Business/Technology Alignment – Handling the Remedy – Transformation – Innovation

Business/Technology Alignment – Handling the Remedy – Transformation – Innovation

when we get sick and visit a doctor we leave with a perscription a remedy and instructions on how to administer
the medication the difference between remaining sick or regaining health is in the way we
handled the remedy organizations are the same problems arise and solutions or remedies are
implemented to fix them the success or failure of the
implementation is in the way it was managed or handled how are you handling the remedy in your organization is business driving technology solutions or is technology driving business solutions organizations need to move from business driving technology
solutions and from technology driving business
solutions to arrive where business and technology are driving solution
simultaneously this can only be achieved through
alignment in the business and technology jungle alignment of people processes and best
practices is essential to transform into tomorrow’s organization the success of the transformation lies
in handling the remedy

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