. Alright if there are no more questions I want to
say a big thank you. It is such a delight to get to see all of you and to interact
with you even just via polls. I hope that you do email. We would love to hear from you and, thank you so much for attending the ICPSR data fair, you can click the email, the link in your email, to find out more about other
sessions. Or follow ICPSR on social media for other upcoming events. Thank you so
much and I hope to see you soon at another data fair session.

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