Business Profit Maximizer #6 – Bigger Isn’t Always Better – Dan Lok

Business Profit Maximizer #6 – Bigger Isn’t Always Better – Dan Lok

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  1. Thank you! Definitely some food for thought. I used to be a revenue person too until Dan Lok opened my eyes.

  2. Create a sustainable business. Bigger doesn’t mean better. Be Bruce Lee be lean be mean be strong be a high profitable person not high revenue for show person.

  3. On the other hand…
    I do aim at getting bigger and bigger forever, but not with respect to my personal income. Like everyone, I started in business because it is the only intelligent path when you realize how age plans to eat away at your strength and health. Then, I learned that, to succeed in business, you have to bring value to the market. So, I studied how to do that.

    As I learned more about how to bring value to the market, the more I realized that it is a simple matter of figuring out how to benefit (love) other people (your neighbor) as if they are the most important person on the planet (which is how we all love ourselves!).

    I discovered that better jobs make happier workers
    happier workers provide better service
    better service makes happier customers
    happier customers result in better job security
    better job security makes the job better
    and better jobs…

    See? If you focus on profits, you will sacrifice your workers. It is undeniable, and unavoidable. I focus all my attention on figuring out how to make the jobs better for my workers. They are advised to provide superior service because of the direct connection to greater job security.

    So, my focus on creating the best jobs possible is the thing I aim at "getting bigger." Yes, it is a fascinating ride, to be sure!

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