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Meet Ethan and Stu, both small business owners.
When choosing a business telephone service, Stu made a hurried decision and chose a legacy
phone system. Ethan did research and decided on Momentum’s hosted VOIP service. When Stu’s business expanded, he dealt with
the hassle and expense of upgrading PBX hardware. Ethan’s business expanded, too. But he was
able to quickly add more phone numbers and extensions at an affordable price. Both businesses eventually had mobile employees.
Stu’s traditional network didn’t support the advanced features he needed to easily connect
with remote workers. But Ethan’s team members had smart numbers and could be reached anywhere
on any device any time. Voice mail and faxes even went to email. In time, Stu’s company had multiple branches
nationwide, and Ethan’s operation had grown into a big-time enterprise with locations
worldwide. Stu’s communications were all separate systems, so team members struggled to coordinate.
Ethan was able to integrate collaborative and unified communications tools that enabled
everyone, even his employees working from across the globe, to work in a streamlined
manner. With boosting businesses, they both had to
set up call centers. Stu hired an expert to manage all the equipment. Ethan used Momentum’s
simple-to-deploy cloud-based contact center to handle calls. What Stu assumed to be a minor decision turned
out to be a major hindrance. Ethan did his research, though, and as a result found Momentum,
a voice provider with cloud-based solutions that save him time and money and continue
to scale with his business.

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