Business Profit Maximizer #3 – Think Time – Dan Lok

Business Profit Maximizer #3 – Think Time – Dan Lok

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  1. Think time is writing down good questions, and come up with as many answers as possible. What assumptions am I making that I'm not aware that I'm making that gives me what see. Your perception is reality!

  2. Dan, your videos taught me a very important skill and that's critical thinking. I had a friend who wanted to go into business with me and everything was rosy for the first few days. Then after applying things I learned from your videos (and others'), I was able to spot and eliminate a problem. Turns out, my friend was a man of good intentions but didn't have the willingness to commit because he had a job and wanted to keep the job. So right now, I'm on my own, but I learned a lot from that experience, and I have more confidence in my abilities and judgement than I did prior to that.

    Keep doing what you're doing because it's helped me and many others!

  3. Thanks alot i watch all your videos ..i try to understand all your words .. Im not that good in english ..i love the way you talk and you sharing your ideas .. Im dreaming big now because of your videos ..

  4. I truly do enjoy a variety of "mental activities" that are all generally called "thinking." What you describe here is a most productive exercise.

  5. It's not read / learn and grow rich. I do those things and I'm poor. It's think and grow rich. Seems I must change today.

  6. Think time is:
    Write down a question on a piece of paper. Read that question then write down as many answers as you can think of.

    Ask before making big decisions:
    What could go wrong?
    What don't I know?
    What don't I see?
    What assumptions am I making that I'm not aware that I'm making that gives me what I see?

  7. It does not hurt to start out with a simple thinking time at the very beginning of one's day. One question every day. Eventually, you will notice an interesting application of what I call Flat Tire Theory. You will notice that your casual thinking will begin to start taking a more "thoughtful" form. Your "aimless thinking" when your mind just "drifts" will start including a beautiful "drifting" as one reflects on a question…
    Simply incorporating anything "on purpose" will affect everything else that is done "by habit" which is about 95% of all we do according to Aristotle!

  8. Yes! The pacing / talking to yourself is one of the best methods I use! Nice to know I'm not alone.

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