Business Tasmania – Enterprise Centres Tasmania service

Business Tasmania  –  Enterprise Centres Tasmania service

(music) The Enterprise Centres Tasmania program is a statewide service. There are Enterprise Centres Tasmania providers
located all around the State and it funds us to provide five hours of free
assistance to people with a business or a business idea. It’s a flexible service.
I typically visit people at their home or their office even if you just have a
business idea I always encourage people to come and see us. (music) We help people at that
stage. We help people who are growing their business and even people who are
looking at exiting. (music) I had this crazy idea of sort of turning rhubarb into a new
product somehow (music) running all sorts of things and in my previous life you’d
think I’d have the clues to know how to start up this business (music) but you can never
be too old to learn. (music) We help people with business planning, we help them with
writing grant applications, marketing plans. I sit down with people frequently
and help them set up a Facebook page or an Instagram account or even show them
how to edit their website so that they’re not relying on somebody else to
do that all the time often I’ll sit down and do cash flow
projections with people or help them with their loan application for the bank.
I’m an inventor, I’m an entrepreneur, I’m not a bookkeeper or I don’t know how to
do the paperwork so that’s just somebody else but what Daryl provided to me was
that clearness I guess of understanding that I need to know a bit about that. (music) One
of the difficult aspects of small business particularly when you’re
growing your small business is around this idea of taking that leap and
managing people, employing people for the first time making sure that you are compliant,
making sure you’re a good employer we can help with all of that. There’s so
much help out there that Daryl provided to me that you know
just has made my business flourish and without that help I know that wouldn’t
happen. (music) Whilst the Enterprise Centre Tasmania program is funded by the Tasmanian Government, all of the Enterprise Centres Tasmania providers are independent
businesses we’re all experienced and qualified business advisors and it’s a
confidential service as well. There are Enterprise Centres Tasmania providers located all
around the State and the best way to find your nearest provider is to jump on
the phone to the friendly team at Business Tasmania they’re great they
care as much about small businesses in Tasmania as I do and they’ll have a chat
about you and your business situation and then they’ll contact one of us and
we’ll be in touch to arrange an appointment. (music)

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